The 4DS will be realesed on November 6 2014 and was developed by Nintendo and WS Games. It was first revealed at E3 2014. It is compatible with 3DS games only. 3 4DS games will be realesed with its realese: New Super Mario Bros 3, PES 2014 4D and Pokemon Ultima. It comes in 3 colours: Red, Blue and White

It is 4x more powerful than the 3DS and has 2x more memory than the 3DS. Netflix, EShop, 2 Circle pads and a more sensitive screen so the stylus has been removed.

The new smell pods are located below the bottom screen and must be replaced every 3 months. It also has worldwide pictochat. It also has a 5 digit lock and is compatible with some iOS games. The 3D mode will automatically turn off after 2 hours for 1 hour.

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