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Full Name Abraham Ford
Current Age Late 30's-Early 40's
Date of Birth Late 1970s-Early 1980s
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Unknown (Pre-Walker Invasion)
Class Rogue Deadkiller
Main Weapon(s) M249 SAW
Debut The Walking Dead: Season 4 (TV Series)
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Expert Marksman and Tactician
Affiliation(s) The Hero Coalition
Alias(es) Zulu 2-8
Relation(s) Rosita Espinosa (love interest)

Abraham Ford is a confirmed character set to appear in the upcoming Ubisoft-Pixar Game, War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead. A former Soldier in the US Military, his career was cut short when The Villain Armada invaded Earth-23000, starting the War Against the Villain Armada and almost crippling The Hero Coalition.

However, 7 months after the Great Invasion, the Armada was crippled after the Battle of Occupied Washington, where Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett killed Ozone (leader of the Villain Armada). This caused a massive Walker Invasion, where millions of Walkers (or Zombies, for those very few people who don't watch The Walking Dead) invaded the United States of America and killed thousands upon thousands of people.

This event, called the Walker Invasion of Earth-23000, led to the creation of an Elite Hero Squadron known as the Deadkillers, and Abraham was a part of this Walker-eliminating Faction. In the Story Trailer, it was confirmed that Abrham was part of a presumed-KIA Deadkiller Team led by Rick Grimes, sent to the Atlanta Ruins in Georgia to investigate an abandoned CDC Facility that was a huge and destructive Battleground during the Walker Invasion (this Battle resulted in the CDC being crippled, and the deaths of 300,000 people).

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