Abrasive SpongeBob, often called Abrasive S.B. for short, is the evil clone of SpongeBob, a major member of the Bunnitan Army and the overall tertiary antagonist of the Netflix Smash Bros. series as well as the secondary antagonist of The Netflix Smash Bros. Movie. Abrasive S.B. originates from The Abrasive Side, a SpongeBob episode that follows SpongeBob gets an abrasive side so he can say "no", but it eventually starts to take over his personality. His NSB incarnation is a character all by itself and his Final Smash doesn't change in Universe. While Abrasive S.B. plays a minor role in the episode, he plays a far more evil role as an evil creation of Lord Boiyoing out to destroy SpongeBob for the good of evil in the Netflix Smash Bros. series.

Moveset Edit

Abrasive S.B.'s moveset is somewhat the same as the normal SpongeBob's moveset, but his moves are much more powerful than usual.

Neutral B: Nuke Bubble Edit

Abrasive S.B. will blow a bubble that looks like a bomb and will explode at any rate. There is a rare chance that the bubble will be a huge torpedo and make a huge explosion.

Side B: Nasty Patty Toss Edit

Abrasive S.B. will make a disgusting-looking Krabby Patty that will do three different effects that will occasionally happen. These effects are:

  • Putting opponents to sleep
  • Reversing an opponents controls
  • Making opponents feel dizzy

Up B: Flaming Uppercut Edit

Abrasive S.B. will put on a black boxing glove and will do an uppercut attack that will give off a fiery effect on opponents. This will deal more damage than SpongeBob's Uppercut Bash attack.

Down B: Spinning Spiky Pants Edit

Abrasive S.B.'s pants will spin around quickly as the black stripes become spikes. This is more powerful than SpongeBob's Spin Technique attack.

Final Smash: Jellyfish Storm Edit

Abrasive S.B. will shout out a chant that will cause jellyfish to rain down from the sky. This parodies Ness' Final Smash. His Final Smash doesn't change in Universe.

Personality Edit

Abrasive S.B.'s personality is the complete opposite of the personality of the normal SpongeBob. While SpongeBob is kind and caring, Abrasive S.B. is a complete jerk to anyone he encounters, usually by insulting them or beating them up. While SpongeBob has interests in a lot of things, Abrasive S.B. has no interests in anything whatsoever, except evil plans from Lord Boiyoing. He is also relentless to destroy SpongeBob.

Appearance Edit

Abrasive S.B. is supposed to represent the typical abrasive side of a sponge, which is used to get rid of tough stains. Instead of small eyelashes, he has a big black bushy monobrow that makes him look like a grouch.

Antagonist in... Edit

  • Netflix Smash Bros.: SpongeBob's Adventure 2
  • Netflix Smash Bros. Universe
  • Netflix Smash Bros.: Back to the Spongiverse
  • Netflix Smash Bros.: The Desolation of Lord Boiyoing
  • The Netflix Smash Bros. Movie

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