I hold all of the aces!*  
Gender Male
Personality Jock
Species Bird
Zodiac Sign Animal Crossing star sign symbol - Pisces Pisces
Initial phrase "ace"
Initial clothes Spade Shirt
Favourite song K.K. Parade
Debut Dōbutsu no Mori

Ace (Japanese: フェザー Feather) is a jock bird villager from the Animal Crossing series, appearing in Dōbutsu no Mori and its re-releases (Animal Crossing and Dōbutsu no Mori e+). His name's origin comes from the ace of spades, a symbol used in card games that is usually black or blue. His Japanese name, Feza, is a Japanese transliteration of feather.


Ace is a blue bird who initially wears a spade shirt. He has red spots on his cheeks,an orange and yellow beak, and his eyes are half-closed.


K.K. Parade Cover

He has several insects and fish in his house and listens to "K.K. Parade" on his dice stereo. He has a Spaceman Sam. His wallpaper is the Kiddie wall.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.
Ace has a jock personality, which means he will have a keen interest in sport and fitness, making him appear competitive and in some cases rude when talking to other villagers, usually criticizing their fitness. He will appear slow-witted and absent-minded when talking about deep, meaningful things. He will get along well with peppy villagers, but get confused by the choice of lifestyle followed by lazy villagers, who appear opposite to the jock personality. He may offend and upset snooty and cranky villagers.


My Animal CrossingEdit

Ace appears as a villager in the Wii U installment of the Animal Crossing series, My Animal Crossing. In the game, he is a jock bird villager, and wears the Spade Shirt. In his first appearance since the original GameCube installment, Ace likes to hang out with the player(s) and play games or have mini-competitions with them He often plays Hide-and-Seek and other games, always giving the winner a prize.

Ace's favourite holiday is the Sports Fair, because he is able to show off his "mad skills" in athletics.

In My Animal Crossing, his birthday is March 6.

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