Agent 3
Agent 3
Agent 3
Species Inkling
Hometown Inkopolis
Class Special agent
Main Weapon(s) Splattershot
Debut Splatoon
Affiliation(s) Cap'n Cuttlefish,
Agent 1,
Agent 2

Agent 3 is the codename given to the player's Inkling during the Hero Mode of Splatoon, and is essentially the main protagonist of the game. Agent 3 is tasked by Cap'n Cuttlefish to save the Zapfish from the Octarian Army. Agent 3 wears an outfit dubbed the "Hero Suit" and wields a Splattershot as the primary weapon. Using amiibo figures of the male, female and squid Inklings allows the player to partake in challenges as Agent 3, either being given a different primary weapon, a limited amount of ink, or a speed run using the Kraken ability.

Agent 3's gender can be switched between male and female, though for the sake of consistency, this article will refer to Agent 3 as a female, as official artwork portrays her as such. Additionally, Agent 3's real name is the Nintendo Network ID of the player.


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