Spectre Classified Specialist BOIII
Aidan infiltrating a Skynet Facility
Full Name Aidan Tilden
Current Age 26
Date of Birth c. 2003
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Unknown
Class Resistance Assassin
Main Weapon(s) KN-44 (Recon Sight, Extended Magazine, FMJ)
Debut Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Expert Bladework
Extreme Speed and Reflexes
Exceptional Stealth Skills
Affiliation(s) The Human Resistance
Alias(es) Spectre
Relation(s) Unnamed Father (deceased)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)

"We've all lost ones we loved. The Machines think that we cannot win... But we will, and there will be an Uprising!"

- Aidan talking to Clementine in Terminator: Days of Future Past

Aidan Tilden, also known as Spectre, is a character set to appear in the upcoming Terminator: Days of Future Past Video Game by Ubisoft-Pixar. As a character born into the World after the Nuclear Attack on Earth-4000, Aidan is a Survivalist with an expertise in Stealth and Assassination. At age 11, he was found by Clementine Everett and Kyle Reese during the War Against the Machines after escaping an Extermination Camp owned by the Terminator Legion.

Along with Kyle, Aidan was personally trained by Clementine and John Connor from 2014-2017, being crafted into the perfect Hero Assassin for the Human Resistance to be used against Skynet and the Terminators. At the age of 16, Aidan was outfitted with the RE-X135 Exo Armor, which was Reverse Engineered Skynet Technology equipped with Repulsor Armor, Active Camouflage and two Dual-Plasma Blades called 'Rippers' on both of Aidan's Augmented Gauntlets. After this, Aidan took on the Codename of 'Spectre', and now his existence and backstory is kept highly Classified towards the Machines and even lower-ranking members of the Resistance.

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