Alex Fairbanks' Memories
Previous level The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls Game
Next level TBC
Game The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls
Character Alex Fairbanks
Team Villain Slayers
Weapons Various Weapon Classes
Enemy weapons All Weapon Classes
Place Metroville Ruins, IL, United States of America
Date September 15th, 2017 (Earth-TRK160)
October 9th-15th, 2014 (Earth-680)
Objective Learn of Alex's Past on Earth-680
Take Part in the Coalition Liberation of Metroville
Help Clementine stave off the Armada Invasion
Enemies The Villain Armada
Console codename Metroville_Battle
Multiplayer map N/A

"I... I remember. I remember the War Against the Villain Armada!"

- Alex Fairbanks talking before the First Memory

Alex Fairbanks' Memories are a set of hidden Missions set to appear within The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls of the Walking Dead Crossover Series, and will be set during the events of the main Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe as Side Missions in the Walking Dead Crossovers. Told from the Perspective of Alex Fairbanks during the events of the War of Heroes Crossover Universe (Post-Ubisoft-Pixar) during the War Against the Villain Armada and before The Walking Dead: Dead Earth. The main difference between the Alex Fairbanks of The Walking Dead and Ubisoft-Pixar Alex is that they have a 3 year age difference: In the Memories, Alex is 12 and outside the Memories he is 10 (although he was 9 years old when mentioning the 3-year gap).

Characters Edit

Alex Fairbanks - The main character of the Side Missions after the events of The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls, and a Hero Knight who fought in the War Against the Villain Armada alongside Clementine Everett and her Villain Slayers. On Earth-680, he is portrayed as a 12-year-old boy who is capable of free-running across Buildings and easily capable of using any Weapon Class, but in Earth-TRK160 (the Dimension in which the Walking Dead Crossover Series takes place) he is weaker and his only 10 years old. He often stays in the Abandoned Military Outpost where he and the other Members of the Hero Knight Breeding Program are staying, and also takes care of a 14-year-old Clementine because of her pregnancy with the child of James Fairbanks, Alex's older brother.

Clementine Everett - Clementine is a Female Hero Knight who (like James and Alex) also originates from Earth-TRK160 of the Walking Dead Crossover Series, and a Survivor of the Zombie Outbreak since the WD Timeline was changed to accommodate the War Against the Villain Armada. Clementine is the main focus of Alex's Memories during these Side Missions, during which Alex keeps having Nightmares of both him and a 13-year-old Clementine on Earth-680 during the events of what seems to be War Of Heroes Reboot: Prelude to Darkness. On Earth-TRK160, Clementine is 14 years old and 7 months pregnant with her and James' child, and she also comforts Alex after his First Memory and is shown to have a sister-like relationship with the young boy she fought alongside on Earth-680 and she stays inside the Abandoned Military Outpost with her fellow Villain Slayers within the possible Hero Knight Breeding Program.

James Fairbanks - Another Hero Knight taking refuge inside the Abandoned Military Outpost, James is the love interest of Clementine Everett and the father of their unborn child who they would eventually name Kyle Fairbanks. He is one of the 2 Hero Knights, alongside Dashiell Parr, who goes outsode of the Abandoned Military Outpost to combat the Hero Knight Breeding Program's rivals known as the Knights of The Armada and he is also extremely loving towards Clementine and regularly focuses on bringing back Medical Supplies to prepare for Clementine giving birth to their child.

Dashiell 'Dash' Parr - Dash is the Stealth Specialist for the Hero Knight Breeding Program, and a Male Hero Knight who helps James on his Patrols within the Midwestern United States in order to both crush what remains of The Villain Armada and also secure crucial Supplies for the Military Outpost, which is succeeding. While Alex stays at the Outpost and looks after Clementine, Dash does what is asked of him out of concern and care for the girl and also gathers both Intel which allows the Team to suppress the Armada Forces and bringing back Medical Supplies for Clementine.

Synopsis Edit

7 months after the events of The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls, the Elite Hero Squad known as the Villain Slayers have continued to seek refuge in the Dimension of Earth-TRK160 after the Destruction of The Villain Armada in the Core Realities of The Multiverse after the Forces of the United Dimensions Coalition won the War Against the Villain Armada. Months after the cataclysmic Conflict ended in a Coalition Victory, the Hero Knights who were fighting within the Villain Slayers have seceded from The Hero Coalition and retreated into an Abandoned Military Outpost deep within the Illinois Outskirts and formed the Hero Knight Breeding Program in an effort to destroy both the Coalition and Armada Remnants and also breed the Next Generation of Heroes.

Missions Edit

Prelude: Alex's Nightmare/Hero Birth Edit

The game starts showing a Memory of Alex Fairbanks in the year 2014 during the War Against the Villain Armada, as it switches inside a Secret Base belonging to The Villain Armada and shows Alex chained to the Floor as Scarecrow is seen standing above him, saying "You have fought well and with strength, young Hero... And you will die an honorable death!" as he walks out of the Holding Chamber which has several Armada Troops inside, and he command "Kill him." as the Automatic Door shuts behind him and the Soldiers approach Alex, who closes his eyes and starts gripping his Chains as the Soldiers stop approaching and aim their Assault Rifles at him. However, the Chamber' Power then shuts off including all the Lights as the Armada Troops all fire at Alex's position, but the light emitted from the Lasers reveal that there is no one there as a panicked Soldier asks "What happened? Where'd he go?!" and then another answers "Alright, calm down! Everybody stay frosty-" but then a Plasma Sword runs through the Soldier and bursts out of his chest as Alex is seen, and the boy deactivates his Plasma Sword after jumping away from the now-dead Armada Troop, and the other Soldiers start panicking even more as Alex ignites his Dual Plasma Swords and cuts 2 more Soldiers down, and then as a 4th fires at him Alex jumps at a few more Soldiers in the background, cutting them both down as he moves back into the shadows and the last remaining Soldier desperately fires at the young boy's last known position. As the Lights in the Holding Chamber suddenly reset and turn back on, the Soldier is then pushed into the Cell Door and (as the camera shows the POV from outside the Chamber) he is stabbed by 2 Plasma Swords which then burst through the Door, which opens to reveal Alex as the young Hero Knight walks out and says "The War of The Multiverse has reached its end... The Destruction of The Villain Armada imminent, a new Journey begins with something worth fighting for." as it shows Alex cutting down 2 Armada Troops in a Hallway as he says "Someone worth dying for!" as Alex turns to see an XS2 Goliath (an imporved version of the Original XS1 Goliath) which activates a Flamethrower and Alex simply slides under the flames and cuts the Goliath Power Supply, causing the MECH to explode as Alex walks down the Hallway and states "I will not stop, I will not rest... Scarecrow can't stop me now!" as he opens the Door to the Hangar Bay which contains dozens of Armada Troops ready for combat alongside a few XS1 Goliath MECHs and Combat Helicopters, and then Alex fearlessly ignites both his Plasma Swords and charges the Soldiers. Jumping into the massive horde of Armada Soldiers and MECHs, Alex starts cutting all of them down and blocking all their shots in a flurry of Sword swings, acrobatics and fast movements as Alex blasts the Armada Troops back by throwing one of his Plasma Swords and causing it to explode after flipping an Explosive Switch on the Hilt (an Upgrade which Alex himself implemented into the Plasma Sword) and stabbing 1 Armada Troops who was surrounded by several others, and then Alex grabs a BRM-280 Light Machine Gun and begins gunning down dozens more Soldiers as he punches a charging XS1 Goliath (yes, punching through Steel Armor) and then throwing the MECH into a Combat Helicopter which crashes next to several Armada Troops and kills them as the Memory ends after the massive explosion.

After the First Memory ends, Alex is seen waking up now in his 10-year-old form inside the Abandoned Military Outpost seen during the events of the Walking Dead Crossover Series: 1 year after the events of The Walking Dead: Dead Earth and 1 month after The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls which was commandeered by the Hero Knight Breeding Program after their Multiverse Travel to Earth-TRK160. After Alex wakes up completely and realizes he is inside the Hangar Bay of the Outpost (which The Villain Armada has not found due to them being destroyed during the events of The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls), he sees Clementine Everett walking up to him and asking "Hey, Alex..? You alright, little guy?" and then Alex gets up exhaustedly, saying "Yeah, I'm alright. Why are you in here, Clem?" and Clementine responds "My Outpost, isn't it? Besides, I heard you mumbling in your sleep again. Were you having another on of those... Nightmares?" and then Alex tells her "I'm alright, Clementine. I was just about to ask about you..." as he looks at her stomach which has now grown heavily as she is 7 months pregnant with her and James Fairbanks' Child, and he asks "How are you doing, and how's the baby?" as Clementine (as if the baby is on que) winces and groans, clutching her stomach and saying "Little guy is a bit kicky tonight." and then Alex laughs, saying "Guess he's gonna be a fighter, then." as he feels Clementine's stomach with his hand and the baby kicks again, and Alex looks at Clementine's stomach and says "Hey, little guy: Go easy on your mother, alright? Be gentle with her." and then Clementine laughs, saying "Aw, stop trying to be so cute. So, you think the baby's gonna be a boy too, huh?" as Alex responds "If I was a betting man, yeah." and Clementine tells him "I can sense it's gonna be a boy. He's gonna be smart, like me and a strong one like his father..." as she looks at Alex and says "And by the way, I just wanted to say thank you... For taking care of me after the pregnancy developed. I know you all see me as a tough and unstoppable Hero Knight, and that's what I am, but I still just wanted to say thanks." as Alex nods in response, saying "No problem, you protected me all the time on Earth-680, so... Thought I'd return the favour. It's the best I can do for everything that you've done for me." as the two sit inside the Hangar Bay.

Clementine then groans again and clutches her stomach, saying "Ow... That fucking hurt." as Alex looks at her in concern and asks "Clem, you alright? Did that hurt more?" and then Clementine responds "Yeah, a little more than last time... I think the baby might be coming!" as Alex yells "Oh, shit!!" but then calms down and says "Alright, um... Fuck, I don't know what to do! I'll go and get James, stay there and try to control it!" as he runs through the Outpost and runs into the Crew Quarters, running to James and shouting "James, you have to get to the Docking Bay now!" as James asks "What? What's wrong, Alex? Is Clementine alright?!" and then Alex answers in panic with "She's in pain, and I think the baby's coming! Oh God, I think I'm hyperventilating!!" and then James runs to the Docking Bay alongside Dash (who obviously heard Alex's yelling), the latter asking "You're hyperventilating?! It's not even your kid, Alex!" as James goes over to Clementine and asks "Clem, are you alright?" and then Clementine groans, saying "James, it hurts... The baby's kicking even more." as Dash says "Alright, her waters haven't broke yet! Clem, we have to take you to the Medical Bay..." as Clementine stands up weakly and James helps her to walk, saying "It's alright, Clem. You'll be fine, just think about something else, don't focus on the pain." as Clementine holds her stomach and says "James, if... Just in case anything happens to me, I want you to promise me something." and James responds "No, Clem... Don't talk like that! I'm not losing you, not like I've lost everyone else!" as Clementine holds on to him tighter and tells him "Promise me, you'll take care of this baby even if it kills me! Please..." and then James starts tearing up, saying "Alright, I... I promise you." as they reach the Medical Bay, with Clementine lying down on a Medical Bed as Dash says "Clem, I'm gonna be brutally fucking honest: I am freaking the fuck out right now!" and Clementine asks "That supposed to... Make me feel better?" as James holds her hand and says "You're gonna be fine, Clem... Dash has had a baby brother, so he at least knows how to tale care of one!" as Dash removes Clementine's jeans and says "Alright, just breathe normally. I'm gonna need you to push a few times for the baby to get out, alright?" as Clementine nods in response. Alex then grabs a Box of Painkillers and gives them to Clementine, saying "Here, this should help with the pain! Just hang on, Clem..." as Clementine puts the Painkillers in her mouth and then drinks some water, swallowing the Pills as she calms down and then her waters start breaking as Dash instructs "Clem, it's alright. Your waters just broke, and now the baby can be delivered..." as Clementine screams in complete pain as she starts giving birth to her Child, and then Dash tells her "Alright... Push!!" and then Clementine starts pushing and screaming louder. After a couple more minutes in the painful process and almost slipping into unconsciousness, Clementine pushes one last time and then upon letting out another loud scream, the Outpost is instead filled with a loud crying as Dash is seen holding a newborn baby in his hands which starts crying, and everyone looks in shock as Dash tells them "It's a boy!" as James holds his new son in his arms, crying in joy as he says "Clem, here he is... A beautiful little baby boy." and then Clementine lies down still in pain after giving birth, gently caressing her Child's face and saying "He's perfect, James... Our beautiful boy." as Alex asks "W-what are you gonna call him?" as Clementine holds her Son and starts thinking, then says "Me and James were thinking, and we chose a good name... Kyle." as she starts tearing up in happiness alongside James as all 4 Hero Knights (with their Future 5th) sit in the Medical Bay.

The game then switches to several hours later in the Early Morning as Alex wakes up in the Medical Bay after having several Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada such as: The Second Battle of Metroville which saw the Forces of The Hero Coalition completely decimate the Main Fleet of The Villain Armada and liberate the Metroville Ruins, another Memory of his 12-year-old Counterpart and Clementine fighting through dozens of Armada Troops and the two firing the Laser Cannons of a Coalition Battleship next to the Golden Gate Bridge during the Battle of San Francisco. After getting the painful Memories to the very depths of his Mind, Alex wakes up completely and sees Clementine holding Kyle Fairbanks (her and James' son) in her arms as the newborn cries slightly, with Clementine saying "Shh, Kyle... It's alright, I'm here. It's okay." as Alex asks her "Hey, Clementine... How are you feeling?" and then Clementine smiles at him, answering his question with "I'm still feeling a bit of pain. Y'know, because of the birth..." as she shows her arm which is strapped to an IV Machine, saying "Dash put me on the Drip so I could clear out the blood. I've had a few drinks to make me feel better, too." as Alex sits next to her, and then Clementine asks "Do you wanna hold Kyle? He's awake, but he should be alright with someone else holding him." as Alex smiles and asks "Can I?" and then Clementine responds "Of course you can, Al. You're family..." as she hands Kyle over to Alex, who carefully holds the infant as the newborn opens his eyes and looks at Alex, who sees that the baby has yellow eyes which resemble Clementine's. Alex then smiles joyfully and says "Little fella has your eyes, Clem... He looks a lot like James as well." and then Kyle falls asleep in his Uncle's arms, and Clementine remarks "Aw, I think the little guy likes his Uncle." as Alex gently rocks his infant nephew, handing him to Clementine and saying "He's fallen asleep now... Guess I've got the touch, huh?" and then Clementine laughs humorously, putting Kyle into a small Crib and lying down in front of Alex, drinking a glass of water as Alex asks her "What's wrong, is it still painful?" and Clementine responds "It feels pretty numb, but my stomach just purely hurts..." and then Alex puts a hand on her shoulder, saying "You did it, Clementine: You escaped The War of The Multiverse, crippled the Armada and then came to this Reality so the Villain Slayers could live in safety and peace. You found this Outpost which is hidden and foritified, and best of all... You gave birth to a New Hero Knight." as Clementine lies down and starts falling asleep next to Alex, telling him "I couldn't have done it without you and the others, Alex... Thank you." as she falls asleep next to Alex, who looks at the sleeping and calm infant Kyle in his Crib. Alex then looks at Clementine who is now asleep and runs his hand through the girl's greasy black hair, having several more Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada then gently touches her stomach and using his Hero Knight Powers to check for any biological pains in Clementine's stomach, but senses something that shocks him: Even more Power emitting from Clementine's uterus, and then Alex's eyes glow red as he asks "There's... Another baby?" as he senses a Power within Clementine which could be one of 2 things, either being leftover Power from the birth of Kyle or Clementine is carrying a twin (as twins can be born up to a month apart) which hasn't yet left the uterus.

Mission 1: Executor AttackEdit

The game then shows a black screen with the text 'October 12th, 2016 - Chicago Bay Area, Illinois, USA' as the 12-year-old Alex is seen sitting inside a VTOL Warship above the Chicago Ruins which have been ravaged by The Multiversal War and various other Conflicts such as the Great Superhuman War as Clementine is seen briefing her Villain Slayers Squad (before they travelled to Earth-TRK160 and became the Hero Knight Breeding Program), bringing up a Hologram of an Armada Docking Bay as she says "This Port was transformed into a massive Docking Bay for the Armada First Fleet, a subsidiary of their Main Fleet which hangs in Low Earth Orbit. If we can get into this Complex and take out the 'Icarus Towers' spread across the Base, we can reprogram their Defense Railguns to fire at all the Armada Ships in the air." as Keith Riley (the son of Simon 'Ghost' Riley and basically a Scottish version of Dash) asks her "Clem, why is this Armada Dock such a major factor in the War Effort? And why would Command send us, their best Hero Knights just to attack it?" and then Clementine brings up a Hologram of the VAS Executor, a massive Armada Destroyer and explains "Because of this... The VAS Executor. It's been a pain in the Coalition's ass recently, but during the Coalition Liberation of Metroville, it was extensively damaged by Air Assault Forces and forced to retreat. We believe that it's about to move out of Hyperspace and once it does, we'll all strike-" as the VTOL is rocked by several explosions as a Pilot is heard saying "The Armada sees us, Missile Turrets are active! We need to-" as Clementine opens the VTOL Door to see several other VTOL Warships being shot down by Armada-controlled Missiles, crashing into the Metroville Skyscrapers bringing them down as Clementine says "Alex, get on the Cockpit Turret and take out those Ground Forces! Keith, you get to the Ventral Hatch and hit 'em with a Bombing Run!" as Alex and Keith both do as they are instructed, with Keith completely destroying the Defense Barrier protecting the Armada Base in a massive explosion allowing Coalition Troops to land in other VTOLs, while Alex fires at the Missile Launchers and Ground Troops to prevent Armada intervention, with Alex even firing Missiles at one of the Icarus Towers controlling the Base Railguns.

After a couple minutes of taking down the Base Defense Systems, Clementine jumps out of the VTOL Warship alongside Alex and Keith, with the girl gunning down several Armada Troops and even blocking the punch of an XS1 Goliath, ripping off its AST-40 Chaingun and firing its Underbarrel Missile to shoot down a Heicopter and then gunning down dozens of charging Armada Troops with it (translation: Clem's a badass) and then Alex covers her flank by killing several Soldiers using an M4A1 Assault Rifle, and then once Alex has cleared a Rooftop, Keith jumps towards it and shoots down a VTOL Warship with a Kastet Grenade Launcher, causing the Warship to start falling as Keith uses a Grapple Hook to latch on to the side, gunning down the Armada Troops on board and throwing one of them out of the Hatch as the Warship crashes into the Second Icarus Tower which then explodes as Keith lands down and takes out an XC-100 Sniper Rifle and shooting several incoming Armada Troops from afar as Clementine and Alex run up to the Last Icarus Tower as the two open the Steel Entrance and gun down several more Armada Soldiers. Clementine then holsters her Assault Rifle and starts hacking into the Base Railgun, and as Alex holds off charging Armada Troops several more Coalition Helicopters fly in and start to decimate Armada Forces with Missiles and Miniguns as Clementine manages to hack into the Icarus Defenses and then the VAS Executor flies out of Hyperspace and then Keith contacts Clementine, shouting "Fire the Railgun, now!!" as Clementine fires the Icarus Laser and then hits the VAS Executor, destroying the Shield Systems and causing the Hull to explode as the Executor falls towards the Base, and then Clementine, Keith and Alex all run towards the VTOL Warship and jump into it while the Executor crashes into the Armada Base and causes a huge explosion which destroys the entire Base as the Villain Slayers escape in a VTOL Warship while a Coalition Air Regiment flies over the destroyed Base in victory.

The game then switches to 3 weeks later on Earth-TRK160 after the Birth of Kyle as Clementine is seen inside the Outpost holding Kyle in her arms, looking at Alex who is sleeping in a Makeshift Bed next to her and then she hears Alex mumbling in his sleep, saying "Clem, no... No... Ozone, James..." as Clementine sees him waking up and asks "Hey, Alex. Are you alright?" as Alex shoots up and looks around while breathing heavily, burying his face in his hands and crying slightly. Clementine then puts a hand on Alex's shoulder and asks "Hey... You alright, Alex?" as Alex looks at her in slight shock and wipes his tears away, saying "Yeah, I'm fine... I just had another Nightmare, again." and then he looks down at Kyle and asks "How's Kyle? Is he alright..?" as Clementine cradles her son, answering with "Yeah, he's alright. I was just gonna hand him over to James so I could go to the Medical Bay and check those pains in my stomach." and Alex asks her "Are those pains anything to worry about?" and Clementine sighs and tells him "Probably just my system getting used to the afterbirth. But I'm just gonna check to make sure it isn't contractions or anything..." as James enters Alex's Personal Quarters and says "Hey, Clem... You ready? Dash says everything's been set up." and Clementine gets up, handing Kyle over to James, who looks at Kyle says "Hey there, little fella. It's alright, I've got you." and then Clementine kisses James on the cheek before saying "Take care of him, alright? I'll be back in a few minutes." as James starts subtilely flirting with her, saying "Hey, I'm his Dad. I'll be fine with him, Clem... See you back in our Quarters later, huh?" as Clementine laughs and even blushes, before walking over to the Medical Bay as James sits down on the Bed opposite Alex while holding his son in his arms, and the young infant cries because Clementine has left, and James comforts Kyle by saying "Shh, Kyle. It's alright, Dad's got you. I'm right here." as Alex sits next to James and says "Can I try calming him down?" and then James hands Kyle over to Alex, the young boy gently cradling his infant nephew and then sticking his tongue out to make Kyle laugh, which he does as Alex says "There you go, buddy. Who's a cute little boy, huh?" and then James asks "Handsome little guy, isn't he? He has Clem's eyes too, those beautiful yellow eyes..." as Alex hands Kyle back to James, and the young infant quickly falls asleep in his father's arms. Clementine is then seen sitting in the Medical Bay in front of Dash, who asks her "So, those stomach pains haven't gone away yet then?" as Clementine responds "No, and it's been there in the 3 weeks since Kyle was born. It gets better when I'm lying down, but regardless it still hurts a lot... I'm really worried." and then Dash tells her "Well, an Energy Clot caused by Kyle's birth would have gone away by now and flowed through you normally. This is different, so I guess it could be something else." as he looks at her and asks "Clem, I know this can be a little personal, but... Have you and James had sex in the last few weeks?" and Clementine responds "No, not since Kyle was born. And even if we did, we would have used protection." and then Dash looks at her and thinks about the situation, then informs her "The Coalition began giving out a Medicine at the end of the Multiverse Wars, called 'Knight-XS'. It was a Drug that allowed pregnant Female Hero Knights to alleviate pain from another birth, if they were carrying twins..." as Clementine looks up at Dash in concern and asks "I'm carrying another baby? But why hasn't it been born yet?!" as Dash tells her "Twins can be born up to a month apart, but are still considered twins because they come from the same sperm and Egg." and then he sits down in front of Clementine, saying "I could do a Sonogram for you, if you want to just check." and Clementine nods in response.

A couple hours later, James is seen alongside Alex sitting outside the Medical Bay as Dash walks out and James gets up, walking up to his fellow Hero Knight and asking "Dash, how is she? Is she alright..?" as Dash sighs and informs him "The Sonogram confirms that there's another baby in there... And it isn't planning on coming out any time soon." as James looks in shock, asking "W-what do you mean? 'Doesn't plan on coming out', what does that mean?" and Dash explains "Clementine is a Hero Knight, and that means she has a massive amount of Energy flowing through her that the baby... Is draining her of. It wants that Power for itself, and once it drains Clementine of her Power, the baby will be born naturally." and then James starts tearing up, and asks "What are you saying? What happens when the baby is born..?" and Dash doesn't answer so James grabs him by the shirt and slams him into the Wall, shouting "What does that mean?! Fucking tell me!!" in concern and grief, so Dash tells him "There's only 2 options: Either the baby would be born without any problems and Clementine will be completely fine, or... The baby will drain all of Clem's power, and she'll die in childbirth." as James looks in shock after hearing the news, tears suddenly falling down his face as he screams in anger and slams his fist into the Wall next to Dash's head, and as he sobs even more Dash tries to comfort him by saying "James, I-" but then James grabs Dash by the neck and looks at him in rage, saying "I swear to God, if you can't save her and she dies because of this... I will rip your fucking Heart from your chest!!" as Dash weakly says "The only way is... To perform a C-Section. I can get the Twin out before it drains her completely...." as James punches him and drops him to the ground, saying "Do it... Make sure she fucking lives, I can't lose her!" as he turns around and starts crying. Dash then tells him "But we need something, a Medicince that can help with the C-Section." as Alex asks "You mean she needs... The Knight-XS?" and Dash nods in response, with James saying "That Drug was only kept in the most secure Coalition Bases in the World... Who's going to find a Base?" and Alex tells them "I know about an Old Coalition Base which keeps Knight-XS inside... But it's highly guarded by Coalition Soldiers and Hero Knights aren't welcome in the UDC anymore!" as James angrily tells him "Fucking go there and take the Drug from them, then!" as Alex responds "I can't, James! If I go there unauthorized, the Soldiers will try to fire on me and in doing so will declare War on the Hero Knight Breeding Program!" as James (suffering from a mental breakdown) tells his brother "I do not care, Alex... Kill every last Coaition Soldier there, and if they try to declare War, we will use our Hero Knight Army to crush The Hero Coalition just like we decimated The Villain Armada!!" as Dash and Alex look in shock and James' order which would cause the Hero Knights to betray the Hero Coalition.

Mission 2: The Great Betrayal Edit

The game then proceeds to the next Mission and shows a perspective of the 12-year-old Alex Fairbanks on Earth-680 during the 'Winter Era' of the War Against the Villain Armada (an Era of the Multiverse Wars where Sects of The Hero Coalition proceeded to the Midwestern United States) as Alex wakes up inside his Personal Quarters after hearing a VTOL Warship taking off from the Base, and after hearing the loud noise of the VTOL Engine Alex rubs his eyes exhaustedly and puts his Hoodie on before walking through the Crews Quarters belonging to the Villain Slayers Hero Knights. Alex then stops at Clementine's Quarters and knocks on the Automatic Door, asking "Clementine, you awake? I wanna talk to you... Clem?" but he gets no answer and then walks outside of the Base Interior, walking through the cold weather and snow as he shivers and pulls his coat over him even more, before sitting down at the Base Docking Bay and looking out at the Chicago Main River which runs across the destroyed and War-torn City and after a few minutes of sitting out in the cold Alex hears a voice behind him say "Hi, Alex... Are you alright?" as Alex turns around to see Clementine walking towards and sitting next to him at the Docks, and Alex answers "I'm alright, Clem. I've just been wanting to talk to you for a couple days now, but you've been away for a while..." as Clementine explains "Sorry, Al. I've just been really busy driving The Villain Armada back to the East Coast of America, and I know that you're really anxious when I'm not around, but-" and then Alex tells her "No, it's... Its alright. You don't have to explain anything, I understand." as he shivers from a cold breeze, and Clementine asks him "You cold?" befors Alex responds "Yeah, I hate Illinois in the Winter..." as he looks at the snow falling from the Sky and starts tearing up slightly, telling Clementine "It snowed the day my Mom died... She committed suicide because she had Heart Disease, and didn't want... She didn't want me and James to..." as he starts crying and Clementine looks at him sympathetically. Alex then hands her a small Note, and Clementine reads it: "John, I'm so sorry about this... I'm sorry about everything. I know that you want me to hold on in this Apocalypse, but this Dimension is doomed to the Walkers now and I just can't take the torment of this anymore, not for me... And not for our children either. Alex and James shouldn't have to see me like this, a dying woman who was meant to be a Hero Knight and I don't want that Future for our kids. I need you to hold on to hope and make sure that our children live a better life than fighting The Villain Armada... Take care of Alex and James. Love, Sophia." as she tears up after reading it herself, then sees Alex sobbing next to her. Clementine then says "Hey, Alex, it's alright..." as she wraps her arms around the young Hero Knight and holds him in a tight embrace, saying "It's okay, Al... I'm right here with you." as Alex stops crying slightly and tells her "My Dad and older sister had to bury her out in the House Courtyard, so that James and I wouldn't have to... See her like that." as he wipes his tears away.

Meanwhile on Earth-TRK160 inside the Abandoned Military Outpost as Clementine is seen breathing in exhaustion, with Alex telling her "Clem, you have to relax... Save your Energy!" and Clementine responds "I can't..." in a weak voice and then falls unconscious, and Alex asks her "Clementine? Clem..? No!!" as James wakes up inside the Medical Bay and sees Clementine sleeping next to him in a Bed strapped to an IV Machine and several Wires in her arms. James (having just had a Nightmare of Clementine's Death) looks at Clementine in concern as tears fall down his face, and he gently caresses her face before Clementine slowly wakes up and asks "James..? Are you alright?" and then James looks at her and answers "Not really, Clem. I just..." as Clementine asks "Memories or something else? A Nightmare?" and James nods in response to the latter, telling her "You die in childbirth, once the Twin is born..." and he starts to cry again, with Clementine comforting him and saying "It was only a Nightmare, James. Don't worry, I'll be fine! Alex has gone to find the Knight-XS, and he will use it to save me." and then she leans her head on his shoulder and asks "Do you remember on Earth-680, how you and I would always walk outside the Coalition Base at night? And you would tell me about how many Armada Troops you killed, or Tanks you destroyed? You were always a bragging kind of person, y'know?" and James laughs, saying "Well, you and I were an amazing Team. And we always will be..." and Clementine tells him "Well, we're gonna have to be amazing parents because now we've got 2 kids. That can be a handful, Y'know... Hell, even just 1 could be a handful." and then James responds "I can't believe we're actually having twins, Clem... This is amazing. The best day of my life." and Clementine holds Jame' hand and then lies down in the Medical Bed, quickly falling asleep as James runs his hand through her hair and kisses her on the cheek as he stands up and walks towards his Personal Quarters in order to watch his son, Kyle.

The game then switches to a Hero Coalition Base in the Chicago Outskirts as the Main Complex is shown as being completely hidden Underground with a huge Steel Entrance inside of the Hill as dozens of Coalition Soldiers patrol and guard the Main Complex, while outside a small Hooded Figure is seen walking towards the Entrance outside as a Watchtower shines a spotlight at him and 4 Coalition Soldiers approach, aiming their Laser Rifles with one shouting "Stop right there, immediately! Who are you?" as the Hooded Figure approaches them. The Figure then throws off his Cloak, revealing himself as Alex before igniting a Blue-Synth Plasma Sword and cutting 2 of the Soldiers down, before jumping up and kicking the other 2 in the face and then as 3 more converge on him, Alex throws out an Impact Grenade which explodes, killing the Coalition Soldiers and destroying 1 of the Base Watchtowers while a VTOL Warship flies into the Base through a Secret Entrance, landing in the Docking Bay as several Coalition Soldiers run out of it and prepare to fight Alex. However, one of the Soldiers then takes out an M4A1 Assault Rifle, gunning down the other Soldiers and then tossing a Thermal Detonator into a Command Room and killing several Commanders as he removes his Helmet, revealing himself as a young 14-year-old boy with silver hair and icy blue eyes: Killua Zoldyck, who secretly serves the Hero Knight Breeding Program as one of several Gray Heroes (a Hero who serves neither good or evil, instead now staying out of the War Against the Villain Armada). Having infiltrated the Facility, Killua checks his Data Glove and sees that another VTOL Warship is flying towards the Coalition Base and he says "Alex... 20 seconds, you copy?" and then Alex is seen walking through the Base Hallways as a VTOL Warship trails behind him in the Sky, and as he glances around and sees the Hallway filled with Coalition Soldiers he whispers "I'm ready, Kil..." as the Coalition Soldiers aim their Rifles at him and he stops in his tracks, but then smiles as the VTOL Warship seen earlier blasts through the Steel Entrance of the Base, crashing into the Floor and taking out several Balconies and Command Rooms while killing dozens of Soldiers who scream in terror: The Human-Hero Knight War between Clementine's Hero Knights and the Human-led United Dimensions Coalition has now officially begun, and it would begin here in a Battle for Clementine's survival!

The Base is then overcome by the loud noises of a flaming VTOL Warship as dozens of screaming Coalition Troops (screaming in both horror and determination) either begin charging at Alex or lying on the Floor in pools of their own blood, pierced by Shrapnel and missing limbs: Those foolish enough to fire upon and charge towards Alex were then in complete disarray as Killua is seen using his Godspeed and a Black-Synth Plasma Sword to cut down dozens of Coalition Troops as Alex does the same and kicks several Soldiers in the face and cuts them all down with his Plasma Sword. Killua then jumps in from the air and slams down on to the ground, blasting back dozens of Coalition Soldiers and then using his Lightning Palm Ability to blast out a massive torrent of Lightning which then disintegrates the Soldiers as Alex charges through Coalition Troops cutting them down using his Plasma Sword in one hand and shooting them with an XRS-20 Laser Rifle with the other while Killua uses his Assassin Mode such as Snakr Awakens and Godspeed mixed with his Plasma Sword strikes to kill the Soldiers (as no other Hero Knights accompanied them to the Coalition Base and instead hid in Bunkers across the United States of America and as one last Coalition Soldier remains, the man shakes in fear and sees Alex slowly walking towards him with rage seering on his face, and then the Soldier fires 5 Laser Shots at Alex from his E-11 Carbine Laser only for Killua to use Godspeed each time and deflect each Laser Bolt with his Plasma Sword before tossing Alex another Plasma Sword and as Killua vanishes into the shadows, Alex lunges at the Coalition Soldier and stabs him in the chest and neck, and after the man falls to the destroyed Floor Alex rips out the Dual Plasma Swords with one having the Soldier's Heart on it, and then his Heart melts off of Alex's Sword as the boy narrates "Our Time has come. For 3 entire years, we prepared and grew stronger while The Hero Coalition rested in its cradle of Power believing their people were safe and protected. The Humans were trusted as a Species to lead the Coalition, but they were deceived as our Powers of the Hero Knight Species have blinded them while they believed no Force could challenge them... And now, finally we have returned!" as it shows Killua and Alex moving through the Coalition Base and brutally slaughtering dozens of Human Heroes who either are undesirable for the Hero Knight Breeding Program or disagreed with Clementine's Rule as Alex kills most of the Coalition High Council, including notable Heroes such as John Connor, Captain Jonathan Price and even Simon 'Ghost' Riley and once the two Hero Knights are finished killing the Human-led Council (which includes, but not limited to: Decapitation, disembowelment, amputation, shooting and stabbing), Alex runs up to Ghost who tried to put up a better fight and then stabs the man in the stomach, reciting the last part of his Speech out loud: "You were Deceived, and now your Coalition... Shall fall!" as he rips the Plasma Sword out of Ghost, who limps through the Base Hallways weakly and falls to the ground, and outside the Base a massive Hero Knight Fleet (brought to Earth-TRK160 by Clementine and Killua) is seen invading the Dimension, destroying the Metroville Ruins and Coalition Fleet in a massive Battle while also destroying the Walker Population of Earth-TRK160 globally, bringing an end to the Zombie Outbreak which plagued this Dimension for so long but also decimating the Human-led Hero Coalition (hence the title of the game, The Walking Dead: Mankind Falls) and as Earth-TRK160 is cleared from the presence of both the Walkers and Hero Coalition, Alex walks away from the flaming and destroyed Coalition Base with the Knight-XS Medicine in his hand.

Meanwhile in the Hero Knight Safehouse, Dash is seen walking through the Base Operation Room and activating Defense Systems across the entire Outpost as he then says "Shut down Computer, maintain Defense System. Voice authorization: Dashiell Parr." as he is then seen preparing a Medical Kit for Clementine while the film 'Lawrence of Arabia' is seen playing on a TV, with TE Lawrence going up to a few British Troops and a Troop saying "Mr. Lawrence? Flimsy, Sir." and then Lawrence responds "Thank you." before touching a burning Wooden Splint and not even flinching as Michael George Hartley (another Historical figure appearing in the Movie) remarking "You do it more than once! It's only flesh and blood." and Lawrence responds "Michael George Hartley, you are a Philosopher." then another Clip of William Potter also touching the Splint, but the flame causes him to grunt in pain and saying "Ow, damn! It bloody well hurts!" and then TE Lawrence tells him "Certainly it hurts." and Potter asks "Well, what's the trick then?" as Lawrence tells him "The trick, William Potter... Is not minding that it hurts!" and Dash smiles watching the Clip and while arranging a Syringe, says "The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts." as James enters the Room and says "You're still watching that old Movie, Dash? I swear you have some sort of obsession with Lawrence of Arabia!" as Dash responds "What's funny is how stupid and corrupt the Politicians were in 1914. I mean, Franz Ferdinand gets shot by a bunch of Serbian Nationalists and then the entire World plunges into 4 years of War and destruction..." and then James laughs and says "World War I just shows a reason Clementine and I dislike Humans: They begin Conflict and War for no reason other than Politics and Money, not even caring about the loss of Human life... And then Authority figures abuse their power over others and pretend that most people live in Democracy when really there's no difference between Democracy and Communism... Most Governments who have Democracy may give their Citizens freedom and Civil Rights but their Human Government always bickers and argues over which part of Earth they want to seize next for their War." and then Dash laughs, saying "That's why I use World War I and II as an example of why the Human Race is so cancerous: First the Allies punish Germany in 1918 for a War they didn't even cause, and then the Nazis take over in the 1930s and become a Totalitarian Government that falls in a decade... At the cost of 600 million lives!" as he takes the Syringe and puts it in a Vial Pack with several others.

The game then switches to several hours later as Alex and Killua are both seen running through the Abandoned Military Outpost and rushing into the Medical Bay as Alex impatiently kicks the Door open and runs up to Jams and Dash, who are standing next to Clementine as the girl lies down breathing heavily and saying "Alex... Did you get the Knight-XS?" and Alex sits down next to her while handing the Knight-XS to Dash (who will turn it into a Medicine) and saying "The Coalition forced me to kill them. You're gonna be alright, Clem." and then Clementine tells him "You used what they wanted against 'em... That was a nice move." as Alex responds with "It's what you would have done." and after that Clementine shakes her head and says "No, it's what you would have done... Just like I taught you." as she starts tearing up, and then lets her tears fall down her face as she looks over to James and says "I'm scared, James. That I'm gonna die because of this baby... Promise me that you'll still take care of it?" and then James starts crying also, sniffling as he looks up at her and answers with "I promise you: That I'll take care of this baby..." and then Clementine rests her head down on the Hospital Bed as Dash puts the Knight-XS inside of an IV Machine attached to Clementine, as Clementine starts crying even more as she looks into James' eyes and tells him "I wanted you to know, back when we fought in the Battle of Metroville during the War Against the Villain Armada... Why I couldn't let you die. Why I went back and saved you from those Armada Ships..." and then James (now looking down as he cries) looks back up at Clementine again and says "Because you love me..?" and then Clementine nods in response in a weak way, and then the two lean in towards each other and Clementine kisses James while the boy wraps his arms around her waist and then after the two pull away from each other, Clementine starts breathing heavily and then starts to close her eyes before she stops breathing and her body goes limp. James then looks at Clementine in shock and says "Clem? Clementine..?" and he shakes her gently but gets no kind of response, and then he says "No... Clem, no..." and starts sobbing quietly, his tears flowing down his face and on to the very Floors of the Medical Bay as Killua and Alex start to cry also with Dash walking up to James after putting the Knight-XS Medicine into an IV Tube which is inside of Clementine's arm and saying "James... I have to start now, begin the C-Section. C'mon, man, you have to do it... Leave for her, and the baby." as the dishevelled and grief-stricken James slowly gets up and walks out of the Medical Bay followed by Killua and Alex.

A few hours later, the game shows a completely blackened screen from what appears to be a First-Person point of view, and suddenly the sound of IV Machines and Heart Monitors is heard as the blackened screen is revealed to be somebody's closed eyes which begin to open in an extremely blurry and disoriented way as the person seen looks around for a few moments while regaining her vision and then groans slightly as she opens her eyes completely to see James sitting there holding a baby in his hands, which starts crying loudly before James comforts it by saying "Shh, it's alright... It's okay little guy, I'm right here with you." but then he hears an all-too-familiar voice calling to him: "J-James..?" and then James looks to the side and sees Clementine lying there with a Cesarian Scar on her stomach. James then looks at her in shock and starts tearing up, asking "What..? Clementine?!" and then he hugs her tight with the baby (which has grown slightly bigger in Clementine's womb after a 3-week late birth) still in his arms, crying in relief while Clementine affectionately runs her hand through James' hair and says "Hey, I'm alright... The Knight-XS worked." and then she sees the Twin who was extracted from her stomach through the C-Section and smiles, asking "Is this the other baby?" and James hands the infant to her, saying "Yeah, it's another boy..." and Clementine cradles her second Son, saying "He's beautiful, isn't he? We've got 2 now..." and then James smiles at her, saying "Actually, we don't have 2 babies..." as Clementine looks at him puzzled and asks "What do you mean by that?" and James laughs, saying "There's a little one who took up your Stealth skills, Clem..." as he gets up and takes a Third Child out of a Crib, and the baby starts crying slightly while Clementine looks at her and gasps, smiling as she asks "Triplets?!" as Alex and Killua enter the Medical Bay and the latter says "Hi, Clem... Good to see you back up for the fight." and then Clementine holds her Third Child in her arms, while Alex and James hold Kyle and the Second Son. Clementine then looks at the small infant she is holding and asks "I-it's a girl?" and Alex nods in response, saying "2 boys and a girl... You two are really lucky." and Killua looks at the Third Child (the Female daughter of James and Clementine), remarking "Yeah. Now we just have to think of how this adorable little girl actually managed to trick the Sonogram..." and then Clementine humorously responds "Well, she is my daughter. Maybe she just did it instinctively." as James asks her "So, uh... What are we gonna call 'em?" and then Clementine looks at the Second Son in James' arms, saying "Hmm... I was thinking about that, and... How about 'Arthur' for the other boy?" and then after hearing the name, James nods and says "Arthur..? Yeah, 'Arthur Fairbanks' has a pretty nice ring to it." then Clementine looks at the baby girl in her arms and remembers the story that Alex told her about his mother Sophia Fairbanks on Earth-680 and then says "And for the girl, how about... Sophie." as Alex looks up at her and she looks back, telling him "After her grandmother..." and then everyone sits in the Medical Bay with James and Clementine along with their triplets: Kyle, Arthur and Sophie Fairbanks.

The game then switches to Earth-680 in 2014 as the 12-year-old Alex is seen sitting at a Coalition Bar which is empty and full of empty Drinks as the Bartender walks up and says "You still here, Al? It's almost midnight, and you're sitting here looking all depressed. You want a drink? I know you Hero Knights can't get drunk, so..." as Alex looks up at him and responds with "I wish we could, so I could just drink away my sorrows. Anyway, can you get me something strong? Whiskey or something." and then the Bartender pours him a Whiskey Glass and hands it so him, saying "Whiskey costs $2. I know how you feel about that last Mission, kiddo." as Alex drinks the Whiskey and starts to take out some Money from his pocket, but then Clementine sits beside him and instead pays the $2. Looking over to Alex with a hint of sadness in her face, she says "Hi, Alex. Are you alright?" and Alex finishes the Whiskey, saying "I'm a little better, now that you're here..." then turning to the Bartender and telling him "Hey, get the lady a drink." as the Bartemder pours Clementine another drink, and the latter tells Alex "We found the Intel on the Data Drive, and the Strike Force has been ordered into action." as Alex responds by asking "But we still lost 3 of our VTOLs and 50 Soldiers, which could have been completely avoided... But no, Command had to order a full-on Assault!" as he starts tearing up over the unnecessary loss of Soldiers due to The Hero Coalition's orders, and then Clementine says "Hey, come here... It's alright." as she holds Alex and the boy leans over to her shoulder, crying as he says "They're burying the Soldiers we lost, right? At least tell me we're burying them!" and then Clementine runs her hand through Alex's hair and holds a long lock of it, reassuring the depressed boy by saying "Their names are being written in the War Memorial by the next 3 days, individual Funerals are gonna be held next week." as Alex rests his head on Clementine's chest and sighs in exhaustio and Alex then says "I'm starting to doubt the Coalition even cares about its Soldiers... I noticed that you actually care, and save people Clem." and then Clementine looks at him and responds "Thanks, Alex. I kind of just went in there so I could save you, Y'know?" as she blushes lightly as Alex looks at her and asks "Y-You went to save me..? I, uh... Well..." and then Clementine smiles at him and asks "What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" and Alex hesitates with his response, but after some hesitation tells her "I just... Thought you were going back to get the Intel Drives. I didn't know that you really cared about me that much." and Clementine puts her hand on Alex's cheek and tells him "Of course I care about you, Alex. You're my best friend..." and then Alex blushes lightly and says "I've been thinking about you a lot, Clementine. About you and me, and I just have to tell you something..." as Clementine looks into his eyes and asks "What is it?" and then Alex (in the heat of the moment and partially not thinking) leans in closer to Clementine and then kisses her on the lips, and Clementine although surprised at first with her eyes wide in surprise and her face turning red, starts kissing Alex as well and closes her eyes and the Memory ends.

Mission 3: Operation Takedown Edit

After the Memory between Alex and Clementine ends, the game then switches back to 2017 on Earth-TRK160 at least 4 weeks after the births of the other 2 Fairbanks twins as Clementine wakes up inside her Personal Quarters and Arthur Fairbanks (the twin boy who was born 3 weeks after Kyle alongside Sophie Fairbanks) is heard crying in the next Room, also waking James up as he exhaustedly asks "Which one is it tonight?" and Clementine answers "It's Arthur this time. I'll go get him this time, James..." as she gets up and James says "Clem, it's fine honestly. I'll take care of him, you need to rest after all you've been through." and then Clementine holds his cheek affectionately and responds by telling him "No, you've already gotten outta bed 3 times tonight, so... I'm the one who should take care of 'em this time." and she kisses James on the lips and flirtatiously says to him "You're wearing yourself down, so just rest. I might come back in a few minutes." as she nuzzles his neck and James tells her "Aw, don't tease me like that... Besides, sounds like it's one of the boys that needs you." and then Clementine says "He's got one hell of a pair of lungs on him... I suppose that's why he keeps us awake all fucking night." and then she walks over to the Crib which Arthur is lying in and crying loudly, and then Clementine picks up her son and says "Hey, Arthur. Aw, what's the matter honey? It's alright, I'm here... Mommy's right here." before holding her son in her arms and cradling him. Killua is then seen entering the Room as he sees Arthur awake and asks "Clem, is the little one keeping you up again?" and Clementine responds "Yeah, I think he just wants a little company... He's definitely not hungry, because I fed him 20 minutes ago. He's just a little lonely." as Arthur stops crying after seeing Killua, then begins laughing and reaching for Killua as Clementine notices and remarks "Aw, I think the little fella likes you. Do you wanna hold him?" and Killua holds Arthur and the small infant smiles at him as the former remarks "He's got your eye, Clem. Remember the look on your face when you first saw me, back in the Coalition Base 3 years ago?" and Clementine laughs before caressing her son's cheek and humorously saying "Yeah, the little guy's got a good eye for reading people." as Arthur laughs and Killua holds him, asking "How did you know which one of the Triplets was crying?" and Clementine laughs in response before simply telling Killua "Mother's intuition, I'm guessing... Even though Kyle and Arthur look exactly the same, I can tell those two apart from my point of view." as Killua hands Arthur back to Clementine who holds her infant son in her arms, kissing him on the forehead as the boy calms down and stops crying and Clementine then kisses her son affectionately and tells him "There you go, little man. You wanna go back to sleep now, sweetheart?" and then after Arthur completely falls back to sleep and rests his head against his Mother's shoulder, Clementine puts Arthur back into his Crib and yawns exhaustedly, asking "What time is it, Killua?" and Killua checks his Watch to see that the time reads '5:45', which he shows Clementine as the girl says "Might as well stay up then, James can stay asleep." as she walks out of her Personal Quarters and into the Cafeteria of the Abandoned Military Outpost. Killua then informs Clementine "We're moving our Spacefleets towards the Outer Reality Line, and all of the Hero Knights in our Generation are ready to strike at your Command, Clem..." as he brings up a Holograhic Display of The Multiverse and shows the massive Spacefleet belonging to the Hero Knight Breeding Program which floats in front of a Dimensional Portal which will give them access inside the Inner Realities whereby they will declare War on the United Dimensions Coalition and the Human Race which they intend to rule over as a Hero Knight Empire to replace The Villain Armada (which James and Clementine constantly have Visions about given to them by Emperor Plagueis, a Villain Lord twisting their Minds with hateful rhetoric towards Humans).

However, before Clementine can answer the game switches to '2 Weeks Earlier' and shows a huge Coalition Zeppelin Blimp flying above the Metroville Ruins Boneyard in the United States of America which has now been transformed into a massive Airport for the United Nations Multiverse Forces and onboard the Zeppelin, Laura Reese is seen inside the Blimp Mess Hall alone as she eats from the Food Supply and after she is almost finished Killua walks in and asks "Hey Laura, are you alright? I heard about that Armada Outpost earlier, with the Troop Garrison taking out half your Infiltration Squad... Were you hurt?" as Laura looks at him and then rolls up her sleeve to show a couple burns and scars on her arm before telling Killua "I, uh... Got hit by a bunch of Shrapnel after a VTOL Warship came crashing down next to me, killed 3 of my Squadmates." as she starts tearing up and says "The Coalition sent us all in there, and they expected the greatest results. They didn't care about how many Soldiers they lost, how many people suffered just so The Villain Armada could lose one more Outpost when they're already on the back-heel. Why do we even..?" as she starts to break down crying and Killua puts his hand in her shoulder to comfort the traumatized and saddened girl, saying "Hey, it's alright Laura. Shh..." and then (to his slight shock) Laura hugs him in a tight embrace. As Killua wraps his arms around the Clone of Kyle Reese, he says "I'm right here, Laura. Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright... I'm right here." and Laura tells him "Killua, you and I seem to be the only Hero Knights who survive our Infiltration Missions ever since all the other Villain Slayers travelled to Earth-TRK160. And I've also noticed that you seem to really care about me in the War Effort, you know? Sticking with me during Battles, healing me if I get hurt and the two of us protecting each other... So I have to ask you something." and then she pulls away from him gently and caresses his cheek, then asks: "Do you love me?", and then Killua blushes red and he asks "W-what..? I, um... Uh..." as Laura chuckles briefly and then kisses him on the cheek before telling him "I know from that blush that you do love me... Well, I kind of have a crush on you too." as she playfully knocks him on the shoulder and says "So, what you gonna do if you do like me? Ask me out on a date?" and Killua starts flirting with her, saying "Where would you wanna go? Fancy Restaurant or Takeout? Thai, Mexican... Japanese?" as Laura laughs at his flirtation and answers "Real charming, Kil... But I think I'd prefer something a little more personal." as she bites her lip nervously and then kisses Killua on the lips, and the boy (although surprised by the kiss initially) closes his eyes and kisses her back as he stops briefly and asks "Wait, you... You've had these feelings for me for months and you're only now telling me?" as Laura holds him by the shoulder and blushes red, saying "We've known each other for 3 years, Killua. And I've kept these feelings away from you for almost all that time..." as she stands up and smiles at him, asking "Look, my Room is a little bit, uh... Vacant right now and there's a Bed that can fit 2 people." and Killua looks at her with his cheeks turning red, and she asks "Do you wanna come and spend the night there?" and then Killua smiles as Laura smiles back. The game then switches to a few minutes later as Laura and Killua are seen kissing inside the former's Personal Quarters and then Laura unbuttons Killua's shirt and the boy takes it off before Laura starts removing her Scavenger Jacket (which is an exact replica of Kyle Reese's Jacket) and then unzips her jeans, jumping up to Killua and wrapping her legs around his waist as Killua puts her up against the Bedroom Walls and Laura pants heavily after kissing the boy and says "I want this, Kil... With you. Come here, babe..." as the girl lies down on her Bed with her jeans removed, and then Killua gets on top of Laura and starts unbuttoning the straps of her bra which then drops to the Floor and reveals the girl's bare breasts as Laura blushes red and presses her body against Killua as the boy kisses her and the two lie down before beginning to have sexual intercourse in their Quarters, with Laura pushing Killua down to the Bed and moaning in intense pleasure as Killua wraps his arms around Laura's lower waist as the two keep going as Laura kisses Killua intimately and they sit up and consummate their relationship.

The game then switches to the next Morning as Killua wakes up in the Bed which he and Laura slept in inside their Personal Quaters, but then he notices that Laura isn't there and some of her clothes are also gone with only her Scavenger Jacket, T-Shirt and Jeans now on the Bedroom Floors as Killua sighs and gets out of Bed, putting his clothes back on and then hearing Laura groaning in the Bathroom before knocking on the Door and asking "Laura, you alright? Laura?" and then he sees Laura vomiting into the Toilet and saying "Ah, God... I don't feel good at all, Kil." as she vomits again and Killua rubs her back, telling her "There you go, get it all up. Are you alright?" and Laura answers with "Killua, I think that... Last night caused this." and Killua tells her "You're puking about 9 hours after having sex, that usually means... Oh my God!" as Laura quickly responds "No, I can't be pregnant! I can't be..!" and Killua explains "We didn't use any protection, so you might be. It could just be your body getting used to it, but I guess we'll have to wait and see." as Laura starts crying, saying "If I turn out to be pregnant, I can't do it... I can't give birth to a Child when I'm still in the Coalition Military, because they will still make me go on Missions and won't let me see our kid..." as she tears up and Killua hugs her, holding her in a tight embrace and saying "Hey, it's gonna be alright. Look, I'll take care of it, alright? I can find a couple people who can... Persuade the Coalition Command to stop this." as Laura rests her head on his chest and Killua wipes her tears away before saying to her "You're gonna be alright... I promise you that, Laura." as he embraces Laura. A few minutes later, Killua is seen lying down in bed with Laura as the girl leans her head on his bare chest and asks "Hey, y'know how you sarcastically asked me about going on a date last night?" and Killua responds "Yeah, what about it?" as Laura puts her hand on his chest and says "I think I'd like Chinese food tonight." as she kisses him on the neck and doesn't stop, and Killua laughs before playfully saying "Laura... Laura, don't!" as Laura giggles in response and then Killua leans back and says "I'm gonna get a hickey if you're not careful." so in response Laura stops kissing his neck and gets on top of him and presses against him, and then Killua says "So... I'll order something tonight, then." as Laura nods with a cheeky smile on her face, putting her hands against Killua's chest and then starts kissing him on the lips, lying down on top of him and saying "Y'know I didn't mean what I said about the Coalition Military... I'm just really concerned, and I guess I just jumped to conclusions." and then Killua wraps his arms around her upper back and says "The Coalition isn't like that, Laura... They'll let you see our Child if you give birth, and they won't make you go out to fight the Armada." as he sits up and presses himself against her body, whispering in her ear "Besides, you've got me as well. Right?" and Laura tells him "I love you, Killua." as Killua runs his hand through her dark brown hair and says "I love you too, Laura..." as the two embrace.

After the Flashback, the game shows Clementine inside the Hero Knight Fortress while she cradles her son Kyle in her arms, with the infant reaching up to his Mother while laughing slightly and Clementine asks him "Who's a cute little boy, huh? Who's the most perfect little boy in the whole World? Kyle Fairbanks." as James walks in having heard her, with Sophie in his arms and says "Y'know Clem, you just reminded me: We haven't chosen a middle name for any of the babies yet." as Clementine sighs and responds "Yeah, I guess... I've just been concentrated on recovering from Arthur and Sophie, and taking care of them that I just forgot." and then James sits next to her and says "It's alright, we can choose their middle names now. Do you wanna pick one for Kyle?" as Clementine looks at her infant son and then smiles, saying "How about... Lee?" and James looks at her and smiles, answering with "Lee? Yeah, that's a great name... He would've been so proud of you, and our kids." as he looks at Sophie and asks "What about you, sweetie?" as he thinks of a name and says "Here, what about Emily? Emily Fairbanks was... My Grandma, so I just thought..." as Clementine puts a supportive hand on his shoulder. She then looks over to Arthur who is lying down asleep in his Crib, and then she says "I don't know about Arthur, though... I mean, if we're gonna name him after our old Squadmates, I don't think we can..." as James says "Jacks." and Clementine looks at him, asking "What?" before James looks at her and smiles, then with tears welling up in his eyes says "Jacks, he... He sacrificed himself to destroy an Armada Fleet Blockade, and finally kill off the Supply Line to the Armada Fleet." as Clementine looks in shock and says "He's the reason that the Hero Knight Breeding Program exists..." and James tells her "Yeah, and because that Fleet Blockade was destroyed in the Battle of Earth-TRN120, the Villain Slayers actually got their Multiverse Transport to this Dimension and we were able to find this Military Outpost." as he looks at Arthur then walks over to his son and as the boy wakes up James picks him up and holds him in his arms, caressing Arthur's cheek and saying "Jacks was an amazing Hero, a really kind and gentle person... So I thought that I'd name Arthur after him." as Arthur laughs in his father's arms and Clementine walks up to him with Kyle in her arms, ruffling her infant son's hair and saying "Arthur Jacks Fairbanks. You like that name, sweetheart?" and then James kisses Clementine on the cheek and whispers "He's laughing. So what does that tell you about his name? He loves it." as Clementine looks at him and puts Kyle down in his Crib, James doing the same with Arthur and then Clementine wraps her arms around James' waist and asks "Did you put Sophie back in her bed?" and then James laughs and says "Yeah, she's asleep. You think we should do the same?" as Clementine kisses his neck and whispers "Come on, I'm exhausted. These kids keep me up all the time..." and then James kisses her on the lips and the two walk into their Personal Quarters together.

The game then switches to 'September 6th, 2014' and shows the 12-year-old Alex on Earth-135 as he climbs a huge Cliff in the Chesapeake Ruins, Maryland as he reaches the top and Clementine is seen aiming into the Woods ahead before teasingly remarking "Jesus Christ, Alex. Do you expect me to walk through the Woods and back while you slowly climb up those Cliffs?" and then Alex responds "Oh, c'mon Clem! I'm really tired after all the walking, plus all these Weapons I'm carrying!" as the two start walking through the Chesapeake Outskirts while Tyler Green walks with them and says "Clem, I've made a Recon Patrol over the Hilltops, and it looks like we're gonna be clear for now! There are no Armada Forces in the area." as Clementine puts a hand on Tyler's shoulder and tells him "Great work, Ty. You remembered to plant those Seismic Detection Charges, right?" and Tyler responds "Yeah, don't worry. Since when do I ever forget anything while on our Missions?" as Clementine responds "Never, that's how you're such an amazing Soldier!" and then Tyler blushes while Alex and laughs, teasingly saying "Oh, will you two just get a room?" as Clementine looks at Tyler and smiles, her cheeks going red in a blush as well and Tyler says "Oh, I think Alex is a little jealous, Clemmy." as Alex snaps back "Fuck off, Tyler! I'm not jealous at all..." as he starts loading his KN-44 Assault Rifle and adding an ACOG Scope to it as Tyler chuckles and whispers "He's jealous, you know!" as Clementine laughs slightly but then whispers back "Oh, leave him alone." and then she looks at Alex who is walking ahead of the two before saying "Tyler; Why don't you scout ahead into the Outskirts, Alex and I are gonna take a break." and then Tyler (knowing what she's up to) sighs before answering with "Alright, I'll go." as he runs forward to scout the Woods as Clementine walks over to Alex and puts an arm over his neck, playfully asking "You were jealous, right? C'mon, little one... You can tell me." as Alex sits down in the grass with her and then admits "Yeah, it's just... I can't stand it seeing Tyler flirt with you like that after I-" and Clementine asks "After you kissed me last week? Look, Alex: You're a kind, sweet boy and an amazing person to be on the Squad." as she puts a hand on his chest which makes Alex squirm in very slight discomfort and Clementine chuckles before saying "And you're really cute as well. I gotta admit, I enjoyed that kiss at the Outpost Bar and I've sorta been thinking about you for the last few weeks." as she feels Alex's heart beating fast and then his cold breath against her neck and she holds his cheek before saying "Shh, come on now... Don't be so uneasy." as Alex says "Clementine, I... Uh..." but then his speech is cut short when Clementine kisses him on the lips and wraps her arms around his waist, which Alex does back to her as the two press against each other and Alex starts kissing her back with his face going completely red.

The Flashback then transitions to 2017 as Alex is seen sitting on a Terrace View at the Abandoned Military Outpost early in the Morning as he looks out towards the Woods while remembering the War Against the Villain Armada and then James is heard asking "You alright, Al? You're looking a little sad." as Alex turns around and sees James holding Sophie in his arms, the small infant resting her head on her Father's shoulder before Alex remarks "I'm better now that you're here. I guess I just need some company." and then he sees Sophie and says to the baby "Hi there, little angel. You bothering your Dad, huh?" as James laughs and answers "She woke up about 30 minutes ago, as usual." as he sits next to his brother and asks "You wanna hold her? She's calmed down now, so she'll be fine with someone else for a couple minutes." and in response Alex nods and James hands Sophie to him, with Alex gently cradling the infant girl and saying "She's adorable, isn't she? This little one looks a lot like Clementine..." as Sophie opens her eyes and looks up at her Uncle, who sees that she has the same yellow eyes as Clementine. Sophie then starts crying softly as Alex asks "Is she alright? Thought you said she'd be alright with me." as James laughs and says "She's hungry. Here, I've got some Formula for her." as he hands Alex a Formula Bottle and asks "You know how to feed a baby, right?" as Alex responds "Yeah, but... You can't exactly ask Clem to breastfeed right now, huh?" as James chuckles and says "Wow, you little asshole. You had to make this conversation awkward by saying that, huh? What are you gonna ask about next; my sex life?" as Alex laughs and responds "Forget I said anything." as he feeds Sophie with the Formula Bottle, and then as James watches Alex taking care of his niece he tells him "You make a good Uncle. The Triplets seem to really like you!" and then Alex answers "Yeah, well... I don't really know why, I suppose I just have a really good way with them." as James laughs and then remembers the Multiversal War as well, before laughing and saying "Hey, do you remember the Winter Era of the War... Where you grew out your hair and it went down to your shoulders, and you started acting all moody after you talked to Clementine one night? We started to think you were turning into an Emo or something." and then Alex looks at him and says "An Emo? Who do I look like to? Some angsty teenager who always whines about his problems instead of doing something about it?" and James says "Well, not an Emo but... It was a little out of the ordinary for you." as Alex explains "Clem and I were just talking about... Mom. And then when you named Sophie after her, it just made me think about her and I remembered that little... Mood swing that I had." while he finishes feeding Sophie and then hands the now-sleeping infant back to James.

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