Alexandrian Security Forces
Logo of the ASF
Area(s) Served Alexandria, Georgia, USA
Headquarters Alexandria Safe Zone, Georgia, USA
Number of Members 18,000
Current Leader Deanne Monroe
Notable Members Spencer Monroe
Aidan Monroe
Eastman (formerly)
Morgan Jones (formerly)
First Appearance War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead
Latest Appearance TBC
"Sanctuary is Key, Community Thrives! Security is our goal."

- Motto of the Alexandrian Security Forces

The Alexandrian Security Forces, also referred to as the ASF, is a minor hostile Faction within the new Ubisoft-Pixar Game, War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead. Based in the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Georgia, the ASF thrives on propaganda against its rivals, the Woodbury Armed Forces, and has an extremely strained relationship with the Deadkillers.

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