Here are a list of All-Starmon.

All-Stardex ListEdit

  1. Leafan (Grass)
  2. Bulby (Grass)
  3. Whispy Woods (Grass)
  4. Loftchick (Fire)
  5. Wingling (Fire/Flying)
  6. Loftwing (Fire/Flying)
  7. Cheep Cheep (Water)
  8. Deep Cheep (Water)
  9. Boss Bass (Water)
  10. Rabbid (Normal)
  11. Grey Rabbid (Normal)
  12. Knuckle Joe (Fighting)
  13. '80s Foot Soldier (Steel/Fighting)
  14. Motobug (Steel)
  15. Big Motobug (Steel)
  16. Waddle Dee (Normal)
  17. Waddle Doo (Normal/Electric)
  18. Tetris Block (Normal)

More coming soon......

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