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This page refers to the species as a whole. For notable Sandshrew, see Category:Sandshrew.

#027 027AMS Alolan

サンド Sand
Mouse Pokémon
 Ice      Steel 
Abilities Snow Cloak
Pokédex Colour Blue
Egg Groups Field Egg Group
0273D-Alola 0273D-S-Alola
in-game models of Sandshrew
from Generation VII

The Alolan Sandshrew (Japanese: サンド (アローラのすがた) Sand (Arōra no su gata)) is a dual-type  Ice  /  Steel  Pokémon, and a variant of Sandshrew found in the Alola region.

It evolves into Alolan Sandslash starting at level 22.


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 Sandshrew have historically lived in desert areas. But the frequent eruptions of nearby volcanoes drove the Sandshrew to abandon the desert and migrate to snowy mountains, where they took on this form. Sandshrew’s body changed to adapt to the harsh environment of the snowy mountains. The Alolan Sandshrew has a shell of ice covering its skin, which is like hard steel. It excels defensively, but it lacks flexibility and can’t curl its body into a ball like a Ground-type Sandshrew can. Its heavy weight makes the Alolan Sandshrew slower than a normal Sandshrew, but the claws on its hands and feet allow it to move across ice without slipping. When it wants to move quickly, it uses its stomach to slide across the ice like a curling rock.  

In Alola, Sandshrew migrated to the snowy mountains due to the frequent activity of the volcanoes near the desert areas. In the process of this adaptation, Sandshrew's body became larger and heavier, and its hide became white and snowlike, with a shell of hard ice covering it for extra protection. Its head now resembles an igloo, with the dome forming a protective helmet around its head and its ears resembling an igloo's entrance. Alolan Sandshrew's claws allow it to move without slipping on icy surfaces. It slides on its stomach when it needs to move quickly.



Alolan Sandshrew
in generation VII
PKMN bag icon - Rare Candy
Level 22
Alolan Sandshrew
 Ice   Steel 
Alolan Sandslash
 Ice   Steel 

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