Alternate War Against the Villain Armada
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Previous War Against the Villain Armada (Earth-135)
Concurrent War Against the Villain Armada (Earth-616)
Next War Against the Villain Armada (Earth-4000)
Conflict War of Earth-650
Date August 29th, 1997 - October 23rd, 2014
Place Earth-650, Global
Outcome Villain Armada of Earth-650 Destroyed
The Hero Coalition Founded
Earth-650 Saved and Retaken
The Hero Coalition:
United Dimensions Coalition
US Government
Villain Armada of Earth-650:
Commander King
Supreme Leader Snoke
7,000,000,000 Troops and Civilian Militants
200,000 VTOL Warships
Thousands of FE-15 Fighters
12,000 Helicopters
700,000,000,000 Troops
250,000 MECHs
700,000 Razorback VTOLs
Millions of ARX-160 Fighters
20,000 Helicopters
3,000,000,000 Humans
180,000 VTOLs
Hundreds of FE-15 Fighters
9,000 Helicopters
670,000,000,000 Troops
230,000 MECHs
600,000 VTOLs
Thousands of Fighters
15,000 Helicopters
"On August 29th, 1997... The entire Multiverse was changed forever!"

- Jackson Pearce regarding the War of Earth-650

The Alternate War Against the Villain Armada, also referred to as the War of Earth-650 (which is a more focused Conflict on one Reality) is the main conflict within Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Warfare, and a Conflict mentioned within the rest of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe. This War was fought at the same time as other versions of the War Against the Villain Armada (which were all fought between The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada), and the 4 major Factions involved were: The Hero Coalition, United Dimensions Coalition, the United States Government and the evil Villain Armada of Earth-650. It is the longest and most grueling version of the Multiversal Wars, fought for 17 years and killing billions of Humans on both sides.

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