As the mayor, you are expected to go to the villager's birthday party and give him or her a gift! Each villager has style preferences and a favorite color. Be sure to give your villager a gift from the style category that he or she likes, and if possible, make sure it's the villager's preferred color. If you give a gift from the villager's disliked style, he or she will be unhappy!

January Edit

Name Birthday Favorite Style Disliked Style Favorite Color
Bob January 1st Flashy Basic Colorful
Poncho January 2nd Basic Ornate Orange
Joey January 3rd Basic Rock 'n' Roll Purple
Diana January 4th Iconic Rock 'n' Roll White
Roald January 5th Basic Modern Orange
Carmen January 6th Modern Sporty Brown
Harry January 7th Historical Cute Aqua
Pierce January 8th Sporty Iconic Blue
Tiffany January 9th Rock 'n' Roll Official Red
Papi January 10th Basic Cute Beige
Moe January 12th Sporty Official Colorful
Puddles January 13th Ornate Historical Pink
Velma January 14th Official Rock 'n' Roll Purple
Gladys January 15th Iconic Modern Green
Jackie January 16th Ornate Rock 'n' Roll Yellow
Rizzo January 17th Iconic Modern Green
Snowy January 18th Basic Iconic White
Simon January 19th Sporty Official Colorful
Opal January 20th Official Sporty White
Genji January 21st Iconic Basic Green
Francine January 22nd Ornate Historical Blue
Gwen January 23rd Ornate Flashy Purple
Rhonda January 24th Ornate Iconic White
Savannah January 25th Modern Historical Gray
Aurora January 27th Official Ornate Pink
Margie January 28th Iconic Rock 'n' Roll Brown
Cube January 29th Cute Official Colorful
Flurry January 30th Iconic Sporty Beige
Winnie January 31st Modern Rock 'n' Roll Colorful

February Edit

Name Birthday Favorite Style Disliked Style Favorite Color
Bill February 1st Sporty Ornate Green
Jitters February 2nd Sporty Cute Yellow
Olivia February 3rd Modern Sporty White
Lily February 4th Cute Sporty Green
Penelope February 5th Cute Iconic Pink
Annalisa February 6th Iconic Sporty Red
Boomer February 7th Historical Modern Brown
Frobert February 8th Sporty Cute Colorful
Flora February 9th Modern Historical Pink
Stitches February 10th Flashy Iconic Colorful
Pompom February 11th Cute Rock 'n' Roll Aqua
Drago February 12th Iconic Cute Red
Ribbot February 13th Flashy Basic Gray
Muffy February 14th Ornate Basic Black
Kitty February 15th Official Rock 'n' Roll White
Anabelle February 16th Cute Historical Green
Fiona February 17th Cute Sporty Pink
Dora February 18th Iconic Flashy Purple
Freckles February 19th Flashy Basic Colorful
Sprinkle February 20th Cute Iconic Aqua
Puck February 21st Sporty Iconic Blue
Avery February 22nd Iconic Ornate Brown
Pate February 23rd Modern Official Yellow
Anicotti February 24th Flashy Historical Pink
Hamphrey February 25th Historical Flashy Black
Sheldon February 26th Rock 'n' Roll Modern Orange
Rosie February 27th Cute Sporty Red
Naomi February 28th Modern Sporty Colorful

March Edit

Name Birthday Favorite Style Disliked Style Favorite Color
Coco March 1st Iconic Ornate Beige
Barold March 2nd Historical Sporty Aqua
Bonbon March 3rd Cute Historical White
Anchovy March 4th Flashy Iconic Colorful
Gala March 5th Cute Rock 'n' Roll Pink
Chevre March 6th Cute Rock 'n' Roll White
Molly March 7th Official Sporty Beige
Zucker March 8th Official Sporty Yellow
Cyrano March 9th Iconic Modern Yellow
Midge March 12th Iconic Rock 'n' Roll Pink
Dotty March 14th Modern Official Black
Julian March 15th Ornate Rock 'n' Roll Aqua
Doc March 16th Official Flashy Aqua
Cheri March 17th Sporty Historical Yellow
Merengue March 19th Official Flashy Beige
Elise March 21st Official Historical Colorful
Paula March 22nd Flashy Basic Orange
Axel March 23rd Sporty Historical Colorful
Skye March 24th Cute Flashy Aqua
Celia March 25th Cute Historical Pink
Fauna March 26th Basic Rock 'n' Roll Beige
Lolly March 27th Basic Iconic Yellow
Baabara March 28th Ornate Flashy Brown
Biff March 29th Flashy Basic Green
Felicity March 30th Cute Flashy Beige
Klaus March 31st Historical Cute Gray

April Edit

Name Birthday Favorite Style Disliked Style Favorite Color
Tammi April 2nd Flashy Modern Brown
Eunice April 3rd Basic Ornate Black
Buck April 4th Sporty Cute Brown
Beau April 5th Basic Rock 'n' Roll Beige
Hopper April 6th Rock 'n' Roll Modern Yellow
Rasher April 7th Rock 'n' Roll Basic Black
Maelle April 8th Modern Sporty White
Ziggy April 9th Rock 'n' Roll Ornate Aqua
Shari April 10th Cute Iconic Beige
Punchy April 11th Basic Iconic Blue
Melba April 12th Basic Flashy Green
Rocket April 14th Sporty Official Pink
Trina April 15th Cute Historical Yellow
Vesta April 16th Historical Rock 'n' Roll Orange
Charlise April 17th Sporty Ornate Orange
Pietro April 19th Flashy Basic Colorful
Tobianna April 20th Flashy Iconic White
Agnes April 21st Rock 'n' Roll Historical White
Phoebe April 22nd Ornate Iconic Yellow
Miranda April 23rd Ornate Sporty Yellow
Walt April 24th Iconic Modern Gray
Bertha April 25th Iconic Rock 'n' Roll Gray
Kevin April 26th Sporty Official Orange
Katt April 27th Rock 'n' Roll Official Purple
Ava April 28th Official Cute Brown
Coach April 29th Sporty Modern Red
Angus April 30th Rock 'n' Roll Ornate Green

May Edit

Name Birthday Favorite Style Disliked Style Favorite Color
Clyde May 1st Flashy Rock 'n' Roll Colorful
Mint May 2nd Official Flashy Blue
Sylvia May 3rd Ornate Historical Pink
Deirdre May 4th Historical Flashy Orange
Toborr May 5th Cute Rock 'n' Roll Yellow
Tank May 6th Rock 'n' Roll Modern Green
Ozzie May 7th Iconic Flashy Brown

June Edit

July Edit

August Edit

September Edit

October Edit

November Edit

December Edit

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