Pokken Anne
Anne's basic appearance
Gender Female
Species Human
Debut Pokkén Tournament (2016)
Affiliation(s) Nia and the player (formerly),
Mewtwo (formerly),
Ancient tribe

Anne is a secondary protagonist of the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament. Unlike the other Human characters that appear in the game, she is not a Battle Trainer.

Anne is a member of a secret tribe that protects the Shadow Synergy Stone from corrupting humans and Pokémon. Prior to the climax of Pokkén Tournament, she had a broach containing an ancient Synergy Stone that could revert the effects of the Shadow Synergy Stone's power, though it was destroyed while being used to revert Shadow Mewtwo to normal.

In Pokkén Tournament, Anne temporarily replaces Nia during the final battle against Shadow Mewtwo. She speaks to the player character, and cheers them on to allow them to use a Synergy Burst that lasts for the entirety of the final round of the battle.

Presumably, Anne lives alongside her tribe's elder, a man named Walter, at the Regi Ruins located north of Ferrum Colosseum.

Anne is voiced in English by Jenny Shima and in Japanese by Yui Ishikawa.

Appearances Edit

Pokkén Tournament 2 Edit

Anne reappears in Pokkén Tournament 2. Following the events of the previous game, she has trained to become a Battle Trainer. She is the only non-playable character to fight using Meloetta, whom she found and healed after a giant storm. She is the champion of the new Crystal League, and the most renowned trainer in all of Ferrum. Anne reveals that she only trained to become the champion of the Crystal League so she could find the trainer that she told to take care of Mewtwo, who has since disappeared from the Ferrum League.

Anne also appears as one of the new Advisor characters in the game. As an Advisor, she is unlocked by beating her and becoming the new champion of the Ferrum League. Her Cheer fills both Synergy Gauges during the final round of the match.

Shima and Ishikawa return to voice Anne in English and Japanese, respectively.

Gallery Edit

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