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This page refers to the species as a whole. For notable Ariados, see Category:Ariados.

#168 168MS Ariados
アリアドス Ariados
Long Leg Pokémon
 Bug      Poison 
Abilities Swarm or Insomnia,
Sniper (Hidden Ability)
Pokédex Colour Red
Egg Groups Bug Egg Group

Ariados (Japanese: アリアドス Ariados) is a dual-type  Bug  /  Poison  Pokémon.

It evolves from Spinarak starting at level 22.


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Ariados is a Pokémon that resembles a spider. It has a red body with black stripes and markings on is rear that form a face. In the center of its head in small, white horn. Additionally, it also has small purple eyes and a pair of white mandibles. Ariados has four yellow legs with purple stripes; long, pointed growths on its back appear to be remnants of its fifth and sixth legs. Ariados's feet are tipped with tiny hooked claws that enable it to scuttle on ceilings and vertical walls. It spins a single strand of a special string endlessly out of its rear. The string can also be spun from its mouth; however, it is hard to tell which end is which. Rather than making a nest in one specific spot, it wanders in search of food after darkness falls. It will attach silk to its prey and set it free. Later, it tracks the silk to the prey and its friends. Ariados makes its nest in the depths of the forest.



in generation VII
PKMN bag icon - Rare Candy
Level 22
 Bug   Poison 
 Bug   Poison 

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