Satou Empire

The Armada's Grip over Earth-135 (Red)
Flag of Armada-Occupied Earth
Greater Location The Multiverse
Capital Various Nation Capitals (Washington DC, London, Moscow etc.)
Current Ruler Ozone
Population 8,0000,0000
Environment Retro Future
Dieselpunk Cities
First Appearance Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation
Latest Appearance Incredibles: Genesis of The Past

"The Villain Armada invaded Earth-135 months ago. When the World Portal opened in Low Earth Orbit, the Armada took the opportunity and sent their entire Fleet towards Europe, and devoured every country on that continent that stood in its path, as it moved relentlessly towards the United States of America."

- Jacks explaining how The Villain Armada destroyed and took over most of Earth-135

Armada-Occupied Earth, formerly known as Earth-135, was the major location and main setting of Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation and War Of Heroes: The New Order. This version of Earth takes place in an Alternate Universe in the year 2014, where the Villain Armada had invaded 3 months before the events of The New Order (as seen in Brink of Annihilation) and destroyed thousands of major cities across Earth-135, taking the continent of Europe by storm and then moving to take the United States of America.

It appears as the main location in the setting of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, another game where Earth-135 has been invaded, destroyed and conquered by The Villain Armada.

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