Artie is an antagonist in Six Nights at Sammy's

Description Edit

Artie is the secondary mascot of Sammy's Supermall. He's basically made just to freak kids out when kids enter the Hobby Shop. Artie scares kids about his Zombie apocalypse jokes and he thinks the jokes are real.

Behavior Edit

Besides Foxy, consider Artie has your most threatening inbound threat since the Phone Guy mentions on Night 3 that Artie has gotten good at stealth. Artie begins the night at the Hobby Shop Night 3 onwards. The hobby shop is the only camera you can see Artie on. Should the player see that Artie has escaped the Hobby Shop? Then a cricket noise will play, when the player hears it, Artie is at the door on the right. If the player neglects the door, Artie will jump-scare the player and end the night.

Trivia Edit

  • Artie is a Chameleon who has a zombie Hunter gimmick which explains his jokes to frighten kids.
  • On the XBOX Live and PlayStation Network versions of the game, instead of making the cricket noise, Artie may emit a garbled static, it might be the police, this is a reference to Mangle from the second game. It also explains that the huge cuts on Artie's chest reveals a red box inside.

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