Atlantean Language full
The Atlantean language

The Atlantean language (Atlantean: Atlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - TAtlantean Language - LAtlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - NAtlantean Language - TAtlantean Language - EAtlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - N Atlantean Language - LAtlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - NAtlantean Language - GAtlantean Language - UAtlantean Language - AAtlantean Language - GAtlantean Language - E) is a language used by the Rose Warriors starting in Rose Warriors: Vengeance. In the series, it is taught to all of the Warriors by a man named Milo Thatch, and is used by the Warriors as a code that only they can understand.

The Atlantean language was the original written language used by the inhabitants of Atlantis. When creating all modern languages, linguists compare the ideas of the language's creator, to the Atlantean language.

Word pronunciationEdit

Words written in Atlantean are pronounced the same as if they were written in English. This said, there are few words that do not translate over, and hence make some phrases incorrect using English grammar. Such words include secret, hero, sweet and lost.


Rose Warriors: Vengeance
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Terms Nothing Rose Warriors AESA Rose Atlantean language Prism Shards


Rose Warriors: Alienation
Playable Characters Ruby Rose Mario Toro Inoue
Allies Tikal
Locations Mezameru
Terms Nothing Rose Warriors AESA Rose Atlantean language

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