Speak softly and carry a giant axe.
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Axecutioner is an ogre who is one of the villains in Skylanders: Trap Team, though only after downloading the Challenge Level DLC.


Axecutioner's overall speed is rather slow. He has two attacks: His primary has him swing his giant axe, and his secondary has him throw the axe, which returns to him like a boomerang.


Trapping ProcessEdit

  • "I gotta AXE you a question!" (Pre-battle)
  • "Just so you know, I'm totally willing to bury the hatchet." (Defeated)
  • "Wait, I didn't agree to thiiiiiiiiis!" (Trapping)
  • "Ha! You think this puny trap can hold me? THE AXECUTIONER?" [Axe swings and loud clangs heard] "...Okay, maybe it can." (Trapped)
  • "So you want me to use my mighty axe on bad guys now? That's gonna be new territory for me." (Acceptance)
  • "Bringing the hatcheeeeeeeet!" (Entering)

Active QuotesEdit

  • "Anyone call for the Axecutioner? ...No really, anyone?" (Entered)
  • "I got an axe to grind with you!" (Encountering enemies)
  • "Serves you right for thinking you could defeat the Axecutioner!" (Battle victory)
  • "Worth a lot. That's just how I like it." (Open treasure chest/villain stash)
  • "Now THAT is axe to the max!" (Checking stats)

Inactive QuotesEdit

  • "Eh, this place is okay, I guess. Could use some more giant axes." (Motto)
  • "Whoo! That was a workout." (Timed out)
  • "Ready whenever you are, Skylander!" (Timer replenished)
  • "I'm not really that good at puzzles. I would just use my axe on it." (Puzzle)
  • "Villains are-Hey, that's me! Lemme in there!" (Villains stronger zone)
  • "You got mad skills, Skylander." (Congratulating Skylander)
  • "You look like you need a rest. Tag in the Axecutioner!" (Low on health)

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