Azumanga Daioh Paint Factory
Azumanga Daioh Paint Factory Box Art 1
Box Art (Bandai Revolution)
Developer Sunsoft
Azumanga Interactive
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Platform Bandai Revolution
Bandai CD
Genre Educational
Release February 2010
Modes 1 Player
Ratings EC for Early Childhood

Azumanga Daioh Paint Factory is an educational program emphasizing art/graphics video game featuring characters from Azumanga Daioh and its spin-off Sakaki & Kaorin devloped by Sunsoft and Azumanga Interactive, and published by Bandai Namco Games for the Bandai Revolution and Bandai CD in February of 2010.

The Bandai Revolution version is a hack of the Super Nintendo game Acme Animation Factory, while the Bandai CD version is original and has a few similarities to Mario Paint. The music in the Bandai Revolution version replaces the Looney Tunes music with music from Azumanga Daioh to match the theme.


the player is given a series of tools to create their own animated anime, using Azumanga Daioh characters. The player can alter the graphics, music, and animation. When the anime has been created, it can be saved and replayed. Aside from that, card games such as Solitaire and Mix 'n' Match (a variation of the game Consentration) are playable.

Box ArtEdit

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