Azumanga Daioh Sports Challenge
Azumanga Daioh Sports Challenge Box Art
Box Art
Developer Azumanga Interactive
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Platform Bandai Extreme
Genre Sports
Modes 2 Players
Ratings K-A for Kids to Adults

Azumanga Daioh Sports Challenge is a sports game featuring characters from Azumanga Daioh developed by Azumanga Interactive, published by Bandai Namco Games, and co-published by Konami for the Bandai Extreme.

The game is very similar to the Sega Genesis game Tiny Toon Adventures: ACME All-Stars (not to mention it's emulated on the actual game), except the game has drastic changes on the music, sound effects, and the layout of the games in order to make it different from the original. And you have an option to either choose a character or a court for the CPU on your control or let it automatically choose what character or court it selects randomly unlike ACME All-Stars.


Azumanga Daioh Sports Challenge is a sports title that allows the player to make a team out of several characters from the anime series, which include:

Character Name
Chiyo Chan (1st-2nd Year) Chiyo Chan
Osaka Osaka
Tomo (1st Year) Tomo
Yomi Yomi
Kagura Kagura
Sakaki Sakaki
Kaorin Kaorin
Chihiro Chihiro
Yukari Yukari
Nyamo Nyamo
Mr Kimura Mr. Kimura
Chiyo Father Chiyo Father

There are five different games to choose from including Basketball, Soccer, Obstacle Race, Bowling and Kitty Bashing (essentially a Whack-A-Mole-like game). In Basketball and Soccer, players can choose five different courts/fields.

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