Azumanga Interactive
Azumanga Interactive Logo 2 (Remake)
Company logo
Chiyo Chan (middle), Miruchi (left), Yuka (right)
Type Video Game Company
Founded February 2009 in Osaka, Japan
Owner Bandai Namco Games

Azumanga Interactive is a fan-made video game developing company own by Bandai Namco Games. It was founded in February 2009 in Osaka, Japan. They would mostly develop games for the Bandai consoles. The mascots of the company are Chiyo Chan, Miruchi and Yuka from Azumanga Daioh. The company is develop-free meaning other video game companies can make the games with Azumanga Interactive, like Kemco, Sunsoft, Hudson Soft, Capcom, and many others.

Their main focus are anime games (only the ones that are apart of the Anime All Star[1] series), mainly Azumanga Daioh video games. Games featuring characters from their respective owners would be co-published by the company (like games with Sonic characters would be co-published by Sega). Their first game they made was Chiyo Chan and the Anime Palace in March of 2009. Although the mascots wouldn't be featured in the company logo until after the release of Azumanga Preschool: The Lost Treasures in April of that year. However, the mascots would only be featured on covers of non-Azumanga Daioh games.

Most of the games are similar to old school games from the old school consoles with many changes from the original games, only some games are original. And most of the games have low toned audio.

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