Bandai CD Revolution
Bandai CD Revolution Console
Consoles Both Locked-On
Developer Bandai Namco Games
Backwards compatibility Bandai CD
Bandai Revolution

Bandai CD Revolution know as Bandai Neo-CD Revolution in European and Bandai Neo-CD 32X in Japanese (バンダイネオCD32X, Bandaineo CD 32 X) is a series of of CD-ROM games for the Bandai CD released in September of 2009. It requires both the Revolution and Bandai CD. It also comes with a memory card to save where you left off on a game.

like PS2, PS3, Xbox (original), and Xbox 360, it also play DVD and Blu-Ray.

When both consoles are attached together, it functions like the original PlayStation. There's also a stand alone version of the Bandai CD Revolution called the Bandai Ultra Revolution. It resembles the Sega Saturn.

List of GamesEdit

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