Shark Attack is one of the Arkham episodes DLCs of Batman: Arkham Knight. It is set 2 months before the main game events.


The Deadly MuseumEdit

The GCPD surround the Cyrus Pinkney Museum, confirming that crime boss Warren White has taken refuge there and made several hostages. Gordon informs Batman of the situation and then Batman goes to the museum rooftop where he fights several henchmen. He then enters the museum via a trapdoor...



  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing


  • Warren White/Great White Shark
  • Drury Walker/Killer Moth
  • Tony
  • Philip
  • Charlie
  • Arnold


  • James Gordon
  • Oracle
  • John Guzman
  • Michael Roth
  • David Renard

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