Battle of Metroville
No Image Currently Avalible
Previous Battle of Chicago
Concurrent None
Next Coalition Raid on Armada Tower
Conflict War Against the Villain Armada
Date June 25th, 2014
Place Metroville, Georgia, USA
Outcome Metroville Destroyed
Armada becomes closer to victory
Hero Coalition crushed and scattered across America
The Hero Coalition
United States Marine Corps:

United States of America
The Villain Armada:
United Nations (some parts of treacherous UN Delegates)
Aiden Pearce
Nicole Pearce
Mr. Incredible (deceased after Battle)
Gabriel Rorke
100,000,000 Coalition Troops + USMC Soldiers 500,000,000 Armada Soldiers
500,000 Coalition and USMC Soldiers 100,000 Armada Troops
The Battle of Metroville is the first battle in the events of Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation, and the turning point of the War Against the Villain Armada. This battle marks the Coalition's most crushing defeat in the War, as The Villain Armada invaded and completely destroyed the city, killed 500,000 Coalition and USMC Soldiers and the entire Incredibles Family (excluding Jack and Dash Parr, the twin children of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible) and demolished The Hero Coalition's weapons and aircraft arsenal.

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