Battle of Metroville
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Previous Battle of Chicago
Concurrent Battle of San Francisco
Next Foundation of The New Hero Coalition
Conflict War Against the Villain Armada
Date July 9th, 2014
Place Metroville, Illinois, USA
Outcome Villain Armada Destroyed
Ozone Deceased
Earth-1000 Rebuilt
New Hero Coalition Founded
The Hero Coalition:
United Nations
The Villain Armada:
Aiden Pearce
Lee Everett
500,000 Coalition Members
150,000,000 UN Soldiers
200,000,000 Helicopters, Fighter Jets etc.
12 Orbital Dropships
900,000,000 Armada Troops
10 Armada Carrier Ships
1 Armada Flagship (Earth Destroyer )
60,000,000 Soldiers + Civilians 820,000,000 Armada Troops
7 Armada Carriers
Earth Destroyer Flagship
The Battle of Metroville appearing in War Of Heroes: Legends is majorly different from the version of this Battle that appeared in Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation. In BOA, the Villain Armada actually won after crushing the Hero Coalition. However in Legends, The Villain Armada was pushed back and The Hero Coalition instead win after killing millions of Armada Troops, bringing down the Armada's Air Support, 7 of their Carrier Ships and even the Armada Flagship, Earth Destroyer, killing Ozone in the process, and winning the War Against the Villain Armada.

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