Call of Duty: Black Ops IV
Gaza Strip, Israel
Map Scorestreak
War Tank
Battlezone is a map on Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.

Map Description Edit

Battlezone occurs in a middle of firefight between the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and the Gaza Defense Army (GDA).

Unlike other maps in Black Ops IV, this is a BIG map.

The IDF spawn contains packages of RPGs and Bouncing Betties. It's a forgotten ammo warehouse.

The GDA spawn is a ruined and abadoned building. It contains some Teddy Bears.

The middle is a neighbourhood in Gaza Strip. You can use barries to hide.

The middle also contains War Tanks, the exclusive map scorestreak.

Map Scorestreak - War Tank Edit

War Tank








Unlocked at

Map special scorestreak



War Tank is a special scorestreak exclusivly for the map.

You need 8 kills or 800 scores to earn the scorestreak.

Once you activated it, you can have an access to the Tanks in the middle.

There are 2 tanks availble, so you and antoher teammate can "enjoy the ride".

The weapons in the tanks are Machine Guns and a Missile Launcher. You can run over your enemy with the tank.

When the ammo is low, the tank will eject you and it will get an ammo refill.

When both of the teams are activating this scorestreak, only the one who activated the scorestreak will enter the tank.

Special mode locations Edit

Capture the Flag: Flag A is located near the ammo crates at the IDF spawn, and Flag B is located at the lobby of the building at the GDA spawn.

Demolition and Search and Destroy: Both of the bombs are located near the War Tanks in the middle.

Domination: Point A is located at the door of the ammo warehouse, Point C is located at the second floor of the building and Point B is located between the barriers.

Uplink: Uplink station A is located at the roof of the warehouse and Uplink station B is located at the second floor of the building.

Safeguard: The robo-demolition station is located the the warehouse.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the big maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.
  • There is a poster on the second floor of the building at the GDA spawn. It says "Say NO 2 War. Say Yes 2 Peace" along with a destroyed War Tank. The same poster appears at the ammo warehouse.
  • At the second floor of the building there are 3 windows. Just like in Exodus in Black Ops III, you'll see a Teddy Bear.
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