The Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World Super System Is A Line Of Concels Made From 1974-Present By Beastest Nintendo DS Player In The World. No Super Systems Were Ever Released In Japan.

In 2016, The PFC XR Was Released

More Info Is Coming

Modles Edit

Super System (1974)

Super System 2 (1983)

Super Duber System (1989)

Super System Combat (1995)

Super System X (2001)

Super System Motion (2003)

Super System Micro (2004)

Super System Hub (2007)

Super System Mega Plot (2012)

Super System Ultimate (2016)

Examples Of Games Edit

The Puzzle Place Super Solvers (1998)

Kung Fu Battle (2000)

Battle Raisers (A Spoof Of Call Of Duty) (2001)

Race Star (A Spoof Of Grand Theft Auto) (2002)

NuJam Giutar Rock Star(2003)

Rivem Hever Best Selection (2012)

Doji Doji Panic Returns (1987)

Fighting Is Magic (2014)

Bop It (2001)


Relegated Concels Edit

Wii U

Vtech V

Omega Concle Line







Trivia: The Original Super System Is The 2nd Ever Commecialized Video Game Console And The 3rd Ever Video Games Console

It Has Unlimited Region Code Changes (Starting With The Super System X)

Gallery TBA

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