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Big Bridge
Big Bridge TFFCC
Series FinalFantasySymbol Final Fantasy
Based upon Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
Nintendo 3DS (2014)
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Big Bridge is a downloadable stage from Super Smash Bros. Strife. Based upon the Big Bridge location from 1992's Final Fantasy V, the stage takes place in its reimagined appearance from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.

Stage Layout Edit

SSBStrife stage layout - Big Bridge

The layout of Big Bridge is somewhat similar to that of Bridge of Eldin: it consists primarily of a long platform. There is a small chasm located to the right of the stage. Additionally, there is a longer semi-soft platform that rests to the right of the stage, and will occasionally travel across the stage.

Hazards Edit

Gilgamesh, a recurring creature throughout the Final Fantasy series, appears as a stage hazard on the Big Bridge stage. Taking his second form appearance from Final Fantasy V, he attacks the stage with one of three attacks.

Attack Description
FFAB Aerora - Faris Legend SR
Aerora Gilgamesh creates a small tornado of green energy that traps fighters within it, dealing small damage multiple times, before throwing them upwards a short distance.
FFAB Goblin Punch - Blue Mage (M) SR
Goblin Punch Gigamesh fires a ball of blue energy that crashes down into the stage to bury and deal damage to fighters.
FFAB Wind Slash SR+
Wind Slash Gilgamesh fires crescent moon-shaped energy blades that cut across the stage, temporarily destroying the floating semi-soft platform.

Music Edit

Music Description
Youtube play symbol
Battle at the Big Bridge "Battle at the Big Bridge" is a direct rip of Gilgamesh's battle theme from Final Fantasy V.
Youtube play symbol
Battle (Final Fantasy V) "Battle (Final Fantasy V)" is, as its name implies, a direct rip of the main battle theme from Final Fantasy V.
Youtube play symbol
The Evil Lord Exdeath "The Evil Lord Exdeath" is the theme of Exdeath, the main antagonist from Final Fantasy V. The song is a direct rip from the aforementioned title.
Youtube play symbol
Battle at the Big Bridge -arrange- "Battle at the Big Bridge -arrange-" is a direct rip of the Battle at the Big Bridge remix ("Battle at the Big Bridge -arrange- from FINAL FANTASY V") from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.
Youtube play symbol
The Final Battle "The Final Battle" is the theme that plays during the final battle against Neo Exdeath in Final Fantasy V. It is a direct rip of the variation found in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.
Youtube play symbol
Dancing Mad "Dancing Mad" is the theme that plays during the final battle against Kefka Palazzo in Final Fantasy VI. It is a direct rip of the final movement from the aforementioned game.
Youtube play symbol
Terra "Terra" is the main theme of the character Terra Branford and the overall main theme of the game Final Fantasy VI. The song has been re-orchestrated.
Youtube play symbol
Battle (Dragon Quest IV) "Battle (Dragon Quest IV)" is the generic battle theme from Dragon Quest IV, another role-playing game created by Square Enix. The version used in Strife is a direct rip of the remix from Fortune Street.
Youtube play symbol
Overworld (Dragon Quest III) "Overworld (Dragon Quest III)" is a remix of the generic overworld theme from Dragon Quest III, another role-playing game created by Square Enix.
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