Bik Ma
Bik Ma

Character Info

Height: Small
Age: 15
Role: Zhao's Son
How to Unlock: N/A
Stages: *Level 2
Other Appearances: *Chinatown BOT set
~Accuracy: 5/15
~Speed: 4/15
~Stamina: 2/15
~Health: 50hp

Bik Ma is a 15 year old who is Zhao Ma and Dao-Ming Ma's son who has to be protected in Side Scroll. He appears in the second Story Mode level but is not unlockable.


Bik Ma is a quiet kid, he has a few close friends but is quite shy so he often finds it hard to make friends. He is very close with his parents as well and his favourite place to be is at home with them.


Main StoryEdit

  • Level 2: He is Zhao's son and in order to get silver or gold, you must escort him and Dao-Ming Ma safety to the safe-house.

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