Bison (Soul Fighter)
Full Name M. Bison
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Unknown
Class Leader of Shadaloo
Debut Soul Fighter
Current Status(es) Deceased
Affiliation(s) Shadaloo (Leader)
Alias(es) Adult Game Antagonist

M. Bison, known as Vega (ベガ Bega?) in Japan, is a character of the Soul Fighter Series, as well as the main antagonist of the Soul Fighter and Soul Fighter Alpha Series. In Soul Fighter Alpha III he refers to himself by the full title of Master Bison ("Vega-sama" in the Japanese version), with Chun-Li and Jax referring to him in the same way as well. Despite M. Bison's followers (and himself) referring to him as "Master Bison" in Soul Fighter Alpha III, he is named "Lord Bison" in his Arcade mode introduction sequences in Soul Fighter: Armageddon.



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