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Full Name Unknown
Current Age Late 20's
Date of Birth 1988-1993
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Washington DC, USA
Class Fallen Hero
Main Weapon(s) BRM Light Machine Gun (Recon Sight, Extended Magazine)
Debut War Of Heroes: Global Warfare
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Superhuman Speed and Reflexes
Affiliation(s) Task Force 141
Alias(es) Black Panther
Relation(s) Unknown

Ch'tala (full name unknown), also known as Black Panther, is a character in War Of Heroes: Global Warfare and an antagonist in the upcoming Call of Duty VS Terminator: Dawn of War. In Dawn of War, he serves the Task Force 141 and joins Simon 'Ghost' Riley's Team in an attempt to kill two Legendary Heroes, Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett!

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