Bonnie the Bunny is an antagonist in Six Nights at Sammy's.


Music, that's what everyone loves. But who else does? Bonnie! He's there for kids that love rock & roll!


Along with Sammy and Chica, Bonnie is active Night 1 onwards. Bonnie starts in the Music Shop. When he leaves the Music Shop, Bonnie will act like he did in the first game, He will move anywhere on the mall's left side, Including Pirates Cove to make the player to not know if Foxy has escaped. Then he will move to the Arcade to do the same thing to make the player to guess if Jack-In-The-Box is rising of not. After that he will approach the player by going to the middle hallway. Like Foxy and Unlike Chica, Bonnie is intelligent Night 3 onwards, Nights 1 and 2, Bonnie is affected by the mask. But Night 3 onwards, Bonnie will jumpscare you even if you put on your mask and the only way to survive Bonnie in the later nights is to pull up the monitor for some time. If the player pulls up the monitors in Nights 1 and 2 or uses the head Night 3 onwards, Bonnie will jumpscare the player.


  • He, Chica, and Foxy are the only three characters originally a part of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to be redesigned for Sammy's Supermall.
  • Unlike the first two games, Bonnie has a different behavior than Chica.

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