This article is about Bowser's appearance in The Whole Enchilada and the Rest. For the character in other contexts, see Bowser.

SSB4U3D Bowser
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Bowser is the main antagonist of the Super Mario series and a playable character in The Whole Enchilada and the Rest.

Description Edit

Bowser is the main antagonist of the Super Mario series, and has appeared in almost every Mario title to date. In most titles, Bowser kidnaps Peach, whom is held captive until Bowser's inevitable defeat by either of the Mario Bros..

In Super Mario Bros., the title that Bowser debuted in, the Koopa King was stated to be a wizard who, alongside his army known as the Koopa Troop, invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and transformed the inhabitants into inanimate objects while kidnapping Princess Peach, the only person who was able to undo the curse. In later games, he has seldom been shown with the powers stated to have in his debut, and his reasoning for kidnapping Peach has become vague, with some games stating he does it to agitate Mario, and others showing that he is infatuated with the Mushroom Kingdom's princess.

While he holds the title as the Super Mario series' main antagonist, he has also played the role of anti-hero in various Mario role-playing games. In these games, Bowser is also depicted as more comical than diabolical, unless he serves as the main antagonist of the title.

Special Moves Edit

Special Move Description
Neutral Special Fire Breath Bowser breaths a spray of fire from his mouth that gradually deceases in range as the button is held.
Side Special Spike Ball Bowser slides into a spike ball and rushes forward. It deals massive damage with long ending lag.
Up Special Koopa Clown Car The Koopa Clown Car appears and carries Bowser upwards, meteor smashing opponents that jump into the propeller.
Down Special Bowser Bomb Bowser jumps into the air and slams downwards onto his bottom.
Final Smash Dark Bowser The Dark Star appears above Bowser and he transforms into Dark Bowser. His agility and power greatly increases and his attacks are given darkness effects.

Technical Stats Edit

Parameter Stat Description
Running Speed 1.792 Refers to the speed at which the fighter runs.
Walking Speed 0.858 Refers to the speed at which the fighter walks.
Jump Speed 8 Refers to how many frames it takes between input and the start of jump.
Traction 0.0577 Refers to the fighter's traction.
Weight 128 Refers to the fighter's weight
Falling Speed 1.39 Refers to the speed at which the fighter falls.
Gravity 0.11 Refers to the time it takes before the fighter reaches max falling speed.

On-Screen Appearance Edit

Bowser flies on-screen in the Koopa Clown Car, which then disappears.

Taunts Edit

Input Description Source
Up Taunt Bowser jumps up and down in a taunting manor. [1]
Side Taunt Bowser crosses his arms and stomps his foot impatiently. [2]
Down Taunt Bowserhrows his head back, spinning it in a circle, and roars. [3]

Victory Theme Edit

Bowser's victory theme is an electric guitar remix of the flagpole theme from Super Mario Bros..

Victory Poses Edit

Description Source
Spins around in his shell and comes out grinning. [4]
Steps up, builds up a little and roars. [5]
Takes two steps forward while pounding his fists to the ground twice. [6]

Alternate Costumes Edit

SSB4U3D Bowser
TWE&TR - Bowser alt 1
TWE&TR - Bowser alt 2
TWE&TR - Bowser alt 3
01 02 03 04
TWE&TR - Bowser alt 4
TWE&TR - Bowser alt 5
TWE&TR - Bowser alt 6
TWE&TR - Bowser alt 7
05 06 07 08

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