Brazilian Wrestling Wars is the spiritual sequel of the unfinished WWE NXT: The Future Is Now. It has the same mechanics.

One of the few differences is that, if you grapple a non-stunned opponent, instead of putting them in a chain grapple, you will hit a medium grapple.

Another difference is that you have 3 signature bars and you fill it by hitting moves, countering moves, and doing taunts. There's also the finisher bar, which is filled after you hit 3 signatures.

The game's roster includes wrestlers from the promotions BWF, FILL and GDR.

Special abilities Edit

An wrestler can have a max of 3 abilities.

Finisher thief: While with a finisher icon, press the taunt button two time quickly. You will do the opponent's wake up taunt and be able to do it's finisher. You can also use their quick finisher, if they have one.

Leverage pin: Standing near a stunned opponent, press the "irish whip/pin" button two times quickly to force them to the ground and immediately pin them. This can also be done as a reversal to a running or rebound grapple.

Table finisher: With a finisher icon, throw your opponent into the announce table and press the "special" button.

Outside dive: With a signature icon, put your opponent on the ropes, run and press the "special" button.

Extra signatures: You can have 5 signatures instead of 3.

Extra finisher: You can end your finishing combination with two different moves. However, the second one can't be used as a quick finisher.

Moves Edit

Normal moves

Special moves