The Brewer is the Healer Class Of The Players. He/She has Potion Of Healing that Damages Enemies, And Heals The Teamates.

Abbilities Edit

R1, 1 , LB: Potion Mix (Runs Faster And Jumps Higher For 15 Sec)

Triangle, 2 , Y: Potion Of Warp (Moves 3.5 Blocks)

R2, 3, RB: Lithering Potion Of Healing (Works Like A Healing Station That Damages Mobs)

Description Edit

The Brewer Created Relly God Potions In His/Her days. Even Potion Of WARP is posible... But what about Lithering potion of warp...

Character Variants Edit

1 Brewer 150 Potion Of Healing Base 5 Slow Possitive
2 Lava Brewer 150 Potion Of Fire Fire 12 Rapid Negative
3 Ice Brewer 150 Potion Of Freezing Ice 5 Slow Negative
4 Dr. Toxic 150 Potion Of Poison Toxic 12 Slow Negative
5 Mr. Lightning 150 Strucked Bottle Electric 10 Slow Possitive
6 Water Brewer 125 Akward Potion Water 20 Rapid Negative
7 Scientict 100 Goo Blaster Refrence 5 Slow Possitive
8 Rock Brewer 200 Rock-In-A-Bottle Armored 5 Slow Negative
9 Range Brewer 150 Healing Crossbow Sniper Infinite Rapid Negative

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Brewer Was Originally going to be the Villager And The Engineer.
  • This Character is the only character that is Close Ranged and have a range attack.

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