Brody Krane
Gender Male
Species Cyborg
Hometown Changes all the time, mostly in Australia though
Class Spy
Main Weapon(s) Guns, fists
Main Element(s)  ???
Debut The Beaters
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) KK, Bro, BB, Danger Zone
Alias(es) None
Relation(s) KK (wife), Gregory Krane (father)

Brody Krane is the leader of The Beaters and is in the CIA.


When Brody was 10 years old, his dad went to a job interview. He told Brody to stay in the car. 5 minutes later, Gregory (the dad) came out of the interview looking sad. All of a sudden, a girl Brody's age mugged Greg. The girl ran away and Brody got out of the car and chased her. When he was running across the street to catch her, he got hit by a bus. The next year, Brody was able to leave the hospital. His shoulders, his left arm and the bottom right quarter of his torso was replaced by wires.

11 years later, Brody was mugged by the same girl that mugged his father. He chased her again, and while he was chasing her she killed many innocent people to get them out of the way. They ended up in an alley. The police came and arrested the girl for murder, and arrested Brody for being a bystander to the murders.


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