Batman in Incredibles VS Batman: The Dark Knight Falls (note his Anti-Superhuman Armor)
Full Name Bruce Wayne
Current Age 37
Date of Birth 1977
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Gotham, Illinois, USA
Class Legendary Anti-Hero
Main Weapon(s) Various Gadgets (Batarangs, Grapple Hook, etc.)
Debut Detective Comics (June 1939)
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Peak Mental and Physical Condition
Affiliation(s) Bat Family
Wayne Enterprises
Alias(es) Batman
The Bat
Relation(s) Thomas Wayne (father, deceased)
Martha Wayne (mother, deceased)
Damian Wayne (son)

Bruce Wayne, most famously known as Batman, is one of the most famous Heroes of all time. First appearing in 1939's Detective Comics, he has had hundreds of incarnations across the last 86 years, and has faced many other Superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and many others. He is set to appear in Incredibles VS Batman: The Dark Knight Falls, where he and his own team of Heroes, the Bat Family, will face The Incredibles and their allies (many characters from The Walking Dead, Terminator, Call of Duty and Watch Dogs).

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