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VGF-Insignia SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.
This article is about the real Byakuya Togami. For the his impersonator, see Byakuya Togami (DR2).

 You're a loser. So go ahead and live your loser life, make a bunch of loser friends. Then together, you can lick each other's loser wounds.  

Byakuya Togami, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Byakuya Togami FF
Ultimate Affluent Progeny
Full Name Byakuya Togami
Date of Birth May 5
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown Towa City
Class Heir of the Togami Corporation,
Future Foundation member
Debut Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (2010)
Current Status(es) Alive

Byakuya Togami (Japanese: 十神 白夜 Togami Byakuya), the Ultimate Affluent Progeny is a character in the Danganronpa series of video games, first appearing in the first installment of the series, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and later appearing in other installments of the series. He is one of the three main protagonists of the first title, following Kyoko Kirigiri and playable character Makoto Naegi. Akira Ishida and Jason Wishnov voice Byakuya in the video games, while Josh Grelle portrays him in the anime series' English dub.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Byakuya Togami has a tall, slim figure, and he wears a black suit in the original Danganronpa title. He has a green cross tie over a white button-up shirt with an exaggerated collar. He has a black belt and black dress pants and shoes. After joining the Future Foundation, Byakuya Togami wears a black blazer with a white button-up shirt under a black tie. He has the same black belt, pants, and shoes. In all appearances, he has a short blond hairstyle with a single spike of hair pointing down towards his forehead and wears white-rimmed glasses around his blue eyes.




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