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Age of Ozone

Call Of The Watch Dogs: Age of Ozone is an alternate universe sequel to Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds, and a new game in the COTWD Series. The game follows Jackson Pearce, Clementine Everett and the other Watch Dogs as Ozone (a Villain in Call Of The Watch Dogs: Multiverse Wars) becomes a sentient Artificial Intelligence (in this game's canon, Ozone fought in the Multiverse Collision Battle, but was killed due to the Shattered Nexus Explosion, and then somehow survived) and starts causing global havoc on Earth. The game is exclusive to Xbox One and is set for release in 2018.

Characters Edit

Jackson Pearce - After the events of Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds, Jacks has gone back to his own Dimension on Earth-616 and now works with his uncle's team known as the Watch Dogs to hunt Armada Cells across America, and they have the help of Clementine, Lee and many others. In this game, Jacks is also in a romantic relationship with Clementine Everett.

Clementine Everett - Member of the Watch Dogs and Jacks' love interest. Now 4 months after the events of COW, Clementine has travelled to Earth-616 from her world (Earth-247) and now helps the Watch Dogs hunt the remains of the Villain Armada after the Multiverse Collision Battle.

Aiden Pearce - Jacks' uncle and founding member of the Watch Dogs.

Nicole Pearce - Jacks' mother and member of the Watch Dogs.

Steve Rogers / Captain America - Member of the Avengers and opposer to Ozone. He helps the Watch Dogs hunt the remains of the Villain Armada.

Tony Stark / Iron Man

Bruce Banner / The Hulk

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Wanda Maximov / The Scarlet Witch - Experimental volunteer for the Villain Armada and anti-hero.

Pietro Maximov / Quicksilver

Villains Edit


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