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Call Of The Watch Dogs: DedSec Rising is the third variation of the COTWD Series. It is produced by Sledgehammer Games and is exclusive to the Xbox One. It is set for release in mid-2017 alongside Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare, which is made by Treyarch.

Synopsis Edit

After Aiden Pearce's Attack On Chicago, which caused a city-wide Blackout and killed hundreds, leaving dozens of others injured, the Super-Corporation known as Blume has launched CtOS 2.0, which is described as a "Invisible technology Shield around the world.", sheltering Chicago and possibly the whole world from Aiden, who is labelled as a Vigilante and has a nationwide manhunt out for him. With time running out and the US Government opposing them, Aiden must rally his allies: Jackson Pearce (his nephew) and Nicole Pearce (his sister), with help from old friends such as Clara Lille and T-Bone. However, they will also need some new allies, such as Lee Everett and his adopted daughter, Clementine. Together, they will attempt to stop Blume and end the Covert War between them and the DedSec Hacker Group!

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