Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Warfare
Future Warfare CotWD
Official Poster
Developer Sledgehammer Games
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release June 13th, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor None (Chronologically)
Successor TBA

Call Of The Watch Dogs: Future Warfare is a new game in the Call of the Watch Dogs Series, and is a game that is separate from the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, this game takes place in the year 2014 after the Nuclear Holocaust of 1997 on Earth-650. The game takes place in the Alternative Reality known as Earth-650, after an evil Army known as 'The Villain Armada' has awoken after being the War Against the Villain Armada on Earth-135 and has intiated a Nuclear Holocaust that has almost destroyed the Human Race. Players will take control of Jackson Pearce, an 11 year old boy who is a survivor of the Nuclear Holocaust, as he joins a Resistance in order to fight against a new Villain Lord known as Quantum, and his version of The Villain Armada. The game is set for release in 2018 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Cast Edit

  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson Pearce (Earth-650)
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett (Earth-650)
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs (Earth-650)
  • Bill Murray as Jonathan Price (Earth-650)
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish (Earth-650)
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • James Karlson as Sergeant Kent
  • William Fitchner as Corporal Barton
  • Timothy Olaphant as Commander King
  • Anne Hopkins as Nicole Pearce (Audio Logs Only)
  • Noam Jenkins as Aiden Pearce (Audio Logs Only)
  • Matt Smith as Quantum

Synopsis Edit

On Earth-650 in the year 1997, the War Against the Villain Armada on Earth-135 (which takes place in the year 2014, and both Timelines happen concurrently) has ended in victory for The Hero Coalition. However, a New Villain Armada turns its attention to Earth-650. After a few months of carefully waiting, the Armada has now attacked Earth-650 in a massive attack taking place in 1997. Turning the Nuclear Arsenal of the United Nations against them, the Armada has completely destroyed every single city on Earth-650, laying waste to the entire Globe.

In the year 2014, 17 years after the Global Nuclear Holocaust, an 11 year old boy named Jackson Pearce, forced to grow up in a world where he knows nothing but pain, death and fear, must now join a Resistance Movement known as the Hero Resistance in order to bring down the monstrous New Armada that has laid waste to Earth-650, and in order to destroy the New Armada before they set their eyes on the Multiverse beyond!

Series Continuity Edit

Michael Condrey, one of the lead developers at Sledgehammer Games, was asked the question: "Is this game in the Canon of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe?", to which he responded "To some extent. It takes place in an Alternate Universe that is partially Non-Canon. It's kind of a 'What-If' Scenario like Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation, or War Of Heroes: The New Order." and this confirmed that while the game IS Non-Canon, it isn't impossible that this version of the Series Continuity can exist within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe.

Plot Edit

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game opens up in the year 1997 in an Alternate Reality known as Earth-650, showing an overshot of several Cities such as New York, Chicago and many others as Jackson Pearce is heard narrating "Before she died, my Mother always told me stories about the World before I was born. She remembered a green world, vast and beautiful. Filled with laughter, and hope for the Future. But that all changed one day. By the time I was born, all this was gone... The Villain Armada. An evil and powerful fleet of Villains founded after World War II. They decided that the freedom of Humanity was a threat to their existence, and then... On August 29th, 1997, the Armada struck first." as it shows several Nuclear Silos open and then launch thousands of ICBM Warheads, which then fly through the skies of Earth-650, and then destroy thousands of cities in thousands of explosions, with buildings, Cars and billions of Humans being vaporized by the Nuclear Holocaust.

The game then switches to '17 Years Later' in the year 2014, showing several destroyed Cities, with fallen Skyscrapers, vaporized cars (and about everything else you would expect after a Global Nuclear Holocaust). Jacks' narration is then heard over various scenes as he says "The Armada used our own Nukes against us. 3 billion people died in the Nuclear Holocaust." and it shows a destroyed Chicago as Armada Warships fly above the city and Jacks narrates "The survivors called the event 'The Collapse'. People lived like rats in the shadows. Starving, hiding, or worse: Captured and put in Death Camps for extermination." as it shows thousands of people being taken into an Armada-owned Death Camp, with hundreds of armed Guards and XS1 Goliath MECHs.

It then shows the barren Wasteland of the Chicago Ruins as Jacks is seen sneaking through the city, and he also narrates "I was born after The Collapse. Into a ruined world, ruled by the Villain Armada." as the 11 year old Jacks hides behind a destroyed Car as a VTOL Warship flies above and scans the area for Humans and Superhumans. Jacks then goes into a Subway System and then sits down to rest, and he takes out a picture of his mother, Nicole Pearce, and he starts to cry when he sees it, and says silently "I'm sorry I left you, Mom..." as he hears a clunking noise nearby, and takes out an R101-C Assault Rifle and aims it at the source of the sound, but then an Armada Troop grabs him from behind and says "I found the kid, guys!" and Jacks yells "Ah, let me go!!" as he struggles against the Troop's grip, but the another Troop comes in and hits him in the face with his ASM1 SMG, knocking Jacks out.

Jacks later wakes up as he is lying on the ground and one of the Troops is talking into his Radio, saying "Yes, sir. Yes, the target is a Superhuman. DNA Scanner shows a mix between Human and Superhuman Genetics." as Jacks tries to get up, but a Troop aims his Rifle at Jacks' head, saying "Don't move, you Superhuman freak! You're going to a Death Camp now. Then, Quantum will decide what to do with you." and the Troops surround him and are about to take him away, but a blast of Psionics Energy comes in and kills one of the Troops and then Jacks grabs a Troop by the arm, using Cryokinesis to freeze his arm and then rip it off (in this Reality, Jacks is a Hybrid between a regular Human, his mother Nicole, and a Superhuman, his unidentifiable father). After that, a Laser from an AE4 comes in and hits the two remaining Troops, and then Jacks kicks the last Soldier to the ground and then shoots him through the head, before backing up into a wall and sitting down, breathing in exhaustion and shock at what he just did, looking at his icy hand due to Cryokinetic Ice.

He then hears a voice say "Hey, you OK?" and Jacks grabs his P226 Pistol and aims it at the person, and yells "Leave me alone!" but the Gun is wrapped in purple Telekinesis Energy, and the person who saved Jacks is revealed to be Clementine Everett, who has revealed her Superhuman Powers. Jacks then shockedly asks "You're... A Superhuman?" and Clementine comes out of the shadows, saying "Yeah, I am. You sound surprised." and Jacks explains "I thought I was the only one. I didn't think there were others." and Clementine tells him "Well, what you thought is the exact opposite of the truth. There are thousands of Superhumans across the world fighting the Armada. They've all got different abilities: Pyrokinesis, Super-Speed, Invisibility. And that's just the start." as she approaches him with her gun holstered, and she asks "What's your name?" and Jacks answers "My name is Jackson. But I just like to be called 'Jacks', really. It's what my Mom called me before she..." and he starts to tear up, and Clementine says "Well, Jacks, I'm Clementine. And yeah, I am a Superhuman. My parents were too." and Jacks tells her "I can summon and control Ice. What Powers do you have?" as he sits near the dead Armada Troops. Clementine then says "I can use Telekinesis to move things, and fire Energy from my hands and eyes." and Jacks asks "Have you... Ever been to a Death Camp before?" and Clementine sits next to him, then rolls up her sleeve and shows him a Identification Code on her arm, with 'Superhuman' written below it, and says "This was burnt in by a Laser Scanner. The Armada despises Superhumans. Part of their extermination mission is the absolute Extinction of Superhumans, because they say that Superhumans are 'Genetically incorrect'. In the Death Camps, they treat Superhumans like animals, subjugate them and then... They think Superhumans are just freaks, and a danger to their 'Genetically perfect society'." and Jacks looks at her sympathetically and tells her "My Mom was just a regular Human. My Dad, who I never even met, was a Superhuman, and my Mom says that he sacrificed himself to save me and her, and that he was killed by Armada Troops, along with hundreds of other Superhumans." and they start walking through the Subway.

Clementine then says "Sorry about your parents. I'm, uh... Sure they were good people." and Jacks tells her "I only use my Powers in emergencies, like when the Armada Patrols ambush me. I can only use limited Cryokinesis, because... Well, my Mom never wanted to teach me. Said she didn't want me to grow up being treated like a freak." and Clementine responds "You can't think that, Jacks. You're not a freak, you're... These Powers, your Cryokinesis, every Superhuman's power. They're really special gifts to people, but the Armada rejects them. Eventually, though, they'll wish that they'd never messed with Superhuman kind." and Jacks asks "What do you mean?" and Clementine answers "I'm part of a faction called the Resistance. They're fighting against the Armada to stop them from taking over the world. We've managed to free millions of Human and Superhuman Prisoners, and now the Armada is paying attention to what we're doing." and Jacks asks her "Well, who's winning?" and Clementine answers "We're in a Stalemate with the Armada right now. You got a camp nearby or anything?" and Jacks says "Yeah, I stay in a Subway Terminal just a couple miles away. Follow me!" as he runs through the Subway System, and Clementine runs behind him.

The game then switches to a few hours later as Jacks is seen sitting in the Subway Terminal and listening to an Audio Log left by his mother, Nicole, who is heard saying "This is Tape 17 from Nicole Pearce to my son, Jackson. What's hard for me is to decide what to tell you, and what not to. Should I tell you about your father? Will it affect your decision to face the Armada, knowing that you are a Superhuman? But if you don't face the Armada, you will die and Quantum will win the war. The Villain Armada is ruthless and unpredictable, and they will have tactics that I can't help you with or even begin to understand. All I can say is that when you feel lost or uncertain... Well, just follow your heart, son. I love you, Jacks. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you more, but I will always be your mother, no matter what." as the Tape shuts off, and Jacks cries after hearing the message, and Clementine asks "You want to talk about her?" and Jacks responds "No. She protected me, and now she's dead. The Armada killed her 4 months ago, after they ambushed us. They gunned her down after she shot a couple of Troops, trying to defend me. Her last word to me was: 'run'." and Clementine comforts him, saying "My parents are dead too, Jacks. They both died when I was 8, Armada Soldiers executed them right in front of me, and they took me to a Death Camp. I had to stay there for 2 years, used as a slave for the Armada's Ultimate Weapon. I had no idea what they were building, but I was forced to work with thousands of others to build it. Then, the Resistance came and saved me from them. Their leader, his name was Griggs. He taught me how to use Weapons, and how to kill Armada Soldiers, bring down MECHs, smash those motherfuckers' faces to bits. We freed millions of Prisoners, people wondered how Griggs did it. They used words like 'prophet'." and Jacks keeps listening to the rumors about Griggs, leader of the Resistance. Jacks then starts to fall asleep, and Clementine asks "You tired?" and Jacks just nods in response, and Clementine tells him "Alright, I'll stay awake. You need some rest." and Jacks laughs, before saying "You sound like my Mom." and he falls asleep, and Clementine picks up an EVA-8 Shotgun and keeps watch for any Armada Troops, and looks at Jacks. She then takes out a Radio and says "Griggs, it's Clementine. I've found another Superhuman." and Griggs asks "What? Who?" and Clementine says "His name is Jacks. He can use Cryokinesis, summon Ice and use it. He's about my age, and... I just saved him from an Armada Patrol." and Griggs tells her "Roger that. Get him back to Base, we could use more Superhumans in the fight against the Armada." and the Radio is shut off, and Clementine sits next to Jacks, who accidentally leans his head on Clementine's shoulder.

The game then switches to the next morning as Jacks and Clementine walk through the Chicago Outskirts, and Clementine asks him "You know how to shoot anything other than a Pistol?" and then Jacks looks at the M16 that Clementine is holding, and then says "I guess. Can you... Teach me how to?" and then he shields his eyes from the Sun, and then Clementine tells him "Griggs was the one who taught me. After he saved me from the Armada, well... I just followed him around like a stray dog for months on end." and then she sits down on a nearby piece of rubble, then Jacks sits next to her and says "Guess I'm doing the same with you, right?" and then Clementine laughs slightly, then says "Yeah, I guess. We should be getting over to the Resistance HQ now, but it should take about 3 days." and then Jacks loads his M1911 Pistol, saying "Well, great. We're both starving, low on supplies, and we have no idea what's between us and the Resistance." and Clementine asks him "What are you saying, Jacks?" and he responds "All I'm saying is, I don't like our odds." and then he gets up and walks ahead, and Clementine does the same, saying "Hey, wait up!" and running after him. Jacks then starts honing his Powers, using Cryokinesis to put snow on his hands, but the snow melts due to the Sun, and Jacks' untrained skills, and Clementine jokingly remarks "So, if you're somewhere cold, you can just use Cryokinesis to shield your body?" and Jacks laughs and then says "I was, uh... Never trained with my powers. I can only use them to turn the tide of a battle, just a little." as the two keep walking up the Outskirts, and Jacks starts yawning. Clementine then asks "Not much sleep, huh?" and Jacks rubs his eyes, saying "Yeah. I never get enough sleep, and I can't risk trying to have any either." and then he loads his R101-C and says "We should keep moving. Let's go." and then they run faster, in order to dodge some Armada Patrol Ships flying through the Skies.

The Armada Troops then jump out and start patrolling across the Outskirts, and Jacks whispers "How many of them are there?" and then Clementine takes out a Drakon Sniper, and silently responds "About 8 Troops, 2 Grunts. What do you say, Jacks?" and then Jacks smiles and says "Watch this!" as he crouches and sneaks up on a Grunt, before signalling Clementine with a hand gesture, 3-second countdown. Clementine then aims her Sniper and then shoots 2 Armada Troops through their heads, and then Jacks jumps on the Grunt's back and stabs him multiple times, and then Clementine uses a Telekinetic Blast to launch the remaining 8 Armada Troops back, and then the Grunt tries to shoot Jacks with its Minigun, but ends up shooting the Engine of an Armada Patrol Ship. The Patrol Ship then falls down and crashes into the Cliffside nearby, and then Jacks jumps off the Grunt, who turns around and aims at him. However, Jacks just takes his hand from behind his back and shows a few Grenade Pins, and then the Grunt yells "No, no!! No-" but then he explodes, and then Clementine looks in shock and walks up to Jacks, then says "Wow... How'd you do that?" and then Jacks responds "I don't know. Guess it was just adrenaline..." and then Clementine laughs, then says "Alright, let's go, you little show-off!" and then the two take the Weapons and Supplies from the Armada Patrol and then walk towards the crashed Armada Patrol Ship. The two then get to the back of the crashed Patrol Ship, and then they open the Hatch, and then Jacks guns down 2 remaining Armada Troops with his M8A1 and then says to Clementine "Alright, let's get those Supplies from the Cargo Hold! We should get out of here before Quantum's ears start ringing!" and then he and Clementine pick up several Supplies such as water, food, Ammo and Futuristic Weapons. Clementine then walks out of the Patrol Ship and says "Come on, we should go!" and then Jacks picks up a Sheiva SSW Marksman Rifle with several Attachments, then follows Clementine out of the Patrol Ship. Clementine then looks at the Rifle and asks Jacks "What Rifle is that?" and Jacks answers "I don't know. It's got a lot of Upgrades, though." and then Clementine says "This way! We need to head deeper into the Outskirts!" as the two run into the Woods, and 4 Armada VTOLs come in and start scanning the Area.

The game then switches to 9 hours later at night as Jacks and Clementine sit near a fire, and Jacks eats some of the food Supplies he found in the Patrol Ship earlier. Clementine then asks him "So, uh... What City were you born in?" and then Jacks tells her "I was born in Chicago, and... The first time I opened my eyes, I saw destroyed Skyscrapers, desolate streets, and the suffering of 4 billion people." and then Clementine asks "What happened after that?" and Jacks responds "When I was 8, my Mom and I started moving through States, like California and Georgia. We joined Survivor Camps in every City, but... I was an outcast there because of my Powers. After 3 years, we headed back to Illinois, but... The Armada followed us, and after a massive Battle... They put a bullet in my Mom's head. I ran away, and that's how you found me, really. She died 2 months ago and I got back to Chicago." as tears start to flow down his face, and he wipes them away as Clementine looks at him sadly, with her eyes glowing purple in rage and hatred towards the Villain Armada. She then tries to comfort him and puts her hand on Jacks' shoulders, and Jacks just responds by hugging her, and Clementine wraps her arms around him, saying "I know how you feel, Jacks. I've lost people too, and I know what it feels like to lose the people I love and care about... But not you." and Jacks looks up at her, then Clementine says "I care about you, Jacks. And I will do anything to protect you. From the New Armada, and anyone else who serves them. Okay?" and then Jacks just nods in response, then Clementine says "Good. Now, just try and get some sleep. We're not far from Resistance HQ now, we can get there by tomorrow morning." and then Jacks asks her "What about you? You need some sleep too." and then Clementine says "Good point. The Armada won't follow us this far into the Outskirts, anyway." and then, after a few minutes, Jacks falls asleep.

The game then switches to the next morning, as Jacks and Clementine move through the Metroville Ruins, and then Clementine opens a Hidden Entrance and says "Welcome to Resistance HQ." and then the two enter. Clementine then knocks on a Steel Door, and then a Resistance Soldier on the other side says "Identity yourself!" and then Clementine responds "#6777905" and then the Soldier opens the Door, but then sees Jacks and stops him, saying "Whoa, Clem! Nobody said you could just invite people in here!" and then Clementine responds by saying "Leave him alone, asshole! He's a newbie, alright?" and then the Soldier looks at Jacks, then asks "Human or Mutant?" and then Jacks uses his Cryokinesis to freeze the Barrel of the Soldier's BAL-27, then looks up at him and says "How's that for an answer? By the way, we prefer 'Superhumans'. Anyone says 'Mutant', it makes my trigger finger itchy." and then Clementine just quietly says "Let's go, Jacks. Griggs wants to see us." and then the two walk through the Hallways, seeing several Soldiers and Scavengers across the Hideout. Clementine then says "Don't feel hurt by what Barton said. He's kind of... Untrusting to Superhumans, and he's not exactly ready to embrace the fact he has to work with them." and then Jacks responds "He's an asshole, that's for sure. Anyone else here like that? You know, guys I should be careful around?" and then Clementine explains "Not really. Most people here accept Superhumans. And best of all, they don't call us 'Mutants'. Griggs is in the War Room now, let's go!" and the two enter the War Room.

Griggs, leader of the Resistance, then turns to the two and says "Clementine. Good to see you in one piece! This the kid you ran into?" and then Clementine answers "Yeah. This is Jackson Pearce, but just call him Jacks. He's a Superhuman, like most other people here." and then Griggs walks up to them, then says "Good that you're here, Jacks. We could use another Superhuman to help us in the next few Missions. Come on, I'll debrief you all on the next deployment." and then they go up to a huge, Holographic Map of Earth with several Resistance Soldiers assembled in the War Room. Griggs then says to the Troops "Alright, listen up. For the last 17 years, we've been building up this Resistance off of nothing, from the ruins of the Old World. But now, this will be our first major Mission against the Armada." as the Holographic Map zooms in on a Headquarters of the Villain Armada, and Griggs explains "This is a Forward Operating Base located in the Haiti Mountains. The Armada uses it as an extremely useful Fuel Supply which is given to the 1st Fleet. Your objective is to Attack the Base and move in using Wingsuits, then set up Turret Defenses, move through the Base while others stay on the Platform and a Helipad. The Armada will have extremely heavy Units coming in. Drones, Soldiers, Helicopters, the whole fucking Battalion will be on all of you. Now, we'll move in with VTOLs and Fighter Jets to hold them off. We launch the Attack in 2 weeks, for Training... For the Resistance!" and then the Soldiers salute him, then simultaneously say "For the Resistance!" and then the Soldiers all exit the War Room. Griggs then says "Jacks, Clementine! Stay here for a minute, I need to talk to both of you." and then he walks up to the two, saying "Clem, I need you to train Jacks for the next 2 weeks. From what you've told me, he's a good shooter. But the Armada Battalion is something else, and Jacks needs a lot more skill for that. Good luck, both of you." and then Jacks and Clementine exit the room, and head for the Superhuman Training Chamber.

The game then switches to 13 days later, a day before the Attack, as Jacks is seen shooting several Targets in the Shooting Range, then uses his Cryokinesis (which he has now honed and uses with high efficiency) to fire a Ice Beam at another Target, and then a Turret fires several Blank Bullets at him, which he dodges with jumps and flips. The Training Simulation then shuts down as all of the Soldiers and Generals look in awe at Jacks' skills, and then the PA says "Training complete. Points: 36800. Rating: Excellent." and then Jacks walks out of the Training Chamber. As Jacks walks down the Hallway, Clementine walks up to him and says "Wow, Jacks. That was amazing!" and then Jacks responds "Well, my Cryokinesis works now. Come on, I'll show you something!" and then the two walk outside, then Jacks holds out his arm and then summons a Cryokinetic Sword, then crushes it, and Clementine says "You do that when we attack the FOB, the Armada will be running scared!" and then Jacks laughs, but then says "God, I wish my Mom was still here." and then Clementine puts a hand on his shoulder, saying "She'd be really proud of you, Jacks... Just like Griggs is of us both." and then Jacks sits on the ground, saying "You think so?" and then Clementine responds "Yeah. Look, Jacks, the Resistance takes care of its own. If you ever need anything-" but the two are interrupted when a PA says "All Units, this is Command: Proceed to the Landing Platform immediately, we are heading out to Attack the Forward Operating Base now!" and then Clementine says "I'll tell you later, let's move!" and the two run towards the Landing Platform, ready for the attack (the next part will be the first major Battle Scene in the game).

The game then switches to a few hours later, and shows Jacks, Clementine, Ghost and several other Resistance Soldiers are flying through the sky towards the Armada Forward Operating Base, and then they all Parachute in as a Predator Drone fires a Missile at the Base's Warning System, allowing Jacks and Clementine to land with the others. The Resistance Soldiers then set up Turret Defenses and Barricades on the Helipad and then Clementine says "Alright, the objective is to secure the FOB! Once we breach the Base and get inside, we're going to download their Data Files to steal their R&D! The Armada's gonna have a whole Battalion coming in, so keep it together!" then she turns to Jacks and says "You're with me, Jacks! Let's move and secure the Base Perimeter!" and then they see several Armada Transports and VTOL Warships coming in, and then 2 Resistance Fighter Jets fly in and fire Missiles at the VTOLs, shooting them down as Ghost says "Let's move! Secure the Base!" and then several Armada Gunships start firing at the Troops, and then Jacks and Clementine start shooting down Armada Troops as the Base escalates to a huge War Zone. Clementine then runs over to the Suppression Doors of the Base and says "Cover me, Jacks! I need to Hack this door!" and then several Armada Troops repel in from the Chopper as the Resistance Soldiers shoot the Helicopters down with SMAW Missile Launchers, and Jacks starts shooting several Armada Troops who are charging in from the Base's Gates. After a couple minutes, the Armada Batallion starts firing Missiles everywhere as explosions go off all across the Base, with Resistance and Armada Forces fighting for control. Clementine then manages to Hack the Suppression Door using a Black Hat Hacking Device and says "Come on, we're moving!" and then she runs into the Base, followed by Jacks and Ghost, along with several other Resistance Soldiers and they all start charging through the Corridors and shutting the Suppression Doors as they move along, and the Armada starts to pursue them through the Base.

The Team then moves into the Central Room and then the Resistance Soldiers move towards the Door, but then several Armada Troops on the other side shoot through the Door, killing most of them as Jacks uses his Cryokinesis to summon a Cryokinetic Sword and starts running forward, cutting down Armada Troops while Clementine uses her Telekinesis to blast even more enemy Troops back, while Ghost and Phoenix use their Assault Rifles to gun down the remaining Armada Troops, including one of the Generals. Jacks then contacts Griggs and says "Beta Leader, this is Kraken 2-5. We've secured the Base, but the Armada's outside! Most of our Soldiers have been killed, we need to get this thing underway!" and then Griggs responds "Roger that, Kraken 2-5. Ghost, have the Team collect all the Intel they can for an Operations Playbook. Names, contacts, places, Research and Development... Anything we can use against the Armada!" and then Ghost answers "Already on it, Beta Leader. Quantum and his Armada don't stand a chance." and Griggs says "That's the idea. I'm sending in an Extraction Team, ETA 5 minutes. Get that Intel, Beta Leader out!" and then the Team starts taking Intel, such as Files and Laptops from the Base using a Data Recover Module, which starts extracting Intel from the Base Systems.

After 5 minutes, the Team finishes collecting Intel and Jacks grabs the DRM, saying "Let's move! The Armada's breaching!!" as the Suppression Door gets blown open and then Smoke Grenades are thrown into the Central Room, and then Clementine says "Let's move, come on!" and several Armada Troops start firing from the windows above, and the Team runs outside. However, as the Pave Low Helicopter moves in, the Armada Troops fire Missiles and bullets at all the Pave Lows attacking the Base as the Resistance Soldiers run into them and start to take off, while Jacks and Clementine start to shoot at dozens of Armada Troops and then run through a hail of Bullets and Missiles. However, just as the Team gets onto the ramp of the last Pave Low, the Chopper is hit and then starts to lift up as Jacks gets blasted out of the Chopper and into the Courtyard of the Base, and then Clementine yells "No!!" as the Pave Low takes off, and then Jacks blacks out as he hears the Pilot say "We're moving back around for Secondary Exfil. Inbound, 2 minutes. Hand tight, Jacks! You're not dying today!" as Jacks regains consciousness and then sees an Armada Grunt walking up to him. Jacks then tries to punch the Grunt, but the Grunt catches his fist and then breaks Jacks' arm, and then Jacks screams in pain as he tries to kick the Grunt, who responds by punching him in the leg and almost breaking it, and then Jacks cries in pain as the Grunt punches him in the face and starts punching him in the stomach. However, just as the Grunt is about to kill the barely conscious boy, he is shot from behind and then falls down, dead, and then Clementine runs in and says "Oh, God! Jacks!! Jesus Christ, what the fuck did he do?!" and then Jacks falls unconscious as a Resistance Ship flies above the now-destroyed Armada Base.

The game then switches to 7 hours later as Clementine sits outside a Medical Room in Resistance Base, and then a Medic walks out, and Clementine asks "How is he?" and then the Medic answers "He's stable, don't worry. But, he has a broken arm, a shattered Ribcage and a couple of bad injuries such as bullet wounds of... Varying calibre." and then Clementine asks him "Can I... See him?" and then the Medic says "Sure. But, just be careful with him, alright? He'll need some time to heal, and after that, you need to take more care of him." and then Clementine walks in and sees Jacks lying in a bed with IV Tubes and Neural Interfaces attached to him, and then she says "Hey, Jacks... How are you doing?" and then Jacks responds "I'm doing alright, considering the fact I almost got killed out there." and then Clementine says "It's my fault, Jacks. I couldn't protect you, and you got hurt badly. I should have done something about it-" and then Jacks tells her "No, Clem... Please, don't start blaming yourself for what happened to me out there. It wasn't your fault..." and then Griggs is heard in the Base Speakers, saying "Resistance Strike Force, all members report to the War Room." and then Clementine says "I've gotta go, Jacks. Looks like Griggs has some more Missions for the Squad." and then she leans in and gives Jacks a kiss on the cheek, and Jacks' face goes red, then Clementine says "We'll talk later." and then she heads for the War Room.

Clementine then walks into the War Room as Griggs says "Alright, now that you're all here, we need to talk about something. The last Mission was successful, but one of our most crucial members was heavily injured in the Forward Operating Base. However, we have something of the Armada's Files!" and then the Holographic Map shows a massive Cargo Harbour in Singapore, and Griggs explains "The Armada got wind of what we did at their FOB, and they've opened up and readied their massive Missile Harbour in the Bay of Taichung. These are actually Long Range Missiles that can target any Resistance Hideout in the World, including this one. We need all of you to deploy, you all have 3 days to ready for this Mission. We cannot let the Armada win this War!" and then he walks out, and then Clementine goes after him. Griggs then says "Clem, what is it?" and then Clementine asks "Why 3 days, Griggs? Shouldn't we just attack the Missile Harbour now?!" and then Griggs tells her "Because the Missiles aren't the Targets. There's an Armada Main Carrier, Class-V of their Space Fleet, coming into the Harbour with a High Value Target on it. The Commander of the Armada 1st Battalion, Scarecrow! If we succeed in this Mission, we can destroy the Missiles and kill Scarecrow, we will completely turn this War around." and then he hesitates with what he says next, but then says "Jacks is... Honestly, he's a good kid. An exceptionally skilled Soldier, and a great example of Superhumans. He should go with you, too. He needs time to heal, it'll take about 2 days for him to get better. By then, we'll be ready to attack and destroy the Armada!" and he starts to walk away.

The game then switches to 3 days later as a Resistance Helicopter flies above the Missile Harbour in Singapore, with Jacks, Clementine and Ghost inside, and then Jacks asks Clementine "Is it true? Scarecrow's here?" and then Clementine tells him "Yeah, he is. Don't worry, Jacks... We'll kill that bastard!" as several F-81 Fighter Jets fly past and Airstrike the Harbour, destroying Defense Towers as Armada Forces start shooting down the Helicopters, and then Jacks says "RPG!! Look out!" and then forms a Cryokinetic Barrier around the Chopper, which then gets hit and starts crashing into the Tower, blasting Jacks and Clementine into the Tower. As several Armada Troops burst into the Room, Jacks blasts them all with a Cryokinetic Beam and freezes them alive, but all the Troops shatter as an Armada Grunt shoots through them with a BRM Light Machine Gun as Jacks and Clementine run into cover, then Clementine fires a Telekinetic Blast at the Grunt, blasting him through a window which the two Heroes then jump out of and start gunning down Armada Troops. After a couple minutes of shooting down Troops, Drones and even VTOL Warships, Jacks and Clementine move to the middle of the Harbour and take cover behind a huge Missile Launcher along with Ghost, who says "We've hacked into the Missile Guidance System! It's under our control." as Armada Troops fire at them, and then Jacks yells "Do it, now!!" and then the Missile is launched, and then the Class V Armada Carrier flies in from Hyper Flight (which allows it to move across Earth extremely fast) and then gets hit by the Missile, which destroys the Front Hull and causes the huge Ship to plummet into the Harbour and cause a massive explosion that annihilates Armada Forces. Jacks then says "Let's move to the Crash Site, we have to make sure Scarecrow is KIA!" as he and the others charge to the Crash Site, gunning down and charging through enemy Troops, Drones and Stealth Choppers shooting back at them. A few minutes later, Scarecrow opens the door to the Ship and starts stumbling out, covered in blood and shrapnel, but then sees Jacks, Clementine and Ghost in front of him, and then Jacks aims a KAP-40 Pistol at Scarecrow, firing and hitting the Villain Lord in the chest. Scarecrow then falls to the ground in a pool of blood as Ghost contacts Griggs, saying "Beta Leader, this is Bravo 5... Scarecrow is dead, we're coming back to Base." and then a V2 Osprey comes in to extract the Team, who cheer as they have taken the Harbour and destroyed the Armada First Fleet and dealt a massive blow to Quantum's forces.

The game then switches to 4 days later as Jacks is sitting on a destroyed Skyscraper outside of Resistance Headquarters, as it rains heavily. He then hears a voice behind him ask "What are you doing up here, Jacks?" and then Jacks turns around to see Clementine standing there, then answers "I do this most of the time. I just need to be alone, Clem." and then Clementine sits next to him, sighing and then asking "You're thinking about them, aren't you? Your Mom, your Dad... All those Soldiers we've lost." and then Jacks just tells her "I miss them, Clementine. Every night, I try to go to sleep, but every time I close my eyes, I can see the dead engraved into my Mind. It's like they're all still there, and I don't know what to do..." and he starts crying, and then Clementine comforts him, saying "Come on, Jacks... You can't keep wondering off in the middle of the night, out here." and then Jacks says "I know that, but I just have to do it. It kind of just helps me cope with everything that's going on right now. Do you ever... Think about the people you love so much, but then you've lost them?" and then Clementine looks at him, then says "All the time. And that's what I don't want to happen again. With... You, Jacks..." and then the two hesitate for a few seconds, but then Jacks kisses her on the lips. After a few seconds, Jacks pulls away and nervously says "S-sorry, Clem..." and then Clementine smiles, then responds "What for? There's nothing to be sorry about." and then Griggs contacts them, saying "Jacks, Clementine... I need to see you two in the War Room. Right now." and then Clementine gets up as she and Jacks walk into the Base, and then Jacks says "Guy just loves to ruin it, doesn't he?" and then Clementine laughs, then the two go to the War Room. Jacks and Clementine then enter the War Room as Griggs says "Good, you two are here! Now, I need to debrief you for our next Mission. You two will be handling this one alone!" and then Clementine looks at him and asks "What, we're not going with the Strike Team?" and then Griggs explains "Scarecrow's stuff was badly damaged when we picked it up, but we managed to get actionable Intel on a key Armada Base." as he brings up a Holographic Map of a huge, Mansion-like Base somewhere else on Earth, and then Griggs says "This is Quantum's Base, established in 2012 after the Siege of Venezuela in South America. We've been trying to locate Quantum for 15 years, ever since the 3rd year of the War." and then Price says "Basically, we've been trying to kill Quantum since before you two were born! Now, we finally have that chance!" and then Jacks asks "So, what's the plan?" and Griggs explains "You and Clementine will move through the Outer Perimeter, and use Silenced M21 Snipers to kill any Armada Troops that get in your way. Once you're inside, you need to call us in using Flares. We'll get the entire Resistance in on this, and once we get our Infantry, Tanks and Aircraft... You guys can brace yourselves for the most intense Battle of the entire War!" and then Price says "Also, the Target Building is an off-the-books R&D Building, we believe it's housing a Toxic Chemical Agent that will help Quantum and the Villain Armada deal massive blows to the Resistance. Good luck, you two." and then Price and Griggs go to plan the attack, while Jacks and Clementine exit the War Room.

In the Weapons Room of the Resistance HQ, Jacks sits on a Weapons Crate and says "You know, back when my Mom and I were moving through the States, she actually trained me to hone my Powers a little." and then Clementine asks "When was the first time you used your Powers?" and then Jacks chuckles, then says "I remember, uh... Back when I was 9, 2 years ago now, I used my Cryokinesis to freeze a part of the floor. Then, a few minutes later, some fucking moron slipped on the damn Ice." and the two laugh, and then Clementine asks "So, you were 9 years old? I was 10 when I first used my Powers. Took out a whole Squadron of Armada Troops with an Energy Wave." and then she takes a Picture out of her pocket, then hands it to Jacks, saying "Here, take this. You dropped it at the Harbour Battle." and then Jacks looks at the Picture, seeing that it is the one of his mother taken before the War. Jacks then sheds a couple of tears, then says "You know, she always said I had my Dad's eyes." and Clementine gives him a Drakon Sniper Rifle equipped with a Silencer, saying "Come with me. You want to know how to use a Sniper Rifle?" and then the two head outside. The two then proceed into the Outskirts of Chicago and look at the heavy amount of Snow surrounding them, and Jacks shivers as he says "Jesus! Climate change hit this State in a big way." and then Clementine hands him the Modified Drakon Sniper, saying "You wanna prove to me that you're good with Snipers? Then hunt." and then Jacks asks "What are we hunting?" and Clementine glares at him and answers with "You are hunting Deer, Jacks. And before you ask where: It's your Hunt, lead the way!" and Jacks says "C'mon, I'll go South. Into the Outskirts!" and then the two run into the Metroville Outskirts. Jacks then starts saying "Y'know, my Mom always told me that her and my Grandpa used to go hunting out in the Outskirts. She said that it was vast and beautiful, with so much green and wildlife it looked like a Utopia." and Clementine grimly tells him "Those days are over, Jacks. As soon as those Nuclear Missiles launched in 1997, this Reality was truly damned to darkness, War and pain..." as she looks at Jacks and tosses a Hunting Knife to him. As Jacks looks at fresh Deer Tracks, he picks up a scent and says "It's Deer. It's about 80 metres away, over that Clearing." as he points towards a snow-covered Clearing and Clementine asks him "H-how can you smell it so effectively?" and Jacks answers "You can't fool this nose." as Clementine laughs and says "Alright, little Hunter: Find that Deer and fucking kill it, you're so tough." as Jacks laughs and says "I am tough, though." as Clementine playfully punches him on the shoulder. The two then start making their way through the Chicago Outskirts, and then Clementine sees a large Deer as she and Jacks lie prone near the Clearing, and she says "Alright, line up your Scope!" as Jacks aims at the Deer, and Clementine instructs "Now, take a deep breath and slowly squeeze the Trigger. And remember: Don't simply act, you need to think, plan your next move... Be cunning and silent, but deadly and deceptive at the same time. 3... 2... 1. Fire!" and then Jacks shoots the Deer in the chest, with the large Animal screaming in pain and falling into the snow-covered ground. Jacks and Clementine then go up to the Deer and Jacks draws his Knife, but then hears the Deer moaning in pain as he says "It... It's still alive. What do I do now?" as he kneels next to the fallen Deer, but then hesitates to kill it and then says "I... I can't do it. I don't want to." as Clementine looks at him sympathetically, then says "It's okay, Jacks. Just..." as she holds Jacks' gripped hand and plunges the Hunting Knife into the Deer, which then dies as Jacks cries slightly and then his tears turn into Cryokinetic Ice. Clementine then puts a hand on his shoulder and says "You did good, Jacks. Don't worry, it's alright to hesitate... A Soldier might be a killing machine, but you're no regular Soldier." as Jacks tells her "Thanks, Clem. Sorry I pussied out on you there, I've just never killed an Animal before." and Clementine tells him "I know, but you did good. C'mon, let's get back to Base." as she kisses him on the lips, and then she shivers and says "God, it's cold out here. You probably don't mind, because Snow is your fucking Power." and then Jacks lies down in the Snow along with Clementine, who leans her head on his chest.

The game then switches to 3 days later as Clementine starts loading several Weapons, and then a Soldier walks in and says "Clem, you need to come and deal with something!" and then Clementine sighs, asking "What now, Corporal? Didn't I tell you not to bother me-" and then the Corporal says "It's urgent, Clementine! Jacks started a fight in the Mess Hall, the other Soldiers are getting their asses handed to them!" and Clementine responds "Oh, fuck! What's he doing now?!" as she runs over to the Mess Hall, where Jacks is seem fighting other Soldiers as a crowd cheers, with Jacks using the skills Clementine taught him and his own Cryokinesis to partially freeze the Soldiers, before punching them to the ground. A Soldier then charges Jacks from behind, but the latter elbows the Soldier and snatches his Knife, stabbing the Soldier in the arm and kicking him in the face. Clementine then says "Damn it, we need to break that fight up!" and she starts walking forward, but Griggs stops her, saying "No, Clem. I want to see how embarassing this is for the Soldiers!" and then he chuckles as Jacks continues to fight them off, but then one Soldier manages to get him in a lock and punch the boy in the face, saying "You Mutant freak! You're in big trouble now, kid!" as he grabs the Knife and tries to stab Jacks in the leg, but then Clementine blasts the Soldier back using her Psionics Power, and then she walks up the Soldier and grabs him by the throat, saying "Listen closely, you piece of shit: lay a hand on him again, I'll fuck you up so bad, your fucking mother won't even recognize you when I'm done! You hear me?!" and then she punches the Soldier several times in a fit of rage, and then Griggs shouts "That's enough!" and then all the Soldiers salute him, and then Griggs tells them "Everyone, get some shuteye and get ready for each of your Missions tomorrow. All the Soldiers involved in this little 'skirmish', come with me!" and then he walks away, with the battered Soldiers following him.

A few minutes later, Clementine is seen in the Medical Wing, and she looks at the bruise on Jacks' face, asking "You alright?" and Jacks answers "I've seen worse. Those assholes can't punch for shit." and then Clementine laughs, then puts a cloth on Jacks' bruise and says "He hit you pretty hard, though. So, what happened?" and then Jacks shrugs, then says "Those assholes came up to me in a group, then... Well, they started calling me a freak, making fun of my Powers. You know, the usual shit. Then I started beating on them, then you showEd up and helped." and then Clementine tells him "This is... What? The third fight you've gotten into? You need to stop starting fights like this, Jacks. It doesn't matter of these guys are hassling you, just ignore them." and then she puts a hand on his shoulder and then tells him "There's an amazing Soldier growing inside you, and I can see it. Griggs sees it. You need to see it, Jacks... You're already a good Soldier, but if we're gonna beat Quantum, the Resistance needs to stay together. Come on, let's get back to Griggs." and then Jacks grabs her hand, saying "Wait, Clem. I need to say something... Remember the other day, when you... Well, we kissed, right?" and then Clementine blushes, answering "Y-yeah, what about it?" and then Jacks smiles, asking "You like me, don't you? I mean in a 'more than a close friend' kind of way." and then Clementine answers "Well, yeah... I do like you, Jacks. You know, I've saved a lot of people over the last year, but none of them were ever like you. You're kind, caring and you're an amazing Soldier to fight alongside. I don't know anybody else I'd rather be in this fucked up, destroyed Reality with... I'll follow you to the end of this Reality, this desolate Wasteland. I promise that... Jackson Pearce." and then she kisses him on the lips. After a few seconds, Jacks pulls away and blushes, saying "Clem, I... I love you." and Clementine looks at him, then responds "I love you too, Jacks. Listen, if anyone's giving you trouble here, I'll be here to protect you, okay? Just like I promised to." and then Jacks just nods in response, and Clementine kisses him again.

Act IV: Final Battle for Earth-680 Edit

The game then switches to 4 days later as Clementine and Jacks are seen behind a Waterfall as Griggs debriefs them on the Comms, saying "Alright, you two... This isn the most important mission of the entire War. Quantum is believed to be inside the Main Base, and this takes absolute priority. Once we get boots on the Ground, it's gonna get lively down there." and Jacks responds "Copy, Beta Leader. Today, this War ends!" as he and Clementine use Grapple Hooks to move towards Quantum's Base. After that, Jacks takes out his Advanced Binoculars and sees an Armada Flagship flying into the Base, followed by several Class-V Armada Shuttles, which Jacks marks and then Clementine begins sniping several Armada Troops, and then she and Jacks grapple up to the Balcony and start making their way across the Central Base. After several minutes of sneaking past Guards and shooting them down, Jacks and Clementine reach the Base Control Room, and bring down the Base's Shield System. Clementine then uses her Comms and says "All Resistance Units, move in and destroy!" as the Resistance Forces in the Sky all cheer and shout "For Earth, For the Resistance!!" as the entire Resistance flies in with Fighter Jets, Helicopters, Ospreys and even their Command Ship as the Villain Armada starts firing at them. In the middle of the already-intense Final Battle, Jacks and Clementine charge through dozens of huge explosions as A-10 Warthogs come in and Airstrike the Base, and Coalition Troops charge in and start shooting down XS1 Goliath MECHs with XM-53 Missile Launchers, and then Jacks grabs the Arm Blade of one fallen Goliath and starts cutting down several Armada Troops, along with shooting them with Clementine as Coalition Soldiers charge in and fight the Armada Troops. Jacks and Clementine then get into cover as Griggs runs up to them and says "You guys are exceptional! Great work out there, you two. McCoy, get those Guided Missiles here!!" as McCoy takes out a Holographic Map and targets the Main Building, which is packed with XS1 MECHs and Armada Infantry.

After the Guided Missiles come in and destroy several Armada Choppers, Infantry and MECHs, the Squad prepares to charge. McCoy (the Soldier who Jacks fought earlier) goes up to Jacks and says "Hey, Jacks! You did good, kid." and then Jacks asks "What?! I thought you hated Superhumans!" and McCoy responds "They're good in my book now. If we're gonna win, we need to stick together!" as the entire Squad charges forward, taking down Armada Forces as Clementine says "They're retreating to the Main Building! Quantum is in there!!" as McCoy and Griggs start taking down Armada Troops, and then Jacks and Clementine go into the Main Building and reach the Office, where a Villain Lord wearing a cloak is seen looking at the Battle below. Both Clementine and Jacks then aim their Weapons at the Villain Lord as Clementine says "You've lost, Quantum! Face it, the War is over!!" and then Quantum (played by Matt Smith) turns around and says "Your ignorance blinds you, child! Do you really believe the Armada wants to enslave the World? No... We want to save it!" as McCoy sees Quantum from below and fires, but Quantum stops the Bullet and uses Telekinesis to grip McCoy, saying "Pathetic wretch, insignificant piece of fetchulent scum! How dare you?!" as Clementine hits Quantum with a Psionics Blast, and she and Jacks begin fighting the Villain Lord.

After a couple minutes, the two blast Quantum into the next Room, and the Villain Lord starts fighting them hand-to-hand with the two Superhumans using their Powers to get the upper hand, and they eventually push Quantum back. Jacks then throws a Smart Disc at Quantum, which hits the Villain Lord in the head and its Blades shatter Quantum's Skull. After that, Clementine uses her Telekinesis to blast into Quantum, then knee him in the face, which launches him into the air as Clementine throws a Plasma Whip at Quantum, one of which hits his Skull and the other goes into his chest. After Quantum still stands up, Jacks summons a huge block of Cryokinetic Ice and blasts it into Quantum's stomach, ripping out the Villain Lord's intestines as Jacks summons a huge Cryokinetic Blade and stabs Quantum through the head with it, blasting the Villain Lord back.

Quantum, on the brink of defeat, starts to get back up and pulls out a Multiversal Power Core, saying "Tremble before me, as I absorb this Reality's Power!" as he absorbs the Energy and turns himself into a tall, Lava-powered and horned Villain Centurion (which resembles Corrupted Shinnok from Mortal Kombat X) as he says "Now, your Reality burns!!" as he fires his Pyrokinetic Beam, which hits Clementine as Jacks screams "No!!!!" and then jumps in the way of the Beam, using his Cryokinetic Shield to stop the Beam and blast it back at Quantum, saying "You don't even think about hurting her, you bastard!!" as Quantum laughs and says "You Humans and your feelings for each other... It makes me feel disgusted!!"and then Jacks asks him "You want to know what 'love' means? Look it up!" as he charges at Quantum, who starts fighting him with massive amounts of Power. After several minutes of fighting, Jacks and Quantum lock their Ice and Fire Beams, and Jacks struggles slightly, but eventually pulls through as Quantum gets blasted by both Beams, which mix and destroy the Multiversal Power Core on Quantum's chest, turning him back to his Human Form as he desperately picks up pieces of the Power Core, saying "The Power of this Reality... Why won't you give me strength? Am I not worthy?!" as Jacks says "You know what Scarecrow and Ozone... Had that you didn't?" as Quantum looks at him, confused. Jacks then coughs blood and says "They may have been Villains, but at least they both had a Heart! A Heart that could love another person..." and then he looks over to Clementine and says "... A Human.. And that is what you lack!!" as Jacks points to Quantum, who is now enraged, and the Villain Lord lunges at Jacks, who unleashes a Cryokinetic Storm and then blasts Quantum into mid-air, and delivers the finishing blow by summoning a Cryokinetic Claymore Sword (a massive Sword with a wide Blade) and throws it, hitting Quantum in the stomach.

The Sword then blasts throug Quantum's stomach and destroys his Ribcage, which then results in the Villai's vital Organs getting blasted out his back, which has been blasted away entirely. The dead Villain Lord then falls to the ground and then dies as he says his final words: "Deep down, Pearce.... You know that.... This War.... Will never truly... Be over....." as Jacks runs over to Clementine and holds her, saying "Clem, are you alright? Please, say something!" as Griggs and McCoy enter the Room, and Clementine kisses Jacks on the lips, before stopping after several seconds and saying "We did it, Jacks... Quantum's dead." and then Jacks nods in response, and the two kiss again. Outside, the Squad reaches the Chopper and gets on board as the Pilot says "Odin 2-6, all Hummingbirds are moving out! Repeat, all Units are at Minimal Safe Distance, commence Nuclear Decimation!" as the Helicopters all take off and the Resistance Fighter Jets fly in and Bomb what remains of Quantum's Base, possibly ending the War on Earth-680 in Resistance Victory.

Post-Credits Scene Edit

After the Credits, the Game shows a Text that says "After the War officially ended in Victiry for the Hero Resistance, a Peace Treaty with the Villain Armada, known as The Multiversal Concordance, was signed. This Treaty stripped the Armada of its Resources and Army, forcing a massive collapse called the Destruction of The Villain Armada. After 2 years, Earth-650 was finally rebuilt back to the way it was before the Great Invasion, and Humanity was made whole again". However, the game then switches to Deep Space and shows a massive Orbital VSAT Sattelite with the Villain Armada Symbol on it. Inside the VSAT, a Computer reads 'Skynet Network now activated. Quantum Status: Brain Functional, Physical Form commencing Reconstruction. Task Complete one: 72:00:00:00', revealing Quantum was the first Incarnation of: Skynet!

Sequel Edit

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