Call Of The Watch Dogs: Hero Knights
Hero Knights
"4 Years Later" Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Heavy Iron Studios
Platform Xbox One
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release June 18th, 2020
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Series COTWD
Predecessor Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow
Successor Metroville Knight VS Underminer
Call Of The Watch Dogs: Hero Knights is a new game in the COTWD series, and an Alternate Sequel to Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow. The game centres around Clementine Everett (Hero Knights) and Jackson Pearce (Hero Knights) in the year 2018 as they team up with some old allies, and new ones. The game is an alternate telling of the New Incredibles Series, only the New Incredibles Initiative has been replaced by the Watch Dogs Military Program. The game is exclusive to Xbox One and is set for release in 2020.

Synopsis Edit

4 years after the events of Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow, and the Destruction of The Villain Armada, the Old Incredibles have been disbanded and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible have retired from Superhuman duties. The year is 2018 and the world is now at peacetime thanks to the Watch Dogs Military Program, which now has millions of members defending Earth worldwide.

Now 15 years old, Clementine Everett is now searching for Dashiell Parr after the Crashing of The Carrier Flagship, where Dash was seriously injured and went missing. However, what all of the Heroes don't know is that a new threat is coming from a New Armada branch known as Militia, and their leader... The mysterious Metroville Knight!

Cast Edit

  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson Pearce
  • Noam Jenkins as Aiden Pearce
  • Anna Hopkins as Nicole Pearce
  • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett
  • Holly Hunter as Helen Parr (formerly Mrs. Incredible, retired)
  • Craig T. Nelson as Robert Parr (formerly Mr. Incredible, retired)
  • Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr
  • Gwyneth Paltro as Pepper Pots
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Nathan Gamble as The Metroville Knight

Character Profiles Edit

Clementine Everett (Hero Knights)- Former member of the Hero Coalition (disbanded) and member of the Watch Dogs Military Program. After Dash was injured during the Final Battle in Rise of Scarecrow (when Dash fell in the Meteoville River, Clementine failed to get him out), Clementine has searched for him ever since and suffers from heavy depression over losing him. She is now 15 years old, and uses an AMR-9G with a Grenade Launcher and ACOG Scope. She also has a Display Case where she keeps Dash's old AK12-HT Assault Rifle, keeping the weapon as a memento.

Jackson Pearce (Hero Knights) - Infamous Hero and 15 year old member of the Watch Dogs Military Program. He helps Clementine in her search for Dash and often acts as her emotional support, and looks up leads on Dash's possible whereabouts. He uses a Remington R5 with an ACOG Scope, Muzzle Brake, Extended Magazine and Armor Piercing Rounds.

Aiden Pearce - Jacks' uncle and founder of the Watch Dogs Military Program. Also former Hacker and Vigilante of Chicago.

Nicole Pearce - Jacks' mother and member of the Watch Dogs Military Program. Assists in R&D for the Watch Dogs Weapons Division.

Griggs - Former USMC Member and high-ranking Trooper in the Watch Dogs. In 2011, Griggs took a shot to the chest at the end of the Second Russian Civil War. After this War, Griggs retired until 2016 when he joined the Watch Dogs after the events of Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow.

Metroville Knight - A mysterious Villain Knight who is shrouded in darkness. Highly popular in Venezuela after leading a Black Ops Militia Army, capturing hundreds of cities in South America. However, Metroville Knight soon turned his attention to North America and plans to take down the U.S. Government by occupying Metroville. He seems to have a personal vendetta against Clementine, wanting her dead for as of now unknown reasons. He uses an SRE-15 Tracer Rifle, a Sniper that can be taken in half and turned into Dual-Wield CE75 Pistols.

Plot Edit

The game opens up in the year 2014, right at the end of Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow, where the Carrier Flagship (now with hundreds of holes, dents and covered in flames all over) starts crashing down from the sky, as thousands of Hero Coalition Members evacuate the Incredibles Tower as the Carrier Flagship starts crashing through it and cutting it in half. On the Flagship, Clementine is in the collapsing Algorithm Dome after a massive explosion, and she sees Scarecrow with a huge shrapnel in his chest, gargling blood. She then looks over to her right and sees Dash lying on the edge of the Dome, bleeding from his head and stomach with crushed ribs and a massive open scratch on his head. Clementine then crawls over to Dash and tries to get him up, but Dash tells her "Clem, my ribs... I can't get up! You have to go, now! Just leave me here..." and Clementine responds "Stop talking crazy, Dash! I am NEVER leaving you to die. We're with each other to the end of the line!" and Dash says "Sorry, Clementine... But this might just be the end..." as Clementine starts to shed tears, but Dash gives her a reassuring look, and then kisses her on the lips. However, a huge Support Column comes crashing down on to them, blasting the structure of the Dome to pieces as Clementine manages to grab on to another Support Beam, and then sees Dash plummeting down hundreds of feet and into the Metroville River.

Clementine then screams "NO!!!!" as she tearfully watches Dash hit the River, and then sinking down to the bottom as Clementine can only watch helplessly, not being able to stop Dash from drowning. After a few seconds, a Blackhawk Helicopter comes in and Clementine jumps down into it, and then sees Violet, Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible, Jacks, Lee and Aiden there. Violet then asks "Where's Dash? Where is he?" and Clementine says with a sad tone in her voice "He's... I'm so sorry. He fell into the River." and everyone looks in shock, and Mr. Incredible says "No... Oh, God..." as Mrs. Incredible starts sobbing at the presumed loss of her son, and Violet even cries over it as the Carrier Flagship is seen crashing into the middle of Metroville, exploding in the Downtown Area, and the game switches to black, before showing an Incredibles Symbol that is soaked with blood, and the title 'Call Of The Watch Dogs: Hero Knights' is shown, and the game properly begins.

The game then shows a '4 Years Later' text as it switches to Metroville in the year 2018, where a 15 year old Clementine is seen in an Apartment, looking over several Newspaper clippings and Armada Data Files that were leaked after the Carrier Flagship's destruction. She then sees a Newspaper with a headline that says 'Incredibles Tower Devastated: Dozens killed in collapse', and she says "Dash... If you're still alive, I WILL find you. That's a promise, I'll never give up. Just like you never gave up on me." as she looks at a wall with several clippings and pictures of targets such as Ozone, Scarecrow and Phoenix, all of them saying 'Deceased'. Clementine then hears the door of the room open and grabs an Atlas 45 Pistol from the table and aiming the Pistol, but she hears Jacks, who says "Whoa, Clem! Calm down, it's me!" and Clementine puts her gun down, saying "Jacks, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be over at the Main Base, with the other Watch Dogs?" and Jacks tells her "Well, not really. I'd rather be here, with you. Helping you, I mean." and he looks at the massive Target Wall.

Jacks then asks her "You're still looking, aren't you?" and Clementine answers "Yeah, so what? Dash might not be dead, there was no body found in the Metroville River." and Jacks answers "Clem, maybe... There's no easy way of putting this, but... Maybe you should just let this go. You've searched for 4 years now, it is no use! If you keep doing this, then your future will be nothing but this, and-" but Clementine punches the Target Wall and yells "My future is meaningless without Dash!!" as she starts to cry, and says "I... I loved him. I still do, and he's missing. All alone, and it is MY fault! Do you have any idea what it's like for me? Waking up every morning for the past 4 years, knowing that I might never see his face again?!" as she just sits near the Target Wall and takes out a picture of her and Dash, which was taken before the events of Rise of Scarecrow. Clementine then says "He meant the world to me, and he was taken from me in the blink of an eye. He probably survived falling from the Flagship, but... He couldn't have drowned in the River, because Salvage Teams never found a body." and then Jacks tells her "We have an Inmate coming into Metroville Prison. An Armada Cell that was picked up this morning, about 70 Troops. Want to come with me to make sure they're transferred properly? Who knows, you might get more info on Dash." and Clementine answers "Fine, I'll do it. But ONLY for Dash, understand?" and Jacks just nods in response, and the two head out for Metroville Prison.

Just as then two arrive at Metroville Prison, they see several SWAT Vans parked outside, with SWAT Officers aiming their guns at the building. Jacks then asks "What the Hell's going on?!" and a SWAT Chief answers "The Unit that was transferring the Prisoners exploded when it got into the courtyard. Killed a couple hundred of our guys, now the Prison's on lockdown." as Aiden, Nicole and Lee arrive on the scene in order to help with the situation. Just as the Heroes start to enter, a few Missiles are launched next to them as warning shots, and a Chopper with the Villain Armada Symbol is seen, and the Pilot is wearing a full suit of Titanium-cased Armour, with a Visor that is glowing blue and red. The Pilot then zooms in on Clementine and says "There you are. Time to ends this!" as he prepares a Minigun, but the Chopper malfunctions as a voice says to the Pilot "In death, she has nothing left to Fear! Keep her and the others away from the Prison, get your Army mobilized. Your vengeance will come, Knight!" as the Pilot, now revealed as Metroville Knight, flies away and lands on a Helipad.

Clementine, Jacks and Aiden then head for a Vantage Point on the roof of the Prison as they see 100 Helicopters, 18,0000 Tanks, 1,000,000 Troops and many other Drones enter hundreds of Choppers, and Clementine contacts Lee, saying "Lee, whoever this new Villain is, he's assembled an army. I need any new developments you haven about the Villain Armada." and Lee responds "Got this from a Black Ops Team operating in Venezuela. They recently took back a city from a group of Soldiers bearing the same Insignia. They call themselves the 'Armada Militia'. There's nothing but speculation on their Commander, though, but some say he's a teenage boy about your age. The only thing sources agree on is his name: The Metroville Knight". Clementine then asks "The Metroville Knight? OK, I'm going to ambush an enemy patrol and hack into their Comms. If I can open their Broadcast Channel, I can intercept what our new 'Metroville Knight' friend is saying. Looks like he wants to use this Militia to occupy the city." as she goes to intercept an enemy patrol, while Jacks and Aiden go to free SWAT Teams trapped in the Facility.

Clementine then sees several enemies inside a Cell Block, and the Troops are heard saying "The Knight sounded pretty pissed off." and another Troop says "Yeah, guess he has a vendetta against that Everett girl. What do you make of it?" and a third Troop says "Wait, you mean Clementine Everett, right? The girl that took down Scarecrow and his Carrier Flagship? That was 4 years ago. Heard she had a boy with her, Dashiell or something right?" and a fourth says "Yeah, the son of Mr. Incredible. He and Clementine were REALLY close. I mean like, 'two peas in a pod' close." and Clementine says "Hey, assholes. Time for you guys to die!" as the Troop says "It's her!" and Clementine takes out a Combat PDW and shoots one of them, before kicking another into the air, then jumping up and cutting the chain on a light, which then falls and smashes the last Troop's head in. Clementine then frees a Hostage, but several Troops enter and aim their Rifles at her, and Metroville Knight ropes in from a Chinook Helicopter, saying in a Robotically Synthesized voice "Keep your guns trained on her. She's a deadly fighter. If she even looks like she's planning to leave that room, open fire. Oh, and avoid shooting her chest and stomach, there's a Reinforced Bullet Vest under her jacket. Aim for her arms and legs, shoot them first, then coordinate fire at the points where her joints meet." as the Troops load their guns. However, the Hostage, identified as Mark Sterling (a character from The Walking Dead: Season One Game, who in this is a member of SWAT), says "Please, don't do this!" and Metroville Knight turns to him, saying "You say something, Officer Sterling?" and Clementine tells him "Leave the SWAT Team out of this, Knight. It's between you and me." and Metroville Knight tells her "Always defending the weak and the helpless. That's what I like about you, Clementine. Predictable. That's why the Armada is going to win tonight. When we invade this city, we will destroy every building, kill every Civilian... We know your move before you do, we know how you THINK!!" as he slams his fist into a wall, and starts to walk away.

Clementine then asks him "Do you know what I'm thinking right now?" and Metroville Knight chuckles amusedly, before answering "Of course. You're thinking 'who the hell is this guy?', right?" and Clementine responds "No, I'm just trying to decide which one of you I'm going to take out first." and Metroville Knight tells her "Just so we're on the same page here, I fully... And I mean FULLY intend to kill you! But first, you'll suffer for everything you have done, Clementine." as he starts to walk away, but Jacks jumps in and kicks a Troop into a Junction Box, electrocuting the Troop, before shooting one and allowing Clementine to lunge at Metroville Knight, before punching him in the face and kicking him hard in the back, sending him flying. However, Knight lands on his feet and tosses a Smoke Pellet, allowing him to escape as Jacks and Clementine take care of the remaining Armada Troops.

After getting rid of the remaining Troops, Jacks, Clementine, Aiden and Nicole look on in shock and see hundreds of Choppers, VTOL Warships and Chinook Helicopters as they enter Metroville City Airspace and begin firing missiles at Buildings, which result in several Skyscrapers toppling and hitting the streets, killing thousands of Civilians as Militia Troopers walk in the streets, gunning down SWAT and Civilians as Tank Drones fire at buildings, destroying them as Metroville is overrun by the Militia, and Metroville Knight is heard on Clementine's Gauntlet Comms, saying "This is it, Clementine! Tonight, you will pay! For everything!!" as a Hologram activates in front of the Team, showing Armada Troops surrounding Lee and shooting him in the legs, as Metroville Knight comes in and knocks Lee out, saying "Come to the Hotel Plaza overlooking Cauldron Street. There, you will know what the true meaning of terror is!" as the Hologram shuts off, and Clementine says "Lee, oh God..." as she and the others watch as the US Military tries to combat the Militia, but are crushed by the Advanced Technology they have.

2 hours later, after battling her way through hundreds of Armada Troops, Tanks and Helicopters, Clementine manages to get to the Hotel Plaza and enters a Penthouse Floor, which has an Interrogation Chamber inside it. Clementine then sees Lee tied to a chair, with his face bruised and bleeding, and scars all over his face. Lee then groans in pain and says "Clem, it's... Him, it's..." and Clementine asks "Lee?! Wait, who's 'him'? Who are you talking about?" and Metroville Knight enters, saying "Ah, ah, ah. We wouldn't want Lee over here telling you, now would we?" and Lee painfully mutters "Clem, please... Just go. Get away before he kills you!" and Metroville Knight says "Oh, I'm not gonna kill her. I'm just going to hurt her, really, REALLY bad. She is going to suffer for what she did to me, Lee." and Clementine asks "What have I EVER done to you?! I've never seen you before in my life!" and Metroville Knight yells "You have NO idea what you've done to me!!! You're going to pay for it, right here, right now!!!" as he aims a CE75 Pistol at Lee's head, and Clementine runs at him, but he fires a few shots off into Clementine's chest, but only manages to hit her Reinforced Bullet-Proof Vest.

Metroville Knight then says "We both know that fear and loss are theatrics, Clementine. So help me with the indulgence of putting on this little demonstration for you." and he aims his CE75 Pistol at Lee's head again, and Clementine yells "LEE!!!" and Metroville Knight pulls the trigger, hitting Lee instantly and blowing his brains out all over the floor and walls as Clementine screams "NO!!!!!" and drops to her knees in anguish while sobbing over Lee's death, and Metroville Knights says "You will bring death, to all who follow you!" and Clementine screams "You bastard!!" and she fires an Energy Pulse (one of her Powers from the Incredibles Series) at Metroville Knight, who just blocks using his Repulser Shield, and then using his Cloak System to get away. Clementine is the contacted by Jacks, who asks "Clem, what's happened?!" and Clementine answers "He's gone, Jacks." and Jacks asks "What do you mean, who-?" and Clementine tells him "Lee. Metroville Knight was getting revenge on me. He killed Lee..." and Jacks, now shocked and saddened, says "No! Oh, God, no..!" as he and Clementine mourn over Lee's death, as Lee's dead body is in the room in front of Clementine, with blood dripping from the bullet holes in each side of his head. After a few seconds, Clementine sees that Lee's hand is clenched into a fist, and she goes up to him, before taking a Tracking Device out of his hand, and says "Jacks, Lee left us something. He must have put a Tracker on Metroville Knight's Exo Suit. According to this, Metroville Knight is in the Miagani District, and he has about 300 Tank Drones and 200 Gunships guarding him." and Jacks says "Okay. We're going to kill him, and his Army then." and Clementine tells him "Not us, Jacks. Just me. I can't lose you too. I care about you." and Jacks says back "I care about you too, Clem! You are NOT going out there alone! You cannot face the whole Villain Militia on your own!" and Clementine just shuts off her Gauntlet Comms, before heading for the Watch Dogs Base.

At the Watch Dogs Base, Clementine goes to Aiden and asks "Is it ready?" and Aiden answers "Yeah, it's the best Tank we have." as he opens a Garage Elevator and a massive Battle Tank comes out, with a huge Weapons Payload and several Armor Layers as Aiden says "A Battle Tank equipped with 60mm Cannon, Vulcan Minigun, Drone Hack, Missile Barrage, Weapons Cooler Mk III and a CPU Virus. Drone Hack turns Drones against others, CPU Virus blows up Drones from their inside Circuits. You'll need some time to charge up the Missile Barrage, though. You're going to need it, there's hundreds of Drone Tanks and Helicopters there." and Jacks is heard saying "You're not going alone, Clementine." and he walks up to them, and says to Clementine "I won't let you face him alone. You need some help to take them all on!" and Clementine asks "Any way I can get you to reconsider this?" and Jacks answers "No. Never." and Clementine sighs, before saying "Okay, Jacks. The Armada dies tonight." as they get into the Battle Tank, with Jacks driving and Clementine on the Weapons System. However, the Base then shakes after a massive explosion, and a massive screen shows the outside of the Base as hundreds of Tank Drones and Choppers are seen outside, firing missiles at the Base. Aiden then says "Jacks, Clementine, get outside and deal with those Drones! Use the Battle Tank's Weapon Systems to destroy the Drones!" as the screen showing the outside of the Base turns to static, and then shows Metroville Knight, who sends a message to Clementine, saying "Come on, Clementine! Come out, let you and Jacks face me! I'm going to make you suffer for everything you have done to me!" as he broadcasts the message across computers throughout the whole Base.

As the entire Villain Militia converges on the Base, the Battle Tank drives out of the Base and aims it's 60mm Cannon fires into a Tank Drone, destroying it as hundreds of others start to surround the Battle Tank. Jacks then uses the Dodge Thrust ability and allows Clementine to fire the Vulcan Minigun into amother Tank, destroying it and resulting in 10 more exploding to bits. After a few minutes of blowing up Tanks, dodging Missiles and shooting down Helicopters, Clementine says "Jacks, put the Weapon's System to Automatic Mode! I'm using my Cryptographic Sequencer to get a lock on Metroville Knights's Comms!" as she uses the City Antenna Link Modules to lock in on Metroville Knight, who is flying an Advanced Gunship, and he is heard saying "This is it, Scarecrow! I'm sick of waiting, Clementine dies tonight!" and Scarecrow (who somehow survived the Carrier Flagship crash from the Game's Intro) is heard on a Comms Link away from the city, saying "Relax, Knight. Everything is in hand, my friend. Why do you hate her so much?" and Metroville Knight responds "You can never understand, Scarecrow. All you need to know is that I want her neck under my boot, and she will beg for mercy as I end her pathetic life!" as the Commsare shut off, and Clementine keeps firing the 60mm Cannon at Tanks, while firing the Vulcan Minigun at Helicopters.

After a few more minutes, Clementine ejects from the Tank with Jacks and lands in the middle of a battalion filled with Armada Troops, and then starts gunning them down and stabbing them as hundreds more charge at her and Jacks, with one managing to tackle Jacks. However, Jacks jumps up and throws the Troop to the ground, then shoots him as Clementine flips over 3 explosions and shoots 5 Troops in mid-air, before landing on her feet as the Battle Tank (now in Auto Control Mode) drives over and Clementine jumps into it, before firing off another 60mm Round into a Tank, and then the Weapons Automation System says "Missile Barrage ready. Targeting now." as the WAS targets 30 Tanks, before firing off 60 Missiles into the air. The Missiles then hit every Tank in the area and cause them to explode as several Choppers are shot down and crash into the Watch Dogs Base, bringing down the Symbol of the Watch Dogs (the logo for WATCH_DOGS) which then crashes into the streets and shatters in a cloud of smoke and dust. Jacks then spots Metroville Knights's Chopper and says "Clem, he's here!!" as Metroville Knight hacks into both of their Comm Devices and says "This is it, Clementine! For both you and Jacks. All units, hold back from the City! Abort the Invasion and return to base! Repeat, stop the attack and RTB! I'll deal with these two myself!" as he flies in and prepares several Miniguns and Missile Launchers on his Helicopter, ready to fight the two.

After several minutes of firing missiles and Minigun bullets at each other, both the CER56 Chopper and Battle Tank are critically damaged, and Clementine ejects from it, before using a Boost Jump from her Exo Suit to jump into the air, grabbing on to the side of the Chopper and then planting a C4 Charge, and then jumps off and blows the Charge up, resulting in the Chopper crashing and then blowing up next to a Power Generator, which also explodes and cuts all power to the Watch Dogs Base. As Jacks and Clementine approach the crashed Chopper, Metroville Knight uses his Exo Suit to Boost Jump into mid-air, before taking out an Annihilator Revolver, before shooting Jacks in the chest, causing his blood to splatter everywhere, and Clementine yells "Jacks!! NO!!!" but is then punched by the Metroville Knight, and goes flying to the side. Metroville Knight then says "So, Jacks is your new closest friend." before laughing menacingly and stomping on Clementine's stomach, pinning her to the ground and saying "You have a Reinforced Bullet Vest with Tri-Weave, Titanium Plating. Nice work. Unless you know exactly where..." before carefully aiming his gun at Clementine's ribs and finishing his sentence with "To shoot!" and then firing, causing Clementine's left rib to shatter, and her blood to pool next to her as Metroville Knight says "You know, Clem... You can take a bullet, just like your new boyfriend over here." as he grabs Jacks by the neck and says to him "Now, you are going to be the next one to suffer, Pearce!" as he knocks Jacks out, before allowing his Troops to drag Jacks to an APC Armored Car. He then says "Clementine, now you'll know what happens when you cross MY Villain Armada!" as he walks away and gets in his car, leaving Clementine to bleed out on the ground with a bullet encased in her Ribcage.

The game then switches to 4 hours later, where Clementine wakes up in the Medical Room in the Watch Dogs Base, groaning in pain as she sees her wound bandaged. She then sees T-Bone working on a new Direct Energy Weapon, and says "T-Bone... I need to get out of here, now." and T-Bone answers "Afraid I can't let you, Clem. You're too wounded to go back out there!" and Clementine tells him "Do you think that I fucking care about my wounds, more than Jacks?! The Knight took him! He's going to torment me by killing him!" and Aiden comes in, saying "Clementine, we're all focusing our efforts to find Jacks! All of us are concerned, especially me and his mother!" and Clementine counters "If you care about Jacks that much... You'll let me go out there!" and Nicole asks "What makes you think you know Jacks more than we do?" and Clementine tells them "I know Metroville Knight's tactics enough. He is going to kill Jacks, to get to me! He is going to rip Jacks' heart out, because he knows that I care about him. I already lost Dash, and I am NOT losing Jacks too!" and they all start arguing over what to do.

Aiden and Nicole then look at each other, then back at Clementine and Aiden asks "How do you know he wants to get to you? Why would he kill Jacks to 'make you suffer'?" and Clementine then says "Because I care about Jacks, more than you even know. The Knight is killing the people who are closest to me." as she plays an Audio Recording of Metroville Knight, who says "This ends tonight. Clementine will die, but first, I will kill everyone she loves." and a Video Recording comes up, showing Jacks tied to a chair, bruised and scarred as Metroville Knight stands next to him, saying "Clementine... I don't know why you attacked my Militia, or how you thought it was a good idea to bring Jacks into the battle. But I do know, that you mean something to him. So that must mean Jacks means something to you. So I am willing to strike a deal here. Surrender to me, for Jacks' safety. If you try anything stupid, I'll tell Jacks to say hi to Lee for me." as he aims his Pistol at Jacks' head. Clementine then says "Let him go, you bastard! If you don't let him go, I'll make your life a fate worse than hell!!" and Metroville Knight just laughs, saying "Oh, that's what I like about you. You're always defending the ones you love, and care about. But you forgot about one of them, didn't you?!" as Jacks says on the Video Recording "Clem... Help, please... You need to..." and Metroville Knight forces his Pistol to Jacks' head and says "Shhh... You want your boyfriend to live, then surrender to the Militia. Outside Lexington Hotel, you have 3 hours. Oh, and if you don't get there in 3 hours, Jacks will die. Your time has started now. I'm a man of my word!" before laughing in his Robotically Synthesised Voice, and shuts off the Recording.

1 hour later, Clementine is looking outside the Building across from the Lexington Hotel, and Aiden asks her "Are you sure you want to do this, Clementine?" and Clementine answers "I've got to. It's the only way to protect Jacks." and they see several Jeeps and an APC pull up outside, and Aiden tells her "You're right. Just go, and please, save him." and Clementine just nods in response, before going out into the streets and putting her hands up in surrender. Metroville Knight then comes out of the APC and gets face-to-face with Clementine, saying "Looks like you really do care about Jacks." and Clementine responds "Just let him go, please. He's the only person I have left after what happened 4 years ago." and Metroville Knight, showing some humanity and sympathy, says "I know how it feels. Who did you lose?" and Clementine answers "Dashiell Parr. My boyfriend. We were both 11, and it was 4 years ago. He died after Scarecrow's Carrier Flagship crashed into the middle of the city, got hit by lots of explosions, got shot and then plummeted into the Metroville River near Incredibles Tower." and Metroville Knight tells her "I can tell that you miss him. Let's go, then." as he grabs her by the shoulder and takes her to an APC, and then activates his Comms and says "Bravo 1-7, this is Alpha 6. Target has been captured, we're heading for Base. Get the Airships ready." and the Militia Commander asks "For who, sir?" and Metroville Knight answers "Scarecrow. The boss wants to come on board." and Clementine overhears him, gasping in shock that Scarecrow is somehow still alive.

3 hours later, Clementine wakes up as she finds herself tied to a chair, with Scarecrow standing in front of her. Scarecrow then says into a Tape Recorder "Patient notes: Everett, Clementine. Session one." before looking at Clementine and saying "Wake up, Clementine. We have much to discuss." and Clementine snaps back "I'm awake, you bastard." and Scarecrow responds "Good. Who is the leader of the Watch Dogs Military Program?" and Clementine answers "Go to hell, Armada scum!" and Scarecrow says "Thank you, Ms. Everett. I was afraid my preferred interrogation method would not be necessary. Speaking of that method, do you know why I wear these Syringes on my hand?" and he points to his Fear Toxin Gauntlet, and Clementine answers "Because you're insane?" and Scarecrow explains "I usually disperse my Toxin as an aerosol. It's efficient, but not pure. Now, the terror I can elicit with a concentrated dose, administered directly into the bloodstream with my Gauntlet, that is... Beautiful to witness. The long-term damage is more severe, of course." and Clementine asks "Are you done talking? I guess all Villains like the sound of their own voice." and Scarecrow responds "I am. But you have barely begun. You'll be incoherent when my Toxin dissolves the wall between your conscious mind and your suppressed, subconscious nightmares. But as those Fears slowly recede, they'll take your pathetic defiance with them." and Clementine, tired of Scarecrow's monologue, says "You're still talking. You're worse than the Underminer." and Scarecrow simply says "Very well." as he readies his Fear Toxin Gauntlet.

However, Metroville Knight quickly enters the room and yells "Get the hell away from her!!" and Scarecrow retracts the Fear Gauntlet, and then exits the room and says "Make it quick, Knight." as he closes the door. Metroville Knight then gets close to Clementine and says "He's gone. Did he hurt you?" and Clementine tells him "Spare me the good cop/bad cop routine." and Metroville Knight responds "No, no, no. You're supposed to keep me talking. Play for time, wait for Aiden. That's what he taught you, right?" and Clementine says "I've got nothing to say to you, Knight. Wait, you know Aiden is the Watch Dogs Leader?!" and Metroville Knight says "Yeah. Scarecrow doesn't know. It's our little secret. Here's another: Aiden likes to play the hero. He's really good at it, but it's just an act. Aiden doesn't want to save the innocent. He wants to punish the guilty." and he carries on by reassuringly saying "Now, don't get me wrong. He'll look for you, or he'll try. But when it comes down to it, when he has to make a choice between you and the mission? He'll choose the mission, every time." and Clementine tells him "You're wrong. When Dash went missing, I never gave up on him, for 4 years I carried out my choice! My choice was Dash..." and Metroville Knight flips the Release Button on his Visor, and then removes the Helmet, saying "Look me in the eye and say that!" as he reveals his true identity, and Clementine, shocked, says "Dash?!" and Metroville Knight's face is finally revealed... Dashiell Robert Parr!

Clementine then says "Dash, what are you doing?! This is wrong!" and Dash tells her "THIS is Justice!! For what you did to me 4 years ago... On that Carrier Flagship, you left me!" and Clementine snaps back "I LOST you!! And I searched for you, cried every night for you. And then, when things got bad, I even mourned for you! Come home..." and Dash tells her "I can't go back. You don't know how much damage you did to me, Clementine. You hollowed me out, and filled me back up with hate and..." as he starts to cry. Clementine then tries to comfort him, and says "Dash, we can fix this..." and Dash yells "I can fix it!! I know now what to do. I take all the pain you gave me 4 years ago, all the blackness, all the hate... And I put it into a bullet, then I put right between your eyes!!" and Clementine tells him "Scarecrow is right outside, Dash! You want revenge on the person that hurt you, you take a Pistol and then go out there right now. Shoot him in the back of the head. Come back to me, Dash. Let me help you, don't let Scarecrow win." and Dash asks "How are my parents? Violet, how's she too?" and Clementine tells him "They miss you. We all do. I have missed you so much, Dash..." as she gets closer to him, and Dash says "Clementine... I..." as the two are about to kiss, but Scarecrow opens the door and says "The Cloudburst is charged, Knight. It is time." and Dash walks over to Scarecrow and then says "Take Clementine to a Cell, with Jacks. Anyone hurts either of them, I'll rip that person's heart out!!" as he walks out of the room, followed by Scarecrow as two Militia Troops take Clementine to a Cell.

1 hour later, Clementine is sitting in a Cell with Jacks and says "It's him, Jacks..." and Jacks tells her "I know. I'm sorry, Clementine. I tried to tell you when he sent the Recording. But I was too beaten up..." as th two just sit in silende and Armada Troops start loading up for the Invasion of Metroville. Jacks then says "I miss my sister." and Clementine tells him "I'm sure you do. I miss Lee, too." and Jacks tells her "You know, I took my sister's death pretty hard. When I turned 10, I wasn't the kind of kid that just stayed put, or sat still. This one time, I was left with my therapist, Yolanda Mendez, she was treating me for PTSD, and... I wandered off to look for my then-kidnapped mom, and tailed a Truck to a mob-owned Harbour. Like an absolute dumbass, I went in there looking for my mom. My uncle came to save me because there were loads of Armada Agents working for the local Crime Syndicate surrounding the building. I was so, so scared they were going to kill me. My uncle, he killed every single one of them, ripped right through them with Machine Guns and Grenades." and Clementine asks "So you're scared of Aiden?" and Jacks answers "No, I just... Took a while to trust him again, that's all. But when I first met you, during the War Against the Villain Armada, I knew I could trust you. You didn't come here without an escape plan, right?" and Clementine reaches into her back pocket, before taking a Trigger and saying "I've got Explosives wired across the walls of the Building. When they take us to the exit, I'll blow the door open, your uncle is in the Battle Tank with the Weapons System entirely ready. You up for it?" and Jacks just nods in response, ready to execute the escape plan and save Metroville.

In the Forward Exit Chamber, Clementine and Jacks are brought before Scarecrow and Dash, who have the massive device known as The Cloudburst in front of them. Scarecrow then says "Now, I can explain my plan before killing you two. This is the Cloudburst, a Fear Toxin Disperal Device. In less than an hour, Knight is going to drill this Cloudburst into the ground and into an Explosives Tunnel which will explode as he is in a safe distance, turning Metroville into a crater and my Fear Toxin... Will consume you all..." and Clementine tells him "Not if we have anything to say about it!" as she takes out the Explosive Detonator, pulling the trigger and causing the walls of the Base to explode as Aiden comes in inside the Battle Tank, firing the 60mm Cannon into Dash, blasting him back into the Cloudburst Drill and stunning him as Clementine and Jacks break free of their bonds, before punching two Armada Troops and taking their Assault Rifles and shooting at more Troops along with Aiden as Scarecrow gets in a Militia APC and drives away. Clementine then yells "Aiden, get into an APC! Chase Scarecrow down, I'll take the Battle Tank and chase Dash down! Jacks, you drive the Battle Tank. I'll man the Weaons Systems." as she and Jacks get into the Battle Tank, and Aiden chases Scarecrow in another APC.

Jacks then drives through the Underground Tunnel Network, which has other Tunnels lined with Explosive Trip Mines. Clementine then activates the Threat Scanner and sees one signature, which is underneath them, and Clementine yells "Jacks, DRIVE!!!" as Jacks boosts the Battle Tank forward, just barely dodging the massive Cloudburst Drill, which has a massive Fear Toxin Tank kept in the back. Dash, who is driving the Cloudburst, says "Well, my old friends! I guess this is what it comes to. I did ask if it came in my old Incredibles colors, but then I thought, 'no, it brings back too many memories'. The same memories you'll reflect on when I kill you both!!" as he drives the Cloudburst towards them, drilling through the massive cave as Clementine focuses the 60mm Cannon, Vulcan Minigun, 50 CAL. Gun and even several Missiles into the Cloudburst in a massive Battle. After a few minutes of chasing each other through the Tunnels in their respective vehicles, the Cloudburst is damaged significantly while the Battle Tank has been critically damaged, with both vehicles on fire and their Weapon Systems damaged, and Armor chipping away in flames. Clementine then looks at the Tunnel with the Explosive Lines in it, and says "Jacks, drive into the Tunnel!" and Jacks says "Way ahead with the idea, Clem!" as he turns the Battle Tank around and starts driving down it, boosting up the walls and gliding on them due to obstacles such as Barriers and Fans, as Dash chases after them in the Cloudburst at full speed (so, about 70 Miles Per Hour on both Vehicles).

As Jacks drives the Battle Tank into the Explosive Line, Clementine uses the Missile Barrage on the Battle Tank to fire 20 Missiles into the Cloudburst, causing the massive Drill to get hit and tumble on it's sides over and over, before setting off the Explosive Line, causing a Chain Reaction as a series of massive explosions goes off, hitting the Battle Tank as Clementine yells "NOW!!!!" as she and Jacks then use the Eject Boost to jump from the Battle Tank, which is then consumed in the massive explosion along with the Cloudburst Drill as Dash is heard screaming "NO!!!!!!" as the explosion results in a massive cave-in that buries the remains of the Battle Tank, Cloudburst Drill and as a result, the Fear Toxin Tank.

After the explosion, destruction of the Cloudburst and Tunnel cave-in, Clementine regains consciousness as she sees an unconscious Jacks lying beside her with a massive, open wound in his head with blood pouring down his entire left cheek. Clementine then manages to get up, albeit extremely painfully, and picks Jacks up, holding him tight and then looking back at the massive pile of rubble caused by the cave-in, which is completely blocking the view of the Cloudburst and Dash. Then Clementine, now with tears in streaming down her face, says "I'm so sorry, Dash... But I had to... You were a good friend. The best I could ask for. You'll always be Dashiell Parr to me. Not the Metroville Knight. You were there at the beginning, and now... I'll make sure this ends. For you." as she walks out of the Tunnel with a wounded and unconscious Jacks in her arms.

Outside the Armada Hideout in the middle of the City, hundreds of SWAT Teams and members of the Watch Dogs Military Program surround the gates of the Base and aim their Assault Rifles as hundreds of Armada Troops are taken out in handcuffs and surrendering to SWAT Forces, who then proceed to arrest them and put them in a massive, crowd-like row. As the Automatic Gates of the Base slide down into their slots in the ground, the crowd of SWAT and WDMP Members see Clementine walking out, covered in blood and holding Jacks in her arms as Aiden and Nicole stare in shock, and Clementine goes up to them, saying "He's strong. He's going to be alright." as she sets Jacks down on the ground, and Aiden tends to his nephew, and Nicole says "Thank you, Clementine. For everything." as she looks around at the captured Armada Troops, and asks "Where's Metroville Knight?" and Clementine just shakes her head, signifying that Dash is gone. Aiden then tells them "Scarecrow got away. Looks like he's pulled out of the city, like the rest of the Villain Armada." as they see hundreds of Armada Helicopters with Tanks attached flying out of the City, as Scarecrow is heard on the Comms Channel saying "To all Armada Units in the City, fall back now! We have lost today, the Watch Dogs have won." and a Militia Commander asks "Sir, what about the Knight?" and Scarecrow is heard answering "He is of no use to me now. Leave him to rot here. The Armada will go into hiding for now, until the time is right." as the entire Villain Armada pulls back from the city, and Aiden gets his Comm Link out and says "All units, this is Overlord... All major Armada threats have been eliminated. Time to roll out and take our city back." as hundreds of Watch Dogs Forces drive through the streets of the city and hundreds of SWAT Teams accompany them, and the game cuts to black and switches to the End Credits, signifying the end of the game, and the start of the New Watch Dogs Trilogy.

Post-Credits Scene Edit

After the End Credits, the game switches to the darkened and flaming Tunnel Network under the now-secure Armada Base, and a gust of wind causes rubble and dust concrete to be blown away, revealing the Metroville Knight Helmet, now cracked with the Visor going completely static. However, just as the Helmet flickers out, the ground next to it erupts as Underminer's claw is seen bursting out of the concrete ground, before grabbing the Helmet and dragging it under the ground and cackling insanely, hinting at a Metroville Knight VS Underminer Game as a sequel for the game.

Sequel Edit

Main Article: Metroville Knight VS Underminer

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