"From the studio that brought you the Covert Warfare Trilogy, experience an all new COTWD experience!"

-Marketing slogan for Multiverse Chronicles

Call Of The Watch Dogs: Multiverse Chronicles is the alternative version to Incredibles: Collision Of Worlds, and is spin-off to Heroes Among Us. The game follows Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce, Clementine Everett, Aiden Pearce and Lee Everett as they discover an Multiverse Bridge Portal that cracks Reality Travel. However, this sets up the chain of events that awaken the titular antagonist known as Vexatus, who attempts to destroy the Multiverse using the Negative Zone, which is a forgotten reality that was destroyed 10,000 years before the events of the game. The game is created by Treyarch, which created the Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare Trilogy, and is set for release in 2018 on Xbox One.

"The Answers" Teaser Trailer Edit

The trailer starts off with an overshot of Chicago, where Lee Evereat is heard narrating "How did we get this far? Human beings have an immeasurable desire, to discover. To build, invent..." and it shows the U.S. Government being shown a slideshow of The Theory Of The Multiverse. While the trailer is being played, Lee says "Our future depends on us furthering these ideas. It rests on the shoulders of generations to come." as it shows William Carvet (Carver is a good guy in this game because the Zombie Apocalypse never happened, so he has no REASON to become a villain) walking towards a mysterious teleporter as Lee, Clementine, Aiden and Jacks follow him into the Teleporter, which lets out a massive electrical blast as Lee says "But with every new discovery, there is risk. There are consequences." as it shows Jacks, Carver, Clementine, Aiden and Lee walking through the Negative Zone, but Carver falls down a hill and the team goes to save him, but a massive explosion is triggered, blowing the whole team back and most likely killing Carver.

The trailer shows Jacks and the others now laying in the wreckage of the Teleporter, which was activated after the explosion as it shows Jacks holding a Ice Staff Shard in his hand, suggesting he is one of the Four Legendary Heroes as the scientists and medics look in shock as the Shards of all four Elemental Staffs are in the remaining 4 Heroes' hands.

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