Call Of The Watch Dogs: Scarecrow's Revenge is a DLC for Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow, and takes place after the events of that game. The story of this DLC takes place 4 weeks after Rise of Scarecrow, and follows Jackson Pearce, Clementine Everett and their allies as they have seperated from The Incredibles, and Scarecrow returns with a new plot to kidnap several NATO delegates and kill them to bring the United States to surrender, and spark a war with Europe. Jacks and Clementine must again team up with their allies to stop this plan by uncovering Cryptic Messages left by Scarecrow, and scattered across Metroville. The DLC, like the main game, is exclusive to Xbox One.

Cast Edit

  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson Pearce
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Noam Jenkins as Aiden Pearce
  • Anna Hopkins as Nicole Pearce
  • John Noble as Scarecrow
  • Michael Rooker as Harper

"Vengeance Is Sweet" Trailer Edit

The trailer starts off with a News Helicopter flying through the sky, as a Reporter is heard saying "We're getting reports that a number of NATO Delegates are missing." as it shows Scarecrow with his back turned to the screen as he raises his arm, and his Fear Gauntlet activates, and the Reporter says "It seems that Scarecrow has heavy involvement in this attack." as it shows hundreds of SWAT Troops running out of Armoured Vans and firing at an unknown enemy as Aiden says "I'll handle Scarecrow!" as he runs through the streets and shoots down a Gunship Chopper, before running into a massive, abandoned Steel Mill and finding one of the hostages tied to a chair.

The trailer then shows Aiden as he unites the hostage and says "You're safe." and a voice says "I don't think so, Pearce!" as Scarecrow is seen aiming a Desert Eagle Pistol at the hostage and firing, but Aiden pushes the hostage away and gets shot in the chest by the High-Calibre bullet.

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