Call of the Watch Dogs 2017

 When evil tries to take control of history... What will you do?  


Call Of The Watch Dogs 2017 (stylised as CotWD 2017) is the remake to Call of the Watch Dogs, which came out in 2015. The game is also an alternate sequel to New Incredibles: Revenge of The Armada, only this time there are no Incredibles or even New Incredibles in this game. The game is set for release in November 2017 and is exclusive to Xbox One. The original cast is also back for the game, with Nicholas Bode returning as Jacks, Melissa Hutchinson returning as Clementine and Mark Grigsby returning as Griggs. A sequel, Call Of The Watch Dogs II (2018 Remake), is confirmed for a 2018 release.

Synopsis Edit

After the epic and cataclysmic final battle of New Incredibles: Revenge of The Armada, the great city of Metroville lies in ruins, but Earth itself is saved. However, a few months after the Third Battle of Metroville, the United States Government has passed a legislative order known as the Superhumans Execution Act, which allows Private Military Corporations to hunt Superhumans across America and kill them. When this is in place, a dark and shadowy group attempts to rise up and take control over history! When the stakes are down and there is no hope, what will you do?

Characters Edit

Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce - Former member of the New Incredibles Team and nephew to infamous hacker, Aiden Pearce. After the Third Battle of Metroville and the Legislation of The Superhumans Execution Act, Jacks moved to Macon, Georgia in order to keep an eye on Clementine (because in the New Incredibles Games, Clementine is Superhuman, so Jacks wants to keep her safe). In this game (just to keep continuity with the original COTWD), Jacks is also in a romantic relationship with Clementine. Jacks keeps his Remington R5 Assault Rifle from the New Incredibles Series, and it is equipped with an ACOG Sight, Fire Rate Switch and Armor Piercing Rounds.

Clementine Everett - Jacks' love interest and former member of the New Incredibles. Clementine has moved back to Macon, Georgia with her adoptive father, Lee, and has gone back to a happy life. However, the one part Clementine dislikes is having to hide her Superhuman Powers due to the risk of the Devil Team. Clementine's powers include: Telekinesis, Mind Manipulation, Reality Bending, Magic Repulse and Cryokinesis. She is the only Superhuman in the game who appears alive and makes it through the whole game.

Aiden Pearce - Jacks' uncle and hacker for the Watch a Dogs Team.

Nicole Pearce - Jacks' mother and behind-the-lines member of the Watch Dogs.

Clara Lille - Aiden's love interest and tech creator for the Watch Dogs.

Raymond 'T-Bone' Kenney - The Watch Dogs' weapon designer.

Villains Edit

Griggs - Griggs is the evil CEO of the multi-billion dollar company, Griggs Industries. He also funds the Devil Team, a Private Military Corporation that hunts Superhumans across the United States. Griggs built the RE-105 Exo Suit and other projects such as the Omnidroid Legion (which is later hijacked and the Robot Uprising is part of the final mission).

Jonathan Price - Ruthless field commander of the Devil Team.

John 'Soap' MacTavish - Price's protégé and member of the Devil Team.

Simon 'Ghost' Riley (Later turns good) - Ghost is a former member of the Task Force 141, which has now been disbanded.

"Fight For Freedom" E3 Trailer Edit

The trailer starts with the opening shot of a road in the Macon Hills as Lee Everett drives by a sign that says 'Remember Metroville. Report Superhuman Activity, Call 834567890!' as it shows Jacks sitting by a crate of weapons as Griggs' voice is heard saying "Your fight for freedom is meaningless, Jacks! In the end, the U.S. Government will be judged not by what it has destroyed... But what it has created!" as a massive battle is shown in Chicago, with Aiden piloting a Tracer Drone. Jacks and Clementine are then seen on the back of the Tracer a Drone, firing the Tracer Missiles at enemy Jets, bringing them down.

The trailer then shows Griggs walking on a burnt and destroyed Highway, with his ship flying above him. Griggs then takes out a EM1 Quantum and fires it, and the shot hits Jacks, blasting out of his chest and sending him falling to his knees as Clementine yells "JACKS!!!" and Griggs walks by Jacks, who is lying on the ground, injured. Jacks then asks the Villain "Who sent you here?..." and Griggs responds "You think that your team is the centre of the Multiverse?" as Griggs' Ship, the Sovereign, flies over Chicago and activates it's Magnet Weapon, before ripping several buildings apart as Jacks and Clementine look on in shock from the street below.

Plot Edit

The game opens with a News Repprt that says '4 months ago... The Armada attacked! It's a day we can never forget!' as it shows different News Reporter accounts of the Armada Invasion of Metroville, as the city is destroyed and a News Reporter says "The situation remains unstable, citizens are ordered to evacuate the city immediately! Metroville is under attack!" as it shows the U.S. Military, Task Force 141 and New Incredibles in their epic and explosive final battle against the Armada. The report then switches to after the Battle, where a News Helicopter is shown zooming in on Dash as he stands over the Phantom Soldier's dead body, and a Reporter says "It appears that the battle has been won, but the war is far from over!" as the screen shows hundreds of cities across the world, and a CIA Representative is shown at a press conference, saying "The city of Metroville has been devastated, but the battle is won. And the lessons we learnt must never be forgotten. The world remains on high alert, the threat of the Superhumans lingers on!" as it shows a commercial for a Superhuman Hunting Sight, with a picture of Dash and various other Superhumans and a massive sign that says 'Stay Alert, Be Vigilant, Keep Earth Human! If you see something, call 834567890 at SuperhumansAreDangerous.Com' as Jacks' narration is heard, saying "The battle was over, and we won. The world was saved, but it also wasn't happy! The Government allowed CIA Shadow Ops units to hunt down and murder Superhumans. Most of them went into hiding, and many others were killed... But when evil tries to take control over history, what will you do?" as the game shows the title: Call Of The Watch Dogs.

The game then switches to Macon, Georgia after the events of New Incredibles: Revenge of The Armada, 4 months after the Third Battle of Metroville. The game shows Aiden Pearce, a former member of the New Incredibles, as he drives along the roads in the Macon Hills, and he sees a sign that says 'Remember Metroville. Report Superhuman activity, call 834567890' and Aiden looks at the sign, before sighing in disgust and mumbling to himself "Stupid fucking Government. Think they can get away with this. Superhumans saved Earth three times, and this is what they get?! Bullshit." and he drives to his house in the hills. He walks up to the house and sees Jacks sitting by the front door and he says "Hey, Jacks. Why are you out here?" and Jacks responds "I'm just looking at that 'Remember Metroville' sign. It's true that people should remember what happened, but they shouldn't have to call the Government so they can send a CIA Unit to kill Superhumans!" and Aiden sits next to his nephew, before saying "I think that too, Jacks. This is about Clementine, isn't it? You're worried about her because she's Superhuman?" and Jacks hesitates with his answer, before saying "What it... What if the CIA comes here and... Kills her?" and Aiden says "Jacks, nothing's going to happen to her." and Jacks responds by saying "She can take care of herself, I know. But, when she goes to public places, she's not allowed to use her Powers. She can't use her Telekinesis or her Mind Manipulation. Luckily, she can control her powers and no one has seen her use them since she moved back here, but... She hates this life. Having to hide what defines her, and if she doesn't then the Government comes here and makes a drama out of nothing!" and Jacks' mother, Nicole, joins the conversation and says "Jacks, it's what the Government wants!" and Jacks responds to his mother by saying "Well, it's not what Superhumans want! If you're going to ask me how I know, it's because Clementine told me! It's not what she wants, not what I want and probably not what anyone wants! Of all the stupid shit the Government has been innocent of, this time their guilty and everyone is too blind to see that!" and Aiden calms Jacks down by saying "Jacks, that's the way it is. People are corrupt, and there's always going to be evil in the world, no matter how hard Heroes fight." and Jacks just goes into the house, and Nicole asks Aiden "You think he's going to do something reckless?" and Aiden responds with "What, like, call the CIA and ambush them when they come? He's not a one man army, Nicky!" and Nicole tells him "I know, he's just one little boy. But he and Clementine, when their together, then the CIA better watch where they step! If they mess with Jacks, Clementine is going to kill them!" and Aiden says "It'll be vice versa, too! I'd bet my money on that!" and they go into the house as the 'Remember Metroville' sign stands high in the street.

The game then switches to Atlanta, Georgia in the night as it shows a grass-covered swamp, and a man in a Metal Exo Suit emerges from the water, before taking out an EM1 Quantum and aiming it at the Atlanta Docks and switches the Scope of the EM1 to Thermal Mode, and the game shows several SUVs driving up to the docks as dozens of CIA Troops exit the SUVs and run across the Docks and spread out, with some of them heading for a docked Ship. The leader then takes off his mask and reveals himself to be John 'Soap' MacTavish, who says "Release the Recon Drones!" as Ghost opens a case that says 'DEVIL TEAM' on it, and several Recon Drones fly out of it. The Recon Drones then fly over to the Ship and fire several Threat Detection Grenades, which reveal a Heat Signature in one of the Ship's stacks. Soap then says "We got a Threat Sig! Second stack, closest to the bow!" as the Troops move in and head up the Ship's floors, while several other Troops climb the ship using Nano Gloves. The Troops then go to the Stack where the target was seen, and they plant a Thermal Charge, and Soap yells "Cracking steel!" as the Stack explodes, sending the target flying out In a massive explosion. The target, now revealed to be Frozone, lands hard on the ground, and gets up, yelling "Ah!! No!!!" as the Troops start shooting at him, and a Helicopter starts firing missiles at the Superhuman. Frozone then makes a run for it, only to get hit by one of the Helicopter's missiles and falls down into the ship's Engine Room, which the Devil Team Troops fire Mortars at to confirm the kill. The Mortars then hit the ship and blow the Engine Room up as several Troops on the top of the ship start firing into the Engine Room from above (talk about overkill).

Frozone is then blasted out of the Ship after the Mortars hit, and he starts burning in his legs and arms due to the Mortar char. Frozone then activates his Ice Mode, which destroys the burns and heals them quickly. Frozone then summons his Ice Glider as he starts to glide through the air on a trail of ice, and Soap says "That Superhuman scum is running! Get that freak!" as he and the other Devil Team Troops get in their SUVs and chase Frozone down, and the Helicopter has an air battle with Frozone. After a few minutes, the combined might of the Devil Team is too much for Frozone as a missile from the Helicopter blasts him off his Ice Glider, which shatters to bits. Frozone then lands on the ground and careens on the concrete, before immediately getting up and grabbing an M4A1 and firing. However, a bullet from a Minigun manages to slip into the gun as it fires, resulting in an explosion that shatters the Rifle and blows Frozone's whole arm off! Frozone then lies on the ground and screams in agony as the Devil Team surrounds him and boxes him in, allowing him no escape as the Helicopter flies above with a spotlight trained on Frozone.

Frozone then gets up and says "No! Hold fire! Can't you see, I'm a good guy! My name is Frozone, of the Old Incredibles! I'm an ally!!" and Soap mockingly asks "Then why are you running?" and Frozone responds "Because you shot at me, assholes! I am one of the good guys!!" and Soap responds "I lost good friends in Metroville! You'll get no sympathy from me, Super human scum!" as the Sniper is seen loading up his EM1 Quantum CREYTECH Lasers, before firing it. The laser then comes in and hits Frozone in the chest, blasting pieces of his Ribcage out and blasting him back as the Devil Team members fire at him. Frozone then groans in pain and grabs a MK18 Grenade Launcher, saying "What's wrong with you Humans?!" as he fires several Grenades, which blow up several SUVs and kill dozens of Devil Team Troops, and Frozone tries to make a run for it. However, the Sniper fires a EM1 Laser at some Red Barrels near Frozone, which explode and blasts Frozone on to a car, which gets destroyed on impact. Frozone then starts to fire off more Grenades, but another Laser comes in and hits the Grenade Launcher, blowing it up and blasting Frozone's hand off. Frozone then tries to desperately tries to crawl away, only to get his shoulder blade and knee cap blown off as the Devil Team Members stop shooting at him. With Frozone crippled, the Sniper that fired the EM1 then walks in and takes his Helmet off, revealing himself to be Griggs, former member of the Task Force 141 and leader of the Devil Team!

Frozone then tries to get up, and he says "Griggs?..." and Griggs walks up to Frozone, saying "Superhumans, and the U.S. Government. Let me explain what's going on, Frozone, just so you can know this before you die: The Superhuman Execution Order was put into place 3 months ago, and Superhumans are fighting back! Listen, there is one way you survive: Tell me where she is! Where... Is Clementine Everett, the most powerful Superhuman in America?" and Frozone responds "Clementine? I'll never tell you where she is!" and Griggs responds to that by stepping on Frozone's stomach, before stabbing him in the chest with a Machete. Frozone then weakly tries to stop Griggs, only to have his heart ripped out as Griggs says "Never is here!" as he walks away, leaving Frozone's body there as the Devil Team takes the body into a Griggs Industries Truck and sends the body off for experimentation.

The game then switches back to Macon during the night, where Clementine hears an electrical shortage in the garage. When she goes into the garage, a TV turns on and a text says 'BEHIND YOU', and Clementine turns around to see Jacks standing there with his uncle's Profiler Cellphone. Clementine then says "Your uncle give you that?" and Jacks humorously says "No, I just stole it." and Clementine asks him "So, uh... What are you here for?" and Jacks tells her "You know, I've been worried about you. With that Superhuman Execution Act." and Clementine responds "You don't need to worry about me, Jacks. I can take care of myself." and Jacks reasons with her, saying "Clem, what if that CIA Team comes here? What are we going to do?" and Clementine reassures him by saying "Jacks, we'll think of something, don't worry." and Jacks, after a few seconds, says "I could use some help. I could use YOUR help." and Clementine asks him "What, like a team?" and Jacks laughs for a second, before saying "Sure, like a team." and Clementine again asks "Not use to being a team anymore?" and Jacks responds with "No, not really. But, I really could use some help, considering the Government is forcing Superhumans to hide in force, and most of our old team is either dead, in hiding, or the non-Superhumans have joined the Government." and they keep taliking about the situation. Clementine then goes up to him and says "Was that 'not anymore' part so hard?" and Jacks laughs, before saying back "No, not really. But, we haven't really talked in 3 months, so..." and Clementine says to him "Jacks, you really need to keep quiet about this." and Jacks asks her "Why do I have to stay quiet about this?" and she answers with "So I can kick your ass if you tell anyone I did this." and she kisses him. After several seconds, Clementine pulls away and says "Don't tell anyone about this, okay?" and Jacks says to her "Don't worry, I won't. I don't want the CIA coming here and finding out that I just kissed a Superhuman." and Clementine responds "Alright, I think you should get back before your uncle or your mom get suspicious. Go!" and Jacks sneaks out of the Garage and back to his house, and Clementine does the same.

The game then switches to the next morning, where Griggs travels to the Central Intelligence Agency Building, and he goes to a Meeting Room, and asks a CtOS Employee "What have you got for me?" and the Employee gives him a file, and says "Just got this in from our Macon CtOS Station, surveillance caught a girl, aged about 11 in the Hills. Hard match on a Superhuman from the Battle of Metroville." and Griggs looks at the picture in the File, and it turns out to be Clementine. Griggs then says "It's her! Scramble Devil Team!" as he goes to a Control Room as Soap, Ghost and many others get in Helicopters and SUVs and start driving to Macon to kill Clementine, who is one of the only Superhumans left in the United States.

The game switches to the Macon Hills as Lee, Clementine, Jacks, Aiden and Nicole are all out in the field right in front of Lee's house, and Aiden sees several SUVs approaching with a Helicopter in the air. Aiden then takes out binoculars and zooms in on one of the SUVs and sees they have Devil Team and CIA Symbols on the side. Aiden then turns to Jacks and says "Jacks, go with Clementine and hide in the Garage. Don't make a sound, I have a plan." and Jacks goes with Clementine to the Garage, and Lee says to Nicole and Aiden "Alright, you two, stay calm. Act natural, let me do the talking." as the Devil Team cars, SUVs and Helicopters stop by the house, and more Devil Team Troops walk up from around the fields, aiming their rifles at Lee, Nicole and Aiden. Soap and other Devil Team members then get out of the SUVs and Soap goes up to Lee and says "Mr. Everett, my name is John MacTavish, I'm a Federal Agent. My men and I are trying to track down a Superhuman." and Jacks hears the conversation from inside the Garage, and says "Oh, shit. Clem, we need to hide!" and Clementine asks him "Well, where the hell are we going to hide?" and Jacks looks at the floor, which has a hidden trapdoor to a Basement.

Outside, Lee responds to Soap by saying "There are no Superhumans here. You know, I always thought that law was questionable, because I don't know what Superhuman you're talking about!" and Soap shoots a menacing glare at Lee, and says "Your adopted daughter! The Superhuman that cost people's lives!" and he turns to the Troops, saying "Search the property!" and Lee angrily asks "What do you mean 'search the property'?! You don't have a warrant!!" and Soap responds by saying "The Superhumans Execution Act is my warrant!" as the Troops search the whole place, and enter the Garage. When inside the Garage, Ghost says "Search the whole place! Heads on a swivel. Bravo 5 moving, clear left!" and they keep searching as Jacks and Clementine are in the Basement, staying quiet as the Troops investigate.

After a few minutes, Ghost and the others exit the Garage and Ghost says "Nothing there, Soap!" and another Troop comes in and says "Sir, we have a small, traced Threat Signature in the house!" and Soap looks at Lee, Aiden and Nicole, before saying "Take them down!" as the Troops grab the three, before trying to interrogate them. Soap then goes up to Aiden and asks "What kind of man betrays his flesh-and-blood brethren for some Superhuman freak? Get these people out of my sight!" as the Troops start to load Aiden, Lee and Nicole into SUVs. However, the Garage's door explodes and Jacks comes jumping out, followed by Clementine as they fire Grenades at Devil Team Members, who get mutilated by the blasts from the Grenades. Lee, Aiden and Nicole then start to run from the area as Griggs, who was watching from afar on top of a Refinery Tower, fires Tracer Missiles at the area, which explode and destroy the two houses as Jacks and Clementine run separate from Lee, Aiden and Nicole. After several minutes, Jacks hacks the Helicopter chasing the Team and makes it crash, allowing Clementine, Aiden, Lee and Nicole to get in a nearby SUV and start driving through the city as Devil Team Forces chase them, shooting their guns at the SUV which is armored.

While Aiden drives Clementine, Lee and Nicole through the streets in the SUV, as Jacks runs across the rooftops of a Factory as Griggs fires Grenades at him. Jacks dodges the Grenades and jumps to another rooftop, before fighting Griggs hand-to-hand. After a couple minutes, Jacks manages to redirect Griggs' EM1 Quantum's CREYTECH Laser, hitting Griggs in the chest and weakening his Exo Armor. This allows Jacks to attach a crane hook to Griggs' back and throws him off of the roof, causing the Villain to dangle from the roof. Jacks then jumps down and sees the SUV, and his allies get out of it. Jacks then says "Guys, there's another SUV here!" and they start running to the parked SUV. However, Griggs frees himself and throws a Thermite Grenade, and Lee yells "Guys, RUN!!!" as the Grenade explodes, causing the ground to burn and shatter, with massive explosions going off behind the team (why don't I just call it the Michael Bay Grenade?!) and Lee gets hit by a small explosion, causing his foot to burn and him to trip slightly, and Lee screams "AHHHHH!!!!!" as he is consumed by the massive explosion. Jacks, Clementine, Aiden and Nicole then look on in horror as the smoke from the explosion clears, and Lee is seen, with nothing but his burnt, charred and spiked skeleton, standing up as the feet are stuck to the ground, keeping the skeleton in place. Clementine then yells "LEE!! NO!!!!" and she Telekinetically grips Griggs' neck and starts to crush it in rage and grief. However, Jacks stops Clementine and says "Clem, I'm sorry! We have to go, now!" as they run for the SUV, and Aiden drives it quickly out of the area as Griggs jumps into the destroyed and flaming street as he leaves Lee's charred skeleton there, before taking a Helicopter out of the area.

The game then switches to a few hours later, where the Team is driving in the SUV along the countryside roads away from the city at dusk, and Clementine is grieving over Lee's death, saying "Jacks, what... What happened back there? Lee, we just left him..." and Jacks responds "He's... I'm so sorry, Clem." and Clementine tells him "Jacks, it isn't your fault." and Jacks says "It is, it's my fault. If I'd have killed Griggs right there, Lee would still be alive. I'm sorry..." and they stop driving when they near a run-down Gas Station near an abandoned highway intersection. Aiden then stays in the SUV and says to Jacks "Alright, Jacks. Your mother and I are going to scout the area. Stay here with Clementine until we're sure we weren't followed. We are ALL targets now!" as he and Nicole stay in the SUV and drive away to take a look at the surrounding areas to watch for Devil Team Forces while Jacks and Clementine stay in the abandoned Gas Station.

After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Jacks finally says "You know, Clem... How did we get here? Both of us, being hunted by the U.S. Government, sitting in an abandoned gas station and waiting for something to happen?" and Clementine says "Well, maybe that started when the Government decided that everyone hates Superhumans." and Jacks tells her "You've lost people, Clementine, I know. But... You're not alone. I'm a lot like you." and Clementine asks him "Who did you lose?" and Jacks hesitates with the answer, before saying "Well, my dad took off when I was 5 years old, and my sister died when I was 9, so..." and Clementine responds "I'm kind of sorry I asked now. Didn't want to hurt your feelings..." and Jacks says "It's alright, Clem. It's just... After everything we've been through, everything we've accomplished, together... It can't all be for nothing. We've both lost so much, killed so many evil people, but now... We need to be prepared for anything. That's why I need you to trust me." and Clementine, after hearing that, says "I trust you, Jacks. With my life, you are the one person on Earth I trust. I don't know anyone who I trust with my life, more than you." and she kisses him passionately. After a few seconds, Jacks stops and says "You sure we should do this, Clem? Ever heard the saying 'don't get too attached to anyone, or they might die'?" and Clementine responds with "I don't know who said that, but it's not true." and Jacks laughs, before saying "I never said I believed it." and he kisses her again. Jacks then tells her "I love you, Clementine. You know that?" and Clementine humorously responds "I think that was pretty obvious." and they hear Aiden and Nicole drive up in the SUV, and the two get the supplies and guns together and head for Chicago, where this all started!

Once the Team reaches Chicago, they prepare for their final showdown with Griggs and his army as they start to set up a new hidden base and load up with guns, grenades, and even enlist the help of T-Bone and Clara. With their small team assembled, they head for Griggs Industries to find something that will help them blackmail Griggs, Devil Team and the Government. With them ready for their massive assault, the Watch Dogs stop just outside of the Griggs Industries Building, while Clara, T-Bone and Nicole stay on the rooftop opposite to cover Aiden, Jacks and Clementine's approach to the Building's Server Room. After stealthily sneaking through the Parking Lot, the three silently kill a few guards and head into the Server Room, where Aiden hacks into the system and causes a EMP, allowing the rest of the team to enter the Building as they charge through the lobby and floors while killing dozens of Guards and even 'innocent' scientists.

After several minutes, the Team destroys the entire Bio Experiment Lab and destroys the Superhuman Specimens as Griggs yells "Hey! Stop!! That's company property!!" as Clementine says to him "They're NOT your property!! They were my friends..." as Jacks aims a CEL-3 Cauterizer at Griggs, who says "Go ahead, show us your true colors once and for all!" and Jacks says "You've already shown your true colors! I'm going to kill you!" and Griggs says to Aiden "Why don't you tell your nephew here that this is all the spoils of war! Dead Superhumans! What we do here is science, innovation! Because if we don't do it, someone else will! Because you cannot stop Technology!" and Clementine says "Their powers are NOT your Technology!!" and she shoots a Experiment Room next to Griggs, causing an explosion that causes the Villain to get blasted back a few feet. Jacks then says "Let me vaporize this asshole!" and Griggs says "You know, I've always asked 'why worship Superhumans, when you can actually be like one?', and I guess this will answer that question!" as he quickly takes out a Activation Remote and uses it to activate Operation: Omnidroid, which causes hundreds of Omnidroids known as the Omnidroid Legion to rise up and destroy the Building as Devil Team Troops roll in with Tanks, Helicopters and VTOL Warships outside of the building.

The team then fights their way out of the Building as a Missile Strike gets fired at it, which forces the Team to dodge falling rubble as Omnidroids and Devil Team Members come in to kill them. Jacks, Clementine, Aiden, Nicole, T-Bone and Clara then manage to find a massive building to hide in as the Omnidroids start climbing Buildings to surround them. The Team, now on the roof, start to run across the rooftops as missiles are launched at them, and Clementine fires Grenades at them, destroying a few of them. The team then gets to the ground floor and start to load their Heavy Weapons up as Omnidroids approach from the roots, streets and L-Train Tracks. T-Bone and Aiden then get outside of the building and T-Bone says "Stay behind us, we'll cover you! We need to run to the Dropships! If we stop covering you, it means we're dead! But that ain't gonna happen!" as several missiles are launched at the Team, who fire back at several approaching Omnidroids and Devil Team Members. After several minutes of shooting through the streets and dodging explosions, bullets and missiles, the Team gets inside a Building, and Jacks unloads hundreds of bullets into approaching Omnidroids and Devil Team Members, killing them in massive explosions as a VTOL approaches from the air. Jacks then grabs a Grapple Hook and fires it up to the VTOL, before flying up to it and grabbing an enemy who had been sniping from the open hatch. Jacks then throws the enemy out, sending the man plummeting to his death as Jacks shoots two enemies, including the Pilot of the VTOL before jumping out and hitting the ground, and then watching as the VTOL crashes into the streets, causing the L-Train Track and the L-Train itself to crash down into the destroyed streets as Clementine, Aiden, Clara and T-Bone start to fire at Omnidroids. Jacks then grabs an Omnidroid Rifle and fires at an Omnidroid on the Bridge, who fires several SWARM Missiles at Jacks, who is hit by the resulting explosion and smashes into a building, knocking him out as Omnidroids are blown up all around him, and Aiden is heard yelling "Jacks, no!! Somebody grab him!!" as he fires at several Devil Team Members and Omnidroids.

Jacks then manages to stay conscious as he looks around, and his vision is extremely blurred as Clementine runs to him and says "Jacks, hang in there! I've got you!" as she passes him a Glock 17 Pistol, allowing him to kill several Devil Team Troops. After Clementine gets Jacks to the building the team is holding out in, she is shot in the shoulder by a stray bullet, and she screams in pain and falls to the ground. Jacks then says "NO!! Clem, are you alright?" and he puts pressure on the wound, and Clementine groans in pain, and Nicole helps Jacks, who is too injured to get a med-kit. Nicole then says "Jacks, just stay down! You and Clementine stay here, I'll get the Medkit!" and she runs towards a overturned case with a Medkit and several Grenades in it. Aiden then says to her "Nicky, pull the pin and toss it to me!" and Nicole pulls the pin on the Grenade,mbefore throwing it to Aiden, who then runs through a torrent of bullets and missiles, before throwing 2 Grenades at the Omnidroid and Devil Team Forces. The Grenades then land in the battlefield and one explodes, destroying a building and killing several Omnidroids. The second Grenade then goes off and causes a pillar to fall and kill several Omnidroids. Aiden then sees a missile coming from a nearby Omnidroid, and he jumps away from it, before dodge-rolling and firing a Grenade at several Omnidroids, hitting one in the chest and blowing it's armor to bits. The Omnidroid then tries to get up, only for Aiden to shoot it through the head as T-Bone says "Guys, we're running out of guns AND ammo!!" as he is pelted by lasers and he shoots at several surrounding Omnidroids as Clara retreats into the Building and fires at the Omnidroids, who take cover behind crashed cars and destroyed debris.

Inside the Building, Jacks looks at Clementine with an extremely worried look and says "Clem, that wound... Are you sure you're okay?" and Clementine responds "Don't worry, Jacks... The bullet went through clean, but it hurts like hell!" and Nicole says "Alright, you two. We need to get to that VTOL over there, by the destroyed L-Train! Take these guns!" and she hands both of them a Glock 17 each, and they all start to run through the streets as explosions go off all around them and bullets and missiles fly around everywhere. Jacks and Clementine start shooting at several Devil Team Members, who are immediately killed by the two. Jacks, Clementine and Nicole then get in the VTOL, along with Aiden and Clara as T-Bone is surrounded by Omnidroids across the street, and he says "Forget about me! Just go!! GO!!!" as he shoots an Omnidroid and then smashing it's head in with the stock of his gun, and he is shot in the chest by an Omnidroid and consumed by explosions as Aiden quickly flies the VTOL away as the U.S. Military comes in and assists the Watch Dogs in destroying Omnidroid and Devil Team Forces as Griggs is now labelled a War Criminal and is now at war with the U.S. Government!

With Griggs now at war with the United States, he sends a message to the world saying "You are all asking one question: why did I attack the United States? Because of Superhumans! The Superhuman Race has had the world in a constant state of war for almost a year now! Millions and millions of you, and billions across the world may trust these people, but you will NOT after today! Trust these Superhumans if you will, but they will lead you to your destruction!" as the message is cut off, and the United Nations officially starts the War Against Devil Team and The Omnidroid Legion.

The games then switches to 5 days later, where Jacks wakes up in a Medical Room of the Bunker, and he gets up and feels a slight pain in his ribs and says "Ow! Damn, that hurts!" and Clementine says "Now you know how I felt when I woke up!" and Jacks sees her standing by the exit, and Jacks asks "What... What happened?" and Clementine answer "Well, you passed out when we got to the VTOL and you've been unconscious for 5 days. The U.S. Government has gone to war with Griggs, too." and Jacks asks "Wait, what? The U.S. Government is working with us now?!" and Clementine opens the door, revealing several Generals and US Military Troops, along with a massive Hangar with hundreds of Tanks, VTOLs and Helicopters. General McDonnel, AKA Kinpin, is talking to Aiden about hunting Griggs and his Devil Team Forces. Aiden then asks "What are you going to do about Griggs, Jacks?" as Jacks walks down the Bunker's stairs, and the screen turns to black, leaving the game on a cliffhanger as the Watch Dogs and US Government team up to stop Griggs, who is now in hiding!

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