Call of the Watch Dogs is a crossover video game between Watch Dogs, The Walking Dead, The Incredibles and Call Of Duty. It takes place 1 year after the events of Watch Dogs, and the Zombie Apocalypse in The Walking Dead never happened, however, Lee and Clementine still met after Clementine's parents were murdered by a thug. Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce is the main protagonist along with Clementine, and Jacks and his mother eventually reunite with Jacks' uncle, Aiden Pearce. It is the first out of 5 games in the series, the second being Chicago Knight. The Incredibles are also in this, but the birth dates of Dash and Jack-Jack have been swapped, with Jack-Jack born in 1994 and Dash in 2003, making Dash 11 years old in the game, along with Jacks and Clementine. Call Of The Watch Dogs is exclusive to XBOX360 and XBOX ONE. It is the only game in the series to be on a last-gen console.


Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce - Jackson Pearce is an 11 year old boy who is the main protagonist of the game, and he meets Clementine and Lee in the first chapter and reunites with Aiden in the second. He harbors feelings for Clementine, and his relationship with her is to be explored in the sequel.

Clementine Everett - Lee Everett's 11 year old adopted daughter and 2nd main protagonist. She claimed the surname 'Everett' after Lee adopted her when her parents were gunned down in a hotel, and Lee [after some paperwork] officially welcomed her into the Everett family.

Aiden Pearce - The vigilante of Chicago who was the main protagonist of Watch Dogs, and he is now a protagonist in Call Of The Watch Dogs. He searched for Jacks and Nichole [Jacks' mother] and found them in Macon, Georgia [Lee Everett's home town]. He is the team's hacker while they are infiltrating GRIGGS INDUSTRIES.

Nichole Pearce - Nichole Pearce is Jacks' mother and Aiden's sister. She used to be a normal mother in Chicago, but Aiden was fighting the crime syndicate in the city, and Nichole was kidnapped. After Aiden got her and Jacks out of the city, they moved to Macon while Aiden stayed behind.

James Griggs - a main character from Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and the main antagonist of the game. After being shot by Zakhaev in the end of MW1, Griggs is now a billionaire who seeks to destroy all vigilantes in the world using his Private Military Corporation, Devil Team.

Dashiell Robert Parr - The 3rd child [2nd in canon Incredibles universe] of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Dash possesses the power of super speed, and he also holds a grudge against Griggs and his troops for betraying them and killing they're allies.


It starts off with a flashback to Watch Dogs just as Jacks and his mother Nichole are about to leave Chicago, and Jacks asks his uncle Aiden Pearce "Are you coming with us?" but Aiden says he must stay to protect them from the police. The car speeds off as Jacks waves his uncle goodbye.

It then shows a shot of Jacks and Nichole arriving in they're new home after a month of staying in Macon, Georgia. Jacks goes out with his mother's permission, and after a quick tutorial, Jacks gets introduced to Lee Everett and his adopted daughter, Clementine. Jacks, after a quick conversation, goes back to his house and Lee says "I think I recognize that kid from somewhere." as Jacks walks to his house.

It switches to a cutscene with James Griggs [From Call Of Duty 4] showing a slideshow of a masked Aiden Pearce, and Griggs regards him as a "Vigilante Terrorist" as he caused a blackout in Chicago and killed Dermot "Lucky" Quinn [who was unknown to be a mob boss]. Griggs orders his forces to search for Aiden as he says "The age of true justice... Has begun".

As Jacks is about to go to bed, he hears someone whisper his name, and he sees who it is... Aiden Pearce, his uncle. Jacks gets his mother, who is shocked to see Aiden. He explains that he hacked into CToS 2.0 and found out they were living in Macon. They hide Aiden in the house, since he is now a wanted man.

Griggs finds a CCTV photo of Aiden in Jacks' house and tells the team to load up and go there [the team consists of many Call Of Duty Characters such as Soap, Price, Ghost etc. and many other Devil Team members] and they go in black Rally Fighters. Jacks sees this and tells his uncle to hide in the shed. Clementine and Lee park they're car up and see Griggs' chopper. Captain Price begins questioning Nichole while the team investigates. After Nichole slips up and accidently says she saw Aiden, Price tells the team to grab them and take them down. Soap shoves Jacks down and even threatens to kill him if Aiden doesn't come out.

Jacks begs for his life [literally] and Lee drives his car closer with Clementine in the back. Price says "Shoot the boy" and as soon as Aiden hears that command, he becomes consumed by rage and shoots a grenade at the shed door and launches grenades at every Devil Team member while yelling in rage at Price and Soap, saying "I'M GOING TO FUCKIN' KILL YOU!!" while shooting grenades at Ozone, Ghost, Scarecrow and many others. Jacks and Nichole run away as Lee and Clementine arrive in a car and run over a bunch of Call Of Duty characters.

They make it out after a lengthy car chase and they stop at an abandoned gas station in Las Vegas. They talk about what just happened while Aiden scouts the area. Jacks asks Clementine if she knows anyone who can help, and she answers with yes, and they go to the desert as Clementine calls others who are being hunted by the Devil Team... The Incredibles!

They make it to the canyon where the Incredibles are hiding, but The Incredibles aim guns at Jacks and his family, but after Clementine explains the situation, The Incredibles put they're weapons down. Lee then explains that he now knows who Jacks was, and why he recognized him. Lee then shows a footage piece taken from a CtoS drone, where Aiden, Nichole and Jacks are in a high speed chase with the police [this is part of the Watch Dogs game mission, Ghosts Of The Past], and Lee increases the sound on the drone just in time to hear the recording of Nichole say "It's you, isn't it? Your the vigilante." to the recording of Aiden. Before The Incredibles or Aiden could react and draw weapons on each other, the recording goes static and shows the Devil Team killing off Walking Dead characters such as Kenny and Luke, who were allies to The Incredibles. The Incredibles listen to Aiden when he says "I know I AM a criminal, because I'm a vigilante... But I can get you into Griggs Industries!", and Dash says "We're listening." as it switches to a shot of Jacks looking through binoculars as Griggs arrives at his company building back in Chicago.

The Incredibles and they're new allies gear up to infiltrate Griggs Industries, and Aiden scans a badge to pass himself off as a member of staff. While The Incredibles, Lee and Clementine wait on the roof of a building, Aiden, Nichole and Jacks infiltrate the Griggs Industries building from the back parking lot, with a hidden camera in Aiden's pocket which can see what is outside of the pocket. They turn the camera into record mode and begin analyzing, and what they find shocks them all... Several glory day superhumans [such as Gazerbeam, Dynaguy, Meta Man etc.] getting dissected by Griggs' staff members. They find out that Griggs is attempting to harvest EXOBYTES, a mysterious strain of DNA that can only be found in superhumans like The Incredibles, and is the source of they're powers.

The 3 later come across Kenny being dissected by Griggs Industries staff, and after Lee sees it on the feed, he breaks into rage and Mr. Incredible tells The Incredibles to move in, but Aiden is caught by Soap and Price. They bring Aiden to Griggs, and Aiden tries to blackmail Griggs by saying "We have taped evidence of you killing and experimenting on Superhuman subjects. Once the world sees it, YOU AND YOUR SCUMBAG DEVIL TEAM WILL ALL BE GOING TO JAIL!!", and Griggs asks Aiden why he is so furious at him, and Aiden yells "You, and that scumbag Captain Price and that idiot Soap tried to murder Jacks!!", and Griggs says "Mr. Pearce, you are trying to protect your family... That is very admirable, but I am trying to DEFEND this Nation from a Superhuman war that The Underminer already waged in 2005, and we are not going to tolerate another war after 9 years!", and Griggs says there is a version of they're conversation where Aiden is spared his criminal charges, and goes back to Macon where he will NOT go on the Criminal Database, and get on with life. Aiden, however, asks Griggs "What's the OTHER version of this conversation? When you send Price in to murder Jacks? Because if you even try, I WILL CUT YOUR THROAT OPEN AND RIP OUT YOUR TOUNGE IF YOU SO MUCH AS TOUCH ONE HAIR ON JACKS' HEAD!!". After those words, Griggs takes a few seconds of a pause before coldly saying "What's your preference?", but a second later, the Incredibles, Lee, Clementine, Jacks and Nichole burst into Griggs Industries by destroying the windows with missiles. They shoot grenades at every scientist and guard they see, with The Incredibles destroying the lab equipment. Nichole and Jacks go into the interrogation room and shoot Griggs in the leg, and Aiden, taking his rage out on Griggs, grabs Griggs and begins beating his face in with his bare hands, before beating Griggs with a crowbar.

The Incredibles are finished with the scientists, and Aiden throws Griggs to the floor in front of everyone. Griggs then gives a demoralizing speech, and The Incredibles leave in a SUV, with Jacks, Aiden and Nichole leaving in a stolen Chevrolet Camaro. Lee and Clementine go in a Chevrolet Trax.

They ride along the highway to escape Chicago, but Griggs sees them on a UAV, and puts a menacing smile on his face, saying "Bring up War Machine!!", and a giant, drill-mechanized robot comes online, and transforms into a Buffalo MPV Mining Vehicle [which is EXACTLY the same as Bonecrusher's vehicle mode in Transformers 2007] and the MPV boosts off onto the freeway where The Incredibles and they're allies are driving.

War Machine pursues the Heroes across the freeway, and unexpectedly transforms into a robot and splitting a car in two, before throwing his fist down onto another one. Soap asks if they are programming War Machine and Ghost says "Yes... Mostly!" and Soap looks on with a frightened look. War Machine activates his weapon systems and fires off missiles at the cars that the heroes are driving in, and the missiles hit the ground next to the cars, causing one to explode and send the Incredibles and they're allies smashing through a truck, and most of them roll across the highway. Jack-Jack stays on the track above the freeway and fires a missile at War Machine, and it hits War Machine directly in the chest plate.

However, War Machine explodes into a cloud of EXOBYTES and speeds towards the other heroes, and the EXOBYTE cloud turns War Machine into a human sized robot so he can fight Jacks and Mr. Incredible fairly. Jacks fights War Machine as missiles are shot all over the freeway. Jacks is kicked aside by War Machine as Clementine is almost hit by War Machine's foot, but Jacks rams a Energy Sword through War Machine's chest and says "LEAVE HER OUT OFF THIS!!", but War Machine then speaks, saying "You humans... AND YOUR EMOTIONS!!" and War Machine grabs Jacks and dives onto the freeway, pinning Jacks to the floor, and Lee yells to Clementine "Clem, RUN TO THE FIELD!!" and Clementine tries to run, but War Machine fires off grenades which Clementine jumps away from and she ends up behind the Chevrolet Trax that she and Lee stole earlier. Jacks pins War Machine down and grabs another Energy Sword, and just as Jacks is about to stab War Machine, a laser beam of Quantum Energy comes from the distance and hits Jacks in the back and goes out his chest. Jacks turns to the source of the shot, but is shot in the chest by the energy beam, which blows out some of Jacks' bones and sends him back-first onto the hood of the car as Clementine goes to him. Clementine tells Jacks to get up, but Jacks, struggling to breathe, says "I can't, Clem... Get out of here..." as a man in an Exo Suit comes in and merges from the black smoke, and the man in the Exo Suit was wearing a helmet similar to that of the Arkham Knight. The Devil Team and Griggs Industries staff look on in shock from War Machine's camera as the man walks up to Jacks, holding a EPM3 Plasma Rifle. The man's visor on the helmet then flicks off to reveal the man underneath the helmet... Griggs!!

Aiden runs to help Jacks, but Griggs shoots him in the chest with a Desert Eagle pistol, causing him to get blasted to the side of the freeway. Nichole, Lee and Aiden can only helplessly watch as Griggs gives a speech and a huge ship comes in and puts a net around the car, and Jacks. Aiden and Nichole run for the netted car, which has Jacks on the hood and Clementine in the front. Aiden yells "JACKS, GET UP!! GET UP!!! JACKS!!!!" as Lee jumps and grabs on to the net. Clementine begs Lee to help her, and Lee says "CLEM, BREAK THE GLASS!! BREAK THE GLASS!!!!", but Lee slips from the glass and lands on the ground as the car is sucked into the giant warship, and Aiden, now enraged and saddened by Jacks' abduction, yells "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" and slams his fist into the ground several times as tears drip from his eyes as he watches the ship speed into the city with Jacks and Clementine in it.

Griggs quickly sends Jacks and Clementine into a giant cell block in his ship named the "Knight's Downfall" and lock both Jacks and Clementine in the same cell, and he says "Enjoy your stay, HERO SCUM!!" and walks out. Jacks then falls into unconsciousness as Clementine begs him to wake up, crying for her almost-dead friend.

The Devil Team then contacts Griggs and Ghost says "WHAT DRUGS DID YOU TAKE WHEN YOU DECIDED TO SHOOT JACKSON FUCKING PEARCE!?!? ARE YOU ON COCAINE OR SOMETHING, YOU IGNORANT BASTARD??!!" and Griggs takes his Exo Suit off and changes into his fancy suit and says "The deal for the EXOBYTE Seed is going down now! We HAVE to do this without the US Government on our asses!!", and Ghost orders the pilot to get to Griggs' Warship, which is now flying towards Chicago.

Ghost, Ozone, Scarecrow, Price and Soap all go to pick up the EXOBYTE Shard, which can create an army of superhumans. It is revealed that Griggs wants to use the EXOBYTES to create a huge army of super-powered, humanoid robots, while at the same time killing off all human superheroes and anyone who stands with them. The reason for wiping out human superheroes is because Griggs thinks that human emotions and innocent lives are less important than his country, and after the events of Modern Warfare, Griggs also believes that human emotion gets in the way of that soldiers' service to America, so he wants to create a army that has no emotion. The army will be superpowered by the EXOBYTES, which will be "safely" detonated in the Mongolian Desert, where the EXOBYTES will be harvested and put into the robot army [which is controlled by Griggs' commands and guidelines].

The Devil Team units arrive in the landing bay of the Warship, and they wait for Griggs to arrive for the deal. Griggs arrives and says "Our deal is done... One of Aiden's family... For one EXOBYTE Seed." and Soap says "Good work, Griggs. You got the kid?" and Griggs nods in response, and Soap tells Griggs to use it as blackmail for Aiden to turn himself in. Griggs says "Don't worry Soap... It is ALL planned out. The Incredibles will DIE and a new army will serve America, with no mercy to the enemy, no emotion for civilians... Just Patriotism!!" and Ghost begins to have his doubts about Griggs' mental stability as Devil Team leaves the ship in a helicopter as Clementine watches from the cell. The Devil Team gets the EXOBYTE Seed from Griggs and wrap it in a duffel bag marked CLASSIFIED and they begin to go back in the helicopter.

The heroes then infiltrate Griggs' ship just as it is taking off from the Chicago Harbor. They go inside the ship as Nichole and Aiden decide to look for Jacks while Lee searches for Clementine. The Incredibles go to the Knight's Armament, where there are weapons that were stolen from the Superhumans that Devil Team killed. They find Gazerbeam's visor, masks and helmets of the superheroes, but Dash finds a huge railgun taken from an unknown hero [although the look causes people to speculate that it belonged to Master Chief from the Halo Series].

Devil Team members then come in, and Dash accidentally shoots them with a laser beam from the Railgun, and Dash says "Woah! This gun kicks ASS!!" and he picks it up and realizes it also has a XM35 Plasma Grenade Launcher as the Alternate Fire Mode that can be activated by a safety switch on the side of the gun. They move out while shooting at Devil Team members who are still on the ship.

Jacks wakes up in the cell and Clementine hugs him in tears of relief. A few minutes later, Aiden and Nichole come in and free Jacks and Clementine, and they discover that the cell block is a smaller ship that is separate from the huge Warship. They detach the small frigate from Griggs' Warship while The Incredibles distract Griggs by firing the ships' ropes at Willis Tower, attaching the ship to the building. The Incredibles climb crawl across the anchors, but Griggs activates the emergency snap, which snaps all the anchors in half. Violet jumps in to save her family and grabs the anchors, and activates a force field as The Incredibles all smash through the glass and land safely on the floor of the Willis Tower's 45th floor. They then watch as Griggs, not knowing The Incredibles or his hostages escaped, activates the ship's lightspeed switch, which sends the ship through the sky.

The heroes get into a car and drive to the countryside, where they find Jacks, Lee, Clementine, Aiden and Nichole all waiting by they're new ship. Aiden then starts to explain that the EXOBYTE Shard is going to be detonated in the Mongolian Desert, and Dash asks who he learnt it from, and Aiden says Clementine told him. Clementine then explains that she heard Griggs and Ghost talking about they're plan, and she says "Griggs wants to detonate that EXOBYTE Seed in a desert and build a massive robot army that are designed to follow Griggs' guidelines... Griggs thinks his service to America is more important than millions of people." and Clementine also says that Soap wants to arrest Aiden by using Jacks as a bargaining chip, to which Aiden punches a wall in response and says "Fuck that Soap guy!" under his breath. Jacks then comes forward and says "When I fought that drill-bot, it spoke... Looked me in the eye and SPOKE!", and Mr. Incredible says "I heard it, too... And when I did, I sensed the presence... Of The Underminer!" and everyone looks at Mr. Incredible in shock. A one-armed Frozone then comes in and says "How the fuck do you think Griggs Industries built those robot bodies in the first place, huh? They had The Underminer's old robots dead on the doorstep, and they went ripping they're bodies apart and upgrading them, and customizing them with parts in the blueprints produced by Griggs himself." and Frozone then explains they also had The Underminer's dead corpse on the table, but Frozone says "That 'corpse' wasn't as dead as THOSE FUCKERS thought, and the Underminer's brain was still active! The Underminer's brain got hooked up to War Machine's head and the data from Underminer's brain got fed into War Machine's control chip!" and Mr. Incredible asks why he didn't warn them, and Frozone says "Look what they did to me! They shot my arm off with a grenade, captured me and brought me to they're labs and made me work on War Machine's construction for 5 months!" and then Frozone shows them recorded drone footage of him getting hit by a grenade, which blew off his arm and sent him flying. Frozone also shows when the Devil Team dragged him into a truck and hauled him off. Clementine then says "We've got to get that EXOBYTE Seed before Griggs detonates it in the desert." and Lee says they should rest, so they decide to rest in the ship.

At night, when everyone else is sleeping, Jacks and Clementine have a conversation about what they have been through since they met. Jacks says "This is the quickest developing friendship I have ever had." and they both laugh at the sentence. Jacks then asks how they are going to stop Griggs, and Clementine says "I don't know, Jacks... But we will." and it switches to day time where Violet says to Jacks over the radio "We've intercepted Griggs' communications... Ghost is on his way to Griggs' company building in Chicago." and Jacks calls Ghost over the phone saying "Hey, big shot... You and your friends are in HUGE trouble." but Ghost tells Jacks "Tell your uncle he better have a DAMN GOOD lawyer!" but Jacks resonds by saying "REALLY!? Well, YOU better have a AMAZING one, because you are about to have a helping hand in the annihilation of Chicago. Now, you listen to me, the robot army is being hacked, the prototypes are infected, and now War Machine is after that EXOBYTE Seed." as Ghost listens closely to Jacks, and Jacks says "Look, Ghost I know you have a good side, because Clementine saw the doubt on your face. I am warning you, DO NOT LET WAR MACHINE ANYWHERE NEAR THAT EXOBYTE SEED!!" and Ghost responds with "I control War Machine. I designed the control chip." but Jacks counters by saying "Deep down I know that you know... The Underminer IS War Machine." and Jacks hangs up and asks Dash how fast the ship is and Dash responds with "About a fraction of my maximum power limit." but Jack-Jack simplifies the answer by saying "VERY fast. It's a Advanced Carrier." but sirens are heard in the distance. The heroes run to see where it is coming from, and they realize the police have come to arrest Aiden. The heroes all escape and head for Chicago in the ship.

Meanwhile, in Griggs Industries, Ghost is summoned into Griggs' office, and Griggs hands Ghost the EXOBYTE Seed. Ghost, having considered Jacks' words, says "Uh, sir... I think we should hold Project: Uprising until a later time." but Griggs says "Are you crazy?! A LOT OF GOOD MEN DIED TO GET THAT THING!!" and Ghost says "Hey, you came to ME on this!! I think this is insane. Do you even CARE that The Underminer has HACKED INTO WAR MACHINE'S HEAD!?!", but Price grabs Ghost by his neck and shoves him against the wall and says "Ghost, we have served Britain AND America through DECADES of unparalleled prosperity, and Project: Uprising is our golden parachute so YOU AND ME are jumping OUT OF THE PLANE WITH IT!!", but Ghost yells "YOU AND SOAP AND THE REST OF YOU ARE BLOODY PSYCHOPATHS!!", and Price lets him go and says "What are you saying?" and Ghost says "YOU TRIED TO KILL A 11 YEAR OLD BOY!!" but Price mocks him by saying "Oh, who? That PATHETIC Jackson Pearce!? Nobody cares about him!! It won't even be in the papers that he and his girlfriend, Clementine, are going to DIE TONIGHT!!", so Ghost finishes the punch line by saying "This will be in the news!" and he holds up a remote and presses the "WAR MACHINE" button, betraying Griggs and the rest of Devil Team. Downstairs, in the lab, War Machine comes online and springs up, before aiming a rocket launcher at the scientists and firing it, blowing the lab to pieces and sending scientists flying, before bellowing the words: "I AM THE UNDERMINER!!!!!" and shooting everyone with a XMG35 Railgun.

In Griggs' office, Ghost shoves Price through a glass pane and runs for the EXOBYTE Seed, but Soap aims a gun at him, Ghost counters by hitting Soap in the face, snatching the pistol, and hitting Soap with it. Ghost swiftly turns and aims at Griggs, who was reaching for his holstered Desert Eagle. He says to Griggs "DROP THE GUN!! I SWEAR TO FUCKIN' GOD I'LL KILL YOU, YOU BLOODY BASTARD!!!", and Griggs throws the gun aside. Ghost then shoots Griggs in the leg, stunning him, and Ghost runs down out of the Emergency Exit to Ozone and Scarecrow, who are waiting in a car because they also heard Jacks' warning. Soap runs to Ghost as he gets in the car and yells "GHOST! YOU HAVE TO CONTAIN IT!!!", but Ghost punches Soap in the face and gets in the car with the EXOBYTE Seed, and yells at Ozone "DRIVE! DRIVE!!" and they speed of in the car as Soap says "Bloody son of a..." as Griggs and Price pick him up and get in they're car. Soap then asks how they are going to find Ghost and put an end to his "Betrayal" and Griggs pulls out a laptop showing Ghost's GPS, and says "His Devil Team badge was rigged with a tracker the second he put it on!", and they all put evil smiles on they're faces as Griggs says "We find Ozone, Scarecrow and Ghost. Get the whole Devil Team after them, we go into the city... KILL 'EM ALL!!".

In the morning, Ghost finds out they were being tracked and he, Ozone and Scarecrow all tear they're Devil Team tags off and ditch them. They run to a building, and Ozone asks "Hey, what's the explosion ratio of that Seed?" and Ghost texts Jacks to find out. Jacks, still on the ship, gets the text, and thinks to himself "Well, duh, you skull-mask idiot!" and texts Ghost the message: "LIKE A TACTICAL NUKE!!" and Ghost bursts out laughing, before turning sad and saying "Oh, WE ARE ALL GONNA FUCKIN' DIE!!", but Price, Soap and Sandman [from Modern Warfare 3] arrive on the scene and try to kill them, but Ozone and Scarecrow hold them off as Ghost gets the elevator working, and they all get to the top floor and wait for The Incredibles to arrive and pick them up. Ozone spots the ship as War Machine enters the city in his MPV Vehicle mode. Soap and Price are now in the alleyways, trying to spot Ghost, Ozone and Scarecrow. They see the Advanced Carrier with the Incredibles and the others in it, and Soap asks "Who the bloody hell is aboard THAT!?" and Price says "It's impossible..." as the hatch opens on the ship, revealing Jacks and Clementine as they yell "GHOST!!" and Jacks, being the smart-ass, yells "HEY, SKULL-FACE!!" and Ghost, Scarecrow and Ozone start climbing into the hatch.

In the streets, War Machine yells "IT'S THE INCREDIBLES!! IT'S ALSO PAYBACK TIME!!!" and shoots the XMG35 [which is now in heat-missile mode] at the ship, hitting the side, sending Lee, Clementine, Mr. Incredible and Violet down to the roof, while Jacks, Nichole and the other Incredibles are sent plummeting away from the city in the crashing ship, and they crash into a small village in the mountains. The others, now on the roof, see War Machine commanding a bunch of Robots that were meant to be the new US Army. Lee says "I thought you said only WAR MACHINE was supposed to be awakened." but Ozone gulps and says "No, he's got remote control over our other 70!", and the 7 of them run across the rooftops, while shooting they're guns at the hacked robots in the streets, with Clementine hitting a few with MK20 Grenades.

The 7 of them reach an elevator on the roof, but Soap shoots his M9 Pistol at them, with Aiden, still angry at the whole "threatening Jacks" incident [and because the elevator had to much weight] runs out at Soap and yells "HEY!! YOU WANT ME!!! THIS ALL STARTED WITH ME, ASSHOLE!!!!" as Soap tries to shoot him, but fails and radios Price, saying "They're in the Centre Elevator! CENTRE ELEVATOR!!!" as Price goes to the bottom floor and aims his M1911 at the elevator, but there is only a random woman in it, as Lee, Clementine, Violet, Mr. Incredible, Ghost, Ozone and Scarecrow all got off on the 4th floor, and they run through the hotel opposite of Price's direction.

Aiden and Soap are still having a chase across the roof, and Soap manages to tackle Aiden, and Aiden screams in rage and punches Soap in the face, but is thrown into the building. Aiden then gets up and cuts Soap's abdomen with a piece of glass from a window. Aiden then gets up and punches Soap in the face and stomach over and over, and tossing him into shelves, even attempting to rip Soap's eye socket to pieces while screaming in fury. Aiden then tosses Soap towards the window, and Soap stumbles before straightening himself and saying "You never should have come back!!" and Aiden says "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE THREATENED JACKS!!" but Soap says it's tough luck because everyone in the country has a family, but Aiden counters by saying "I'm going to live to see mine, you shitbird!!" and Soap says he has a sister and nephew just like Aiden does, but Aiden says "I don't care!" and running up to Soap and having a 4 second knife fight with him, before finally stabbing Soap in the chest, and Soap's last words were "I... Will... Return..." but Aiden says "Looking forward to it!" and pulls the knife out, and giving Soap a slight push, causing him to fall of the building and into the streets below, and Soap hits the ground and breaks his spine, dying almost instantly as Price watches from across the street.

Price, now enraged, slams his radio against a wall, and Griggs yells over it "WHERE ARE MY ESCAPED HOSTAGES!?" and Price says "SOME of The Incredibles are in the area... Jacks is close... Do what you have to do, Griggs..." and Griggs, now in his Warship, says "I intend to!" and reversing the ship towards Chicago.

Meanwhile, on the mountain, Jacks, Jack-Jack, Mrs. Incredible and Nichole are all contacted by Dash, with Dash saying "Jacks, we're on ground level with Ozone, Ghost and Scarecrow... Can I shoot the skull mask guy?" and Jacks says they are in trouble, but Jack-Jack says "This is NOT our fight! I'm sick of being a guard for those Devil Team fuckers! Guards suck, and I say Ghost and those other two GET WHAT THEY DESERVE!! What's the play, Jacks?" and Jacks says he found something in the "Knight's Downfall" and he smiles and says "It's time for some reinforcements!" as he walks into the ship. Jacks then finds a Sword of Justice [taken from Meta Man, a hero seen in archive footage in The Incredibles Movie] and he sarcastically says "Guess I'm the new Meta Man!!" and grabbing the sword, which puts waves of power into Jacks' chest, and this enables Jacks to yank the sword right out of the Knight's Armament, and Jacks runs over towards another cell and cuts it open, with something huge and mysterious roaring inside, and Jacks says "So, a few Omnidroids STILL EXIST!!".

It switches to the Devil Team and The Incredibles having a huge battle, destroying anything standing near, such as buildings and structures. Aiden and Violet hold them off using anything they can get [AK-47's, M4A1's] and Mr. Incredible lifts some cars up as a shield, and rockets begin to hit everything, and after a close call, Ghost yells "AHHH!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M PUTTING MY LIFE IN YOUR HANDS!!!" and Clementine offers him Dash's railgun and says "Oh, you want the gun? Come on, you can lead!" while Ghost protests that he doesn't want the gun, so Clementine says "Then stay under there and shut up!" and Ghost says "Alright!! You and Dash are good with futuristic guns, you keep 'em!" and Clementine gives the Railgun to Dash, who proceeds to fire at the Devil Team troops while Mr. Incredible shoots and rolls in the middle of waves and waves of bullets and explosions, and some falling buildings while killing off Devil Team members, and the hacked Robots join the fight, and the Heroes shoot them as well.

Back in the mountains, Nichole and Jack-Jack turn to Jacks' direction and Jack-Jack says "You've GOT to be KIDDING me!!" as Jacks comes out of the ship with 6 Dinosaur-like Omnidroids. The Dino-Omnidroid leader, Snarl, then starts attacking, and Jacks dodges the mace and fists of the huge robot. Jack-Jack says "I'll let your son get these ones... There is NO FUCKIN WAY I am staying down here with an Omidroid!" and he climbs the hill and sits there like it was a football game. Jacks is almost hit by Snarl's arm, but Jacks climbs the arm and jumps into the air, before punching the Dino-Omnidroid in the face, but the metal doesn't break his hand or anything. Jacks then rolls to a open space as the Dino-Omnidroid transforms into a T-Rex and shoots fire out of it's mouth, before running towards Jacks like a rampaging bull. Jacks shoots the Dino-Omnidroid, throwing it off balance, allowing Jacks to hit it, which causes it to fall to the ground in a huge explosion. Jacks, now tired, walks up to the Dino-Omnidroid and steps on it's neck, saying "You WILL defend my family... Or DIE!" and the Dino-Omnidroid complies and gets up, roaring. Jacks then says "Come on, guys! We're going to prove who we are, and WHY WE ARE HERE!!" and Jack-Jack and Nichole get on the other Dino-Omnidroids, who have now transformed into Dinosaur mode. The 3 then command the Dino-Omnidroids to charge the city, and they start to run, with one [a Pterodactyl] flying.

Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible is hit by an RPG and launched into the train track, which destroys it and causes cars to fly everywhere. Mr. Incredible, now out of ammo on all with rifles, pulls out a pistol and yells at the Devil Team "COME AND GET SOME!! YOU ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!" and fires it at the Devil Team. Aiden drops a grenade, and Clementine pulls the pin on it and gives it to Dash, and Dash then grabs a couple more grenades and runs out into the battlefield, which is now ravaged with corpses, destroyed buildings and fire. Dash then throws the grenades at Devil Team members who are shooting at Mr. Incredible. The grenades explode and send Devil Team members flying and burning. Price tries to run from the explosion, but a building falls from the explosion and lands on him, and the building explodes as soon as it hits the floor, and Price. Mr. Incredible then resorts to using his bare hands as he is pelted with bullets, which ACTUALLY start to HURT him. He throws a grenade at Keegan [from Call Of Duty: Ghosts]'s head, which kills him on impact, and Elias Walker tries to run at Mr. Incredible from behind, but Dash shoots Elias in the shoulder, which allows Mr. Incredible to grab Elias and start beating him up. The hacked robots are then shot and gunned down by Dash and Clementine, who are using they're Railguns.

The Dino-Omnidroids then smash the bottom of the Griggs Industries building and charge at enemies, Devil Team and Robot Army alike, and they stomp on the robots, with the 3rd Dino-Omnnidroid bringing it's 3 rows of sharp, metallic spines onto the robots, crushing them and ripping them to pieces. Jacks then swipes the T-Rex Omnidroid's tail at the robots, and even snapping one in half, before yelling "CHARGE!!!!" as the T-Rex Omnidroid spits fire out of it's mouth. The Devil Team troops and hacked robot forces are ravaged to pieces by the 5 Dino-Omnidroids. The Heroes look on in awe as Jacks kills every robot and Devil Team soldier he can see. Mr. Incredible sees the advantage and tackles Elias, hitting him in the face. Elias then pins Mr. Incredible to the ground and tries to stab him, but Dash shoots Elias in the stomach with a Railgun, blowing Elias' ribcage out as Hesh and Logan watch in sorrow as they are forced to surrender.

With 80% of the Devil Team dead, and 20% under arrest, Jacks gets off the Dino-Omnidroid and aims his sword at Ghost, saying "You are going to be responsible for the city's destruction!!" and Clementine says "Maybe all Jacks wants to hear you say that some things should NEVER be invented!" as Ghost protests that he is on their side. The Heroes then watch as Ghost screams in fear as the Dino-Omnidroid roars in his face, and Ghost concedes. They agree to get the EXOBYTE Seed to the harbor, where they will take a jet and get out of Chicago. Jacks then salvages weapons from the many dead Robots and Devil Team members, and he says "I found this awesome gun!" and he reveals a huge EM1 Quantum Plasma Rifle. Ghost, Scarecrow, Ozone, Lee, Clementine, Aiden and Nichole get into a van, while Jacks, Dash, Jack-Jack, Violet, Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible get on the Dino-Omnidroids.

Griggs then orbits the city in his Warship, and he says "They destroyed the Robot Army and Devil Team!! Let's see how they fare against THESE ODDS!!!!" and Griggs activates a giant magnet that begins sucking buildings to pieces, revealing his hypocritical nature. The Incredibles and the others see Griggs pulling everything up fro the city, including buildings and boats. They try to avoid the magnet's field of range, and after 4 minutes, Griggs manages to suck the Dino-Omnidroids up into the magnet, but Jacks clings on to a building and screams "DIE!!!!!!" and Jacks launches a blast of plasma energy from the EM1 Quantum, which hits the magnet on the ship and blows it up, and Griggs' ship then starts to plummet into the Griggs Industries building. After the ship hits the Griggs Industries building, Jacks grabs the Sword Of Justice and yells to Griggs "IT'S YOU AND ME NOW!!" and runs towards the crashed ship, which is now destroyed in the ruins of the Griggs Industries building. Ghost, Scarecrow and Ozone then get in a car and start to get out of the city, after telling The Incredibles and other heroes "We were wrong about you. Good luck!" and they go away in the car to get the EXOBYTE Seed out of the city.

Jacks then goes to the ruins of the Griggs Industries building, and Griggs is not there, but Jacks looks up and Griggs jumps from a building while yelling "JACKS!!!" and firing two grenades at Jacks and he jumps down and says "You ruined my COMPANY! YOU RUINED MY MILITARY CORPORATION AND YOU RUINED MY ROBOT ARMY!!!" and Jacks tries to slash Griggs with the Justice Sword, but Griggs blocked it and Jacks berated him for ruining hundreds of innocent lives for a "Damn country" and Griggs and Jacks then fight, with Griggs equipping a Machete and IA2 Marksman Rifle, while Jacks carries the Sword Of Justice and the EM1 Quantum.

Meanwhile, as Jacks and Griggs duel, Clementine yells at Lee "Stop the car!" and Lee stops it and tells Clementine they have to get out of the city, but Clementine says "NO! I'm not leaving Jacks!" as Dash puts a hand on Clementine's shoulder and stands with her, saying "I'm not going either..." as it switches to the Dino-Omnidroids covering Ghost's escape with The EXOBYTE Seed. Jacks is fighting Griggs in the ruins of Griggs Industries next to Griggs' destroyed Warship. Dash and Clementine try to sneak up on Griggs, but they are shot at, and Dash is hit in the shoulder, and Clementine tries to help him, but the shooter is revealed to be Price, who survived the building falling on him and the explosion, but he is now scarred and burnt with blood all over his face. Price says "STEP AWAY FROM THE INCREDIBLE OR DIE!! and Clementine surrenders as Price aims a gun at her head. Price then says "You know, it takes patience to make a TRUE patriot! The patience to WATCH and WAIT, to protect ALL of us, QUIETLY, FOR GOD AND COUNTRY WITHOUT ANY RECOGNITION AT ALL!!" and Jacks hits Griggs twice and kicks him through the ship, and when he sees Clementine and Dash about to be killed by Price, Jacks runs up and grabs the EM1 Quantum from the floor and runs up from the side, and Price swiftly turns and tries to shoot Jacks, but Jacks fires a beam of Plasma Energy at Price, and it hits Price in the stomach, blowing out his rib cage and causing him to scream in pain as he is sent flying, and hits the ground, permanently dead.

Dash gets up and looks at Clementine and says "Thanks..." but they look and see that Griggs jumps out of his ruined ship and punches Jacks into a wall, and stabs him in the chest with the Sword Of Justice as Jacks screams in pain, and Griggs says "You save your FRIENDS instead of saving YOURSELF!? You bring SHAME upon your country!", but Jacks yells "Clem, CATCH!!" and he throws the EM1 to Clementine as Dash shoots Griggs with the Railgun to distract him. Clementine grabs the EM1 and shoots a beam at Griggs as he tries to roll to the side, and Griggs' Exo-Suit armor off. The other Incredibles and Jacks' family arrive, while Dash charges at Griggs and kicks him aside as Clementine begins shooting more EM1 Plasma Beams at him. One of the beams hits Griggs' shoulder and sends him flying, but he launches a grenade as he is hitting the ground, which hits Dash and sends him flying to the side as Clementine yells "Dash, RUN!! NOW! I'VE GOT GRIGGS!!!" as she tries to stop Griggs from hurting Dash. Jacks, now stuck to the wall due to the stab wound, yells "CLEMENTINE, DASH!! GET OUTTA HERE!!! THIS IS MY FIGHT!!!!!" and Griggs tosses Dash to the ground before saying "It's MY fight!! YOUR ALL GONNA DIE!!!" and he fires a grenade at the wall next to Clementine, but Clementine is only partially hit by the grenade, and grabs the EM1 and gets up by a truck and fires the EM1 Plasma Beam at Griggs, which hits him in the chest and causes his grenade to hit the ground, blowing concrete and dirt everywhere. Dash then starts running to cover and shooting Griggs with the Railgun, while insulting him by yelling "YEAH, KILLER SOLDIER, MY ASS!!" as the Railgun beams start to chip Griggs' EXO Armor away. Griggs then clutches his chest and runs at Dash, but Clementine shoots Griggs, leg while he is running, effectively blowing his ENTIRE ankle off. Griggs screams in pain and falls to the floor, and Clementine is almost stabbed by Griggs, but Dash shoots Griggs in the arm. Dash is then shot in the stomach by Griggs' Desert Eagle pistol, and Clementine screams in rage and fires at Griggs twice, but Griggs kicks the EM1 to the side and puts a knife to Clementine's throat, and says "YOU MOVE AN INCH, YOUR LIFE IS DONE!!!" and as Clementine is about to get her throat slit, Jacks pulls the Sword out of his chest and throws it straight at Griggs' back in rage. The Sword Of Justice then hits Griggs in the back and goes through his chest. Dash then runs past and rips the sword straight out, and Jacks grabs the EM1 off the ground and shoots the final beam at Griggs, and this one has concentrated energy, so it goes on longer and overheats, where as normal ones just fire and separate from the EM1 in a second. The Concentrated Energy Beam from Jacks' EM1 begins frying Griggs' insides, and Clementine gets out of the way as Griggs' intestines, ribcage, liver, heart and lungs are blown out of his torso in a slow motion shot and Griggs' screams of agonizing pain. Jacks then overheats the beam and it stops as Griggs falls to the side, dead. Jacks then puts the EM1 in his back holster and says to Griggs' dead body "This country... Is under OUR protection now!" as Clementine runs up to Jacks and kisses him on the lips. Jacks then says "You still happy we met?" and Clementine hugs him and says "Always, Jacks..." as they stand in victory.

It then shows the Devil Team members looking in shock as the bodies of Price, Griggs and Soap are hauled away in an ambulance, and the Devil Team members are then arrested, but the police allow Ghost, Ozone and Scarecrow to stay free, as they switched sides. The Incredibles and their allies then watch as the Dino-Omnidroids part ways with them and run off into the woods, and the EXOBYTE Seed is taken into the GOOD-HEARTED Military's custody. War Machine watches from the hills and says "We shall meet again, Heroes... For I, The Underminer, am reborn!" as he walks away. The credits then roll as the hero forces stand in victory, ending the game.


1. Welcome To Macon. Location: Macon, Georgia, USA. Playable Character: Jacks
2. Family Reunion. Location: Macon, Georgia, USA. Playable Character: Jacks
3. Devil Team. Location: Macon, Georgia, USA. Playable Character: Aiden
4. Escaping the Devil Team. Location: Macon, Georgia, USA. Playable Character: Aiden
5. Gathering The Heroes. Location: Las Vegas Deserts, USA. Playable Character: Jacks
6. Finding The Truth. Location: Griggs Industries Building, Chicago USA. Playable Character: Any Hero
7. War Machine. Location: Chicago Freeway. Playable Character: Jacks
8. Jacks Captured. Location: Griggs' Warship. [Above Chicago]. Playable Character[s]: Aiden and Clementine
9. Desperate Rescue. Location: Griggs' Warship. Playable Character[s]: Aiden, Dash, Clementine
10. Helicopter Chase. Location: Chicago Airspace. Playable Character[s]: Jacks and Aiden
11. Search For The Exobytes. Location: Griggs' Private Mansion Estate. Playable Character: Jacks
12. Change Of Heart. Location: Griggs Industries Building, Chicago. Playable Character: Ghost
13. Chase Through Chicago. Location: Chicago, USA. Playable Character: Ghost
14. Dino-Omnidroids Charge. Location: Chicago, USA. Playable Character: T-Rex Dino-Omnidroid [Snarl]
15. The Warship Magnet. Location: Chicago, USA. Playable Character[s]: Aiden, Clementine and Jacks
16. Warship Destroyed. Loaction: Chicago, USA. Playable Character: Jacks
17. Fight For Freedom. Location: Griggs Industries Ruins, Chicago. Playable Character[s]: Jacks, Clementine and Dash

There are a total of 17 missions in the game, and Fight For Freedom is the final mission.


Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
Noam Jenkins as Aiden Pearce
Anna Hopkins as Nichole Pearce
Spencer Fox as John Jackson 'Jack-Jack' Parr
Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr
Craig T. Nelson as Robert Parr/Mr. Incredible
Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible
Mark Grigsby as Griggs
Billy Murray as Price
Craig Fairbrass as Simon Riley/Ghost
Michael Rodrick as Ozone
Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow
Kevin McKidd as John MacTavish/Soap
Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett
John Ratzenberger as War Machine
William Fitchner as Sandman

With Hugo Weaving as Two-Headed Robot, Kenny Sheard as Robot Scouts, and Mikal A. Vega as Devil Team members.

Critical ReceptionEdit

[NOTE: This is opinionated and obviously not a real review section, but this is how I think the game would get reviewed if it existed].

Call Of The Watch Dogs received extremely positive reviews from critics and fans. Rotten Tomatoes gave the game a 9/10, saying that they liked the storyline, characters and dark setting. One of the reviewers also pointed out the dark direction the Incredibles were going into, saying "If you look at The Incredibles film from 2004, you'd see something for kids. Dash was a energetic and fun kid in the Incredibles film, but now in Call Of The Watch Dogs, he's a brutal, dark and distraught child. He feels betrayed by Griggs and the others." and many critics also pointed out that the relationship between Clementine and Jacks was also a key point to the game's story.

In August 2015, a month after the game's release, internet critics Angry Joe and Nostalgia Critic made an episode called "Game reviews". Angry Joe spoke for the good points in the game, while Nostalgia Critic pointed the bad things out, leading to a heated debate [more like argument]. Nostalgia Critic said the game was nothing but "Explosions in the style of Michael Bay!" and even went on to say "Hell, Ubisoft should be sued by Bay, because they have deliberately put the Dinobots in it! Literally!!" but Angry Joe argued "Just because something is rehashed, doesn't mean it's bad!" and Critic went on to say that Call Of The Watch Dogs ruins The Incredibles, as they have turned into "Murderers just like the villians they throw in jail. Or at least, KILL in this SHIT GAME!!" and Joe argued that The Incredibles were just distraught and betrayed. After that, the review was settled and Angry Joe was the winner, as Call Of The Watch Dogs had a LOT of positive feedback. However, Critic was backed up by a few minority numbers of people who didn't like the game as much as most, with Critic saying that the relationship between Clementine and Jacks was "Un-finished and rather rushed, and not developed properly before the climax of the game.", but Angry Joe was still the winner due to his rather solid argument of Clementine and Jacks' relationship in the game.

In November 2015, another internet critic and newcomer to critics, going by the name of LittleJimmy835 [NOTE: Search his channel on YouTube], made a video called "What Happened To The Watch Dogs Series?", where he pointed out the good and bad things about the game. He stated that it was an extremely good game and had "a lot of potential for a sequel", but stating that the villain [Griggs] had a terrible plan and motivation to betray The Incredibles and threaten the Pearce family.

Sequel Edit

Main Article: Chicago Knight

Treyarch Ownership and Other Games Edit

Main Articles: Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare, Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare II, Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare III and Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare IV

Reboot Edit

Main Article: Call Of The Watch Dogs (2017 Remake)

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