CARTMAN Aracde is a home video game multimedia gaming system, released from the people behind the TV show, South Park.& The Bloo Channel  There is also a portable version called Cartman Aracde potable . The console that was manufactured by released on March 21st 2001  in North America, July 18 1999 in Europe and Australia and September 21 1999 in Japan and Korrea. It was later released in the PAL region on August   18 1999. The sixth-generation console competed with Sony's PlayStation 1 and 2, the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft's Xbox. Dreamcast PS3 Ps4 Wii Wii U    CARTMAN Aracde was South Park's first home console to date. The console Prototype  was shown at E3 1998  The console was shown at E3 1999. Today it is the longest living  Video Game Console styled Of An arcade Machine DVD/CD ROM-based home consoles. It costs $299.99 currently. How Ever South Park Was TV MA So The Cretos Deside's To Someting Like A Video Game Consle For Kids & Alduts  

History Edit

Development of the console started in May 1997. The Cartman Arcade was supposed to look like a real arcade system, but it took the developers a lot of time on the project. This idea would later be implemented on its successor, Cartman Arcade 2.3.4 In 2014, except the color of it was Red& Blue. By late 1999, Codename Eric Cartman Arcadia was given a name. A name that feels like it's Vicom-related. The final name was chosen, as Cartman  Arcade.

The console was announced as Cartman Aracde the at a press conference in North America in 1998 By 1998, The prototype was revealed at the 1998 Summer CES near the The Bloo Channel of The Bloo Channel . The prototype of the cabinet had a few glitches with very early builds of the games that it could play. The prototype looked a lot like the final version of the Cartman Arcade. The cabinet was fixed in August 1998 and the console was finished in September 1998 using Windows 3.1 OS.

Hardware Edit

Cartman Arcade  supports all CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, even the Sega-developed GD-ROM disks. It also has a internet modem with internet connection being 195 mbps, which is why the price of the Cartman Arcade  made a bit of sense

Cartman arcade
Developer Viacom The Bloo Channel Comdy central 
Manufacturer Viacom
Product family Comedy Central  video game consoles

& The Bloo Channel 

Type Home video game console
Generation Sixth generation
Released date NA July 18, 1999,.

EU September 21, 1999 AU December 21,1999 JP April 9, 2000 KR April 9, 2001 PAL August  18 2000

Units sold 14.8 million
Media DVD, CD
CPU Motorola 68000
Storage capacity Cartman arcade Memory Card (100 MB max. capacity)
Online services Comedy Central International Media Networks
Best-selling game

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