Cartoon Network All Stars
Developer 2K Games

Sony Computer Entertainment (PS Vita & PS4)

Publisher Cartoon Network Interactive

EA Games

Platform Xbox One

PlayStation 4
Wii U
Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation Vita

Genre Action-Adventure

Open world


November 2
Modes Multiplayer

Single player


Mild Cartoon Violence
Comic Mischief
Mild Lauguage

Media PlayStation Vita & Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Wii U, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Blu-ray Disc

Cartoon Network All Stars is a 3D platform Action-Adventure Crossover Fighting video game Devoloped by Sony Computer Entertainment (PS4 and Vita & 2K Games and Published by Cartoon Network Interactive, Activision & EA Games

Gameplay Edit

Cartoon Network All Stars is simular than Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion. It's has 30 world, 60 mini games, 90 characters, and 120 badges.


A Team of Villainy unleashes a mutation robotic beast to destroy, So the Cartoon Network Characters team up to save the world.


New Nintendo 3DS

3DS A Button A Button Jump ( Hold for long Jump)
3DS B Button B Button Attack
3DS X Button X Button Use items
3DS Y Button Y Button Look backwards

3DS R Button


R Button

ZR Button

Special Move

3DS L Button


L Button

ZL Button

Select Weapon

3DS D-Pad


Control Pad 

C Stick

Move Camera
Circlepad Circle Pad Move
3DS Select Button Select Button Options Menu

(Hold to zoom out)

3DS Start Button Start Button

Pause Menu

(Hold to zoom in)

DS Stylus Stylus Switch map view
N/a Microphone


Wii U

25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-A
A Button Jump ( Hold for long Jump)
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-B
B Button Attack
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-X
X Button
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-Y
Y Button
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-R
R Button
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-L
L Button
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-D-Pad
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-Control Stick
Control Stick
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-ZR
ZR Button
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-ZL
ZL Button Select Weapon
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-Plus
+ Button

Pause Menu

Zoom in (Hold)

25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-Home
Home Button Main Menu
25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-Minus
- Button

Option Menu

Zoom out (Hold)

XboxOne A
XboxOne B
XboxOne X
XboxOne Y
XboxOne RT
XboxOne LT
XboxOne LB
XboxOne Dpad
XboxOne Left Stick
XboxOne Right Stick

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