Castlevania 2 & 3 Extended
Castlevania 2 And 3 Extended Box Art 1
Box Art (Bandai Extreme)
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Platform Bandai Extreme
Bandai CD
Genre Action-Adventure
Modes 1 Player
Ratings T for Teen

Castlevania 2 & 3 Extended is a compilation of the NES Castlevania sequels "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest" and "Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse" both extended and enhanced into 16-bit developed and published by Konami for the Bandai Extreme and Bandai CD.

Both games are the same as their original 8-bit NES counterparts except they are enhanced in 16-bit (except the Bandai CD version is enhanced in 32-bit) and are extended giving out some new levels and features that were never featured.


Both versions of the game use the original BGM from the Famicom versions.

Box ArtEdit

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