Cat Mario
Cat Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Cat Mario from Super Mario 3D World.
Used by Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Rosalina, Bowser
Achieved by Collect the Super Bell.

Cat Mario (Japanese: ネコマリオ Neko Mario) is a power-up from the Super Mario, that first debuted in Super Mario 3D World. Mario, or any other playable character, can assume the form by collecting a Super Bell. The Cat Mario forms allows Mario to climb up walls and the Goal Pole, attack enemies with claw swipes or dives, and generally increases the character's running speed.

Like several other power-ups from the series, the colour of the costume varies depending on the character wearing it. Mario's costume is yellow, Peach's pink, Toad's blue, and Rosalina's black. The appearance of Cat Luigi is a unique one compared to the other characters. He has a green costume and has other noticeable changes (such as rounded ears and spots) that give him the appearance of a cheetah or leopard, rather than a house cat like the other characters. Bowser also uses the Super Bell in the final battle of Super Mario 3D World; though instead of gaining a cat costume, he is instead transformed into Meowser.

Appearances Edit

Mario Kart NX Edit

Cat Peach makes a playable appearance in Mario Kart NX, returning from Mario Kart 8. Cat Peach is classified as a medium-sized lightweight racer. Like Tanooki Mario and Kitsune Luigi, she is lighter than her normal counterpart, being part of the "Light" weight class as opposed to the "Intermediate" that Peach is.

Gallery Edit

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See Also Edit

  • Lucky Cat Mario, a variation of the form found in the bonus levels of Super Mario 3D World.
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